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Le blog deco c’est bon pour la santeLe blog deco est un magazine online rafraichissant qui a pour unique but d'etancher votre soif de decoration, de design et de high tech. There are many design and styles you could select to build a deck planter, but you should choose the one that fits your needs and tastes.
Choosing the right lumber for this project is essential, if you want to obtain a professional appearance.
Building a wooden planter should be a simple project for any diy enthusiast, who want to add a little color to their decks or patios. First of all, you have to build the frame of the wooden planter, using several pieces of 2x2s. Smart Tip: Drill several holes before inserting the wood screws, to prevent wood from splitting. Smart Tip: As you can see in the image, you have to secure each board with two screws at both ends.
Afterwards, you should sand the wooden surface with 120-grit sandpaper and fill the holes and cracks with wood putty.
Smart Tip: Apply several coats of varnish or paint, to protect the wooden planter against water damage and sun rays.
Thank you for reading our article about wooden planter plans and we recommend you to check out the rest of our articles. Learn how to build your own DIY pallet furniture, with hundreds of projects and pallet ideas! The last step left us with the walls of the house already made ??, but in order to give to the roof the needed inclination, we have to give some tilt to these walls. Then we’ll cover the inside with the insulation and plasterboard, this is essential if you want to live in this house.
And finally we will have our pallet house built, it’s a very economical way to have a shed to store our tools or a place to live ! The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Learn more about this downloadable woodworking plan which includes step-by-step instructions, a materials list, a cutting diagram, and how-to photography.
Today we propose you a new design of a sofa built with europalets, this time it’s a corner sofa, which includes a table between the two sofas, ideal to take advantage of a corner of your garden.

If you want to see in detail how to configure a couch like the one on these images, in this link you can see a step by step construction guide, it’s not the same couch but it follows the same mounting system, so it can be very useful. Between the two sofas we take advantage of a space to add a table, it’s constructed in the same way as the seat of the sofa, stacking 2 pallets, so it fits perfectly in height and with the general style. The backrest has been made using several europalets tops, the pallets have been disassembled and set at the back of the seat.
In the overall design we also find a simple coffee table, made with the same system as the sofa, so it fits perfectly in the set. The options to upholster the cushions are endless, just must find a foam with the dimensions of the sofa and upholster it in your favorite colors. If you’ve done any research on the subject you will know that Annie Sloan has the top of the line chalk paint. All you need are some small candle holders, any size or shape, Mod Podge glue, a small foam paintbrush and paper of your choice– this couple used music sheets, which would be great for musicians and music lovers, but any pretty or colorful paper would do. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Meme si ce site est sans sucre, nous vous informons que plusieurs cas d’addiction severe ont ete releves. After you have selected the design, you have to decide the size of the planter, according to the flowers you are going to use inside the wooden box. Consequently, choose lumber that looks good and is not prone to cracks or shrinkage, and it is designed for outdoor use.
In this article we show you a step by step guide to get the job done quickly and in a professional manner.
After you have cut the pieces to the right size, you have to lock them together with 3” screws.
Nevertheless, you don’t have to over-finish the cabinets, as they should have a rustic appearance. Don’t forget to share our articles with your friends, by using the social media widget. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Last week I gave you the recipe for homemade chalk paint with a cute little entry way table I did, but this week I finally updated my daughters dresser!

One of our favor DIY crafts is decoupage, which is just a fancy word for the art of sealing paper to a surface. Apply a small amount of Mod Podge to the area of the surface where you want to place the paper. Apply a small amount of the same glue to the back of the cutout as well, and smooth with the same paintbrush.
Place the cutout on top of the surface and smooth out any bubbles with your thumb, being careful not to rip the cutout.
Pour vous donner une idee de l'ampleur de l'epidemie, sachez que, plus de 15.000 accros consomment chaque jour leur dose de design d'interieur sur Le blog deco. In addition, you need common materials, therefore you could even reuse lumber, if you want to obtain a rough appearance.
Therefore, you have to know from the very beginning these aspect, otherwise you will keep adjusting the size during the woodworking project. If you want to save money on this project, then you should buy dried pressure treated lumber that offers the best benefit to cost ratio.
You can replace the drywall for wooden pallets, following the same process that we have done to build the walls, but using plasterboard has more benefits like more space inside the house and ease of installation. With only two units your barrister's bookcase does double duty as a sideboard or hall table. In this article we show you how to build a wooden planter in just a few hours, while keeping the total costs of the projects at a decent level.
It has gained popularity with furniture re-dos because there’s no prep work involved when you use chalk paint. As in any other woodworking project, you have to measure the lumber properly and use professional power tools to make the cuts accurately.
Decoupage can add a creative and artistic touch to so many things, such as picture frames, lamps, furniture and dishes.

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