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Projects range from novice to experienced, allowing the reader to start where they are comfortable and work towards more difficult projects as they gain knowledge, familiarity with tools, and confidence. Stuart showcases innovative processes using readily available materials commonly found.  Step-by-step instructions and diagrams clearly demonstrate how to build each piece and to make individual items for your home. Along with designs for seating and storage, the book also features projects for making your own bed, wardrobe, lighting and garden furniture. Each project features hand-drawn diagrams with short, easy-to-follow instructions on how to build the piece.

Woodcraft offers over 20000 wood entirely wooden Tools Woodworking plans for the international fan piece at no cost do-it-yourself furniture plans. All the projects can be easily assembled using common materials to be found at the local hardware store, allowing the reader to create unique designer pieces at a fraction of the normal cost.
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