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Here we present you great ideas that will help you to create your own furniture without spending too much money.
All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. The wooden molding in our house is the same as it was when it was built in 1902 – stained rather than painted.
If you are looking to breathe new life into a piece of furniture, here are 10 DIY furniture makeovers that have inspired me. Hi, my name is Anna, and I'm here to share my stories, make you laugh and help you feel better about your crazy, messy, fabulous life.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. The Busy Budgeting Mama: DIY DOLLHOUSE - My Craigslist Before & After THis is totally doable! Although it is beautiful and adds character to our home, it makes decorating a bit of a challenge.
Between Goodwill, family hand-me-downs, and **wincing a little bit in shame** discovering treasures sitting on the curb on trash day, finding the right piece of furniture takes a keen eye for looking past an old, beaten up facade to reveal the potential beauty that a piece of furniture holds. Between the thick decorative molding, wooden floors and numerous wooden door frames, the first floor of our house felt a bit like what I imagine the inside of the Pilgrims’ Mayflower looked like before I got to work on painting some of our wooden furniture.

I am pleased to be able to share my unique crafting and DIY ideas with you, as well as creative ideas I've come across over the years.

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