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We have lived in our apartment for 8 months, and until fairly recently, most of our walls were totally bare.
If I had to choose a favorite piece from this display, even though I LOVE my pallet wood arrow, I’d have to say this DIY Canvas Script Art takes the cake. For years, I’ve wanted to own one (so many cool DIY things you can do with them!), and this large script art was the final reason to go buy one. Did you paint the canvas white before doing the lettering or leave it as it was naturally white?!! I loved the look of a gallery wall full of colorful prints, but I just couldn't fathom putting a zillion holes in the {rented} wall. John and I are going to have some outdoorsy water-sportsy fun with my cousin on Saturday, and then on Sunday I am getting baptized! It’s bold and girly and totally draws your eye, which is exactly what I wanted for the gallery wall. If you haven’t seen the full gallery wall yet, be sure to head over there after you’re done here! I was afraid to look how much a projector would cost me, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this EZ Tracer Art Projector* for only $29.99 at Hobby Lobby.

It helps to be in a dark room! Once you get your text projected on the canvas where you like, trace around the letters with a pencil to get a basic outline.
I was able to trace a basic outline of the letters and go back to fill in any blank areas later. Using the projector made this such a simple process! I’ve considered getting one for so long, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I’ve used all sorts of different craft paints like DecoArt, Americana, FolkArt, and Martha Stewart. I just adore fancy black and white script art, and I found a way to easily re-create that look on canvas for a fraction of the price you see in stores!
I wish I could take credit for thinking that far ahead, but it just happened to fall that way.
That projector is one of my absolute favorite new toys… I can’t wait to see what project I come up with next for it! It was really after I whipped up this little illustration that I decided it was time to punch up the color spectrum in our place. I know I’ll use it for more than just this project, so I went ahead and picked one up!

Rachel, a fabulous contributor of mine, is actually the one having a baby, and hopefully that little girl will make her debut soon!
They were having a 50% off sale on wall frames at the time, and I may or may not have shouted "CHA-CHINGGGG!" when I saw that. I swear, I think the lady working that section of the store thought I had Tourette's or something.
I also picked up some of those super sticky wall hanging kits so I wouldn't have to deal with wall damage when we move. I've never used those before, so hopefully when it's time to take them down, it won't look like a hot mess. It was a really fun afternoon DIY decor project, and it really brings that little space to life.

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