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Adding insulation to your garage doors will help keep cold air out in winter and the heat out during the summer. This winter I took a roll of the same stuff and ran it along the rafters in the attic above the garage. My doors and house are little more than a year old and don’t lend themselves to doing this upgrade very well. Hot, I had old garage doors replaced years ago and sprung for the extra $$ to have insulated doors.
I installed polystyrene sheets (about 1 inch thick with a plastic coating on one side) in our door. In summer, where the garage would be noticeably hot because of the sun hitting the door, now not so much.
Justin, i still think that you would benifit, just use some silicone to put them in and close the gaps.. Just out of curiousity, wouldn’t a building inspector have a problem with that foil clad bubble wrap? I insulated my Garage door in Ga because it gets afternoon sun and is right below the master bed room. When we built our house I had the garage fully insulated & an insulated door installed. Although I live in California, it is in the Sierra foothills were the temps range from the low 20′s in the Winter to well over 100 in the summer. I did have to have a garage door guy come out and re-tension the door, as added weight made the already heavy door hard to open. As far as the results, I don’t notice a lot in the summer, because I usually have the door cracked for a swamp cooler.
By the way, I learned the hard way to mount swamp coolers outside when the inlet valve got stuck open by a bit of debris.
As previously noted, ANY addition to the door will probably require adjusting the spring tension. My theory was that the cold air coming in from the lowest point available would cause whatever air in the garage to rise up and help vent the attic faster? I know this is an older thread, but I have a fairly simple question that I can’t seem to find an answer too. Chris,foil surfaces are to reflect radiant energy so the foil side would go toward the outside in a warm area like yours.

Floors, Doors, & Windows hosts Jay Baker and Scott Branscom demonstrate how to replace an old garage door. There are 2 different types of garage door springs, although both involve big wire coils that are vital to lifting or lowering garage doors.
One of the most useful and beneficial things that we need to have in our house is none other than a storage.
DIY overhead garage storage has its original and unique design because it is made from scratch. This storage is quite popular this day because you can make it yourself and it is much more affordable than the ready to use storage. A Fast and Easy Way to Increase the Appearance and Performance of Your Garage Door Without the Cost of Replacement. The picture above shows the beginning of an installation using a reflective foil kit, one of the apparently three main DIY approaches (the other two being foam panels and fiberglass rolls).
I suspect that it just generally felt better out there because the white rolls helped brighten up the dingy old dark door.
I insulated my garage doors with the R-Tech Foam insulation that has the reflective barrier on one side and the plastic film on the other side. Torsion Garage Door Springs, and Extension Springs for Sectional Garage Doors that roll-up on a track system. Storage that can easily store various things such as tools and other belongings is quite vital as a furniture in our house, this furniture will give use various advantages and benefits in keeping our house clean and neat.
The ability to “do it yourself” will also bring a sense of accomplishment for us that make this storage ourselves. The most important feature in this storage is the DIY overhead garage storage shelf which is much larger and carries huge capacity of tools and belongings if compared with the normal storage. FWIW, a stack of 4×8 foil backed polystyrene approximates the theoretical description of a CAPACITOR.
I live in So Cal where the idea is to keep the heat OUT of the garage, the air from the AC spewing in from the kitchen door in. For the record people who live where the temps drop lower in the winter should not seal panels to tightly if they have any steel in them Condensation will rust them. Since I live in California, I put the reflective barrier towards the door and the film on the inside. In addition to keeping our house clean and neat from various clutter and tools, storage is a fine addition for our home interior design.

Therefore, this DIY overhead garage storage is much more useful than your common storage that you can find in various stores. If the garage’s ceiling and walls are already insulated, doesn’t it make sense to insulate the door, too?
In addition to its lucrative and original design the DIY overhead garage storage offers a high quality material to boot. Not to mention the style and design that much more unique and genuine this will be this storage strong points if you want to compare with the ordinary storage.
Does it make more sense if you live in a cold climate than if you live in a warmer — or, like in central Texas, a damn hot at times — climate? If that is not an option, i would get rigid foam board and cut my own so it will be as tight as possible.
This unique storage is a fine addition to your house because it offers various advantages and benefits.
In conclusion, if you want an affordable storage that can hold huge capacity of tools or belongings then you need to consider taking this storage. I think the plastic is important to keep on, since it creates some kind of moisture barrier. The design of this storage will give you great feature that will make your garage looks neat, clean and artistic. The answer is because it will give us a huge capacity of storage for all of our belongings, keeping it neat and safe. There are several design that you can choose from the modern and simple design that will make your garage looks simple and minimalist or the vintage one that will make your garage look much more elegant and stylish. Not only it will keep our belonging neat and safe it will gives us easier access because we do not have to waste our time finding the right tools that may scattered if we do not have storage. To make things better, due to its DIY feature, this storage will absolutely bring you a genuine and unique design from the common storage.

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