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After running into a rogue vent, having some odd city inspections and a handful of other road blocks, we finally have our drywall and tile in and are installing cabinet frames. Stud finder We have a fancy one but this one works great and has a small level built into it.
This is great not only because you can mount the cabinets one at a time, but you can also slide them along the bar and make sure everything is level before you secure them in place. This lower unit is probably the most difficult to assemble aside from the tall pantry cabinets.
Every kitchen with an under-the-cabinet style vent fan will probably need a different customization for this cabinet.
Lately i am planning on renovating my kitchen too for some fung shui stuff cause some say it will bring luck to my home.Well good to see some installation of cabinet here cause this is one of my favorite type of cabinet in kitchen. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Installing Undercabinet Fluorescent Lights - How to Install a New Electrical Fixture - Home & Residential Wiring.
If working without cabinets on the wall is not practical, consult with your inspector for the best way to run wiring.
If the cabinet has a lip at the bottom, cut or drill a hole in it for the cable to pass through.
I needed some kitchen cabinets of specific dimensions and decided to make them from Melamine Faced Chipboard and build them in the kitchen using pocket hole screws as a weekend project. One of my customers operates a cutting service so I sent them the cutting list and their Beam Saw cut all the components for the project out of some very nice Egger MFC. First off the doors and sides were laid out on the floor and the position of the shelves and hinge locations marked.
The doors were dimensioned for 5mm separation so a 5mm drill bit spaced them at the right relative position. For drilling the 5mm shelf pin holes in MFC I advise against using cordless drills (well my cordless drill anyway).
As a matter of interest, i've got a jig set which I bought about 25 years ago as a DIY kit to build a kitchen and I wouldn't part with it. It worked fine but if I was buying again I'd get the more substantial versions that include clamping capability. The carcass included 18mm backs which meant that the sides could be fixed with pocket holes in the backs without any screw holes showing through the sides.
The thing to look out for when screwing this together is to prevent movement of the two pieces. The doors and sides are drilled simultaneously with the jig to ensure the hinge locations match up. Using some kind of jig you should be able to do a trial fit within about 10 minutes so it's well worth doing. You shouldnt really use carcase screws with pocket holes you need washer head screws not countersunk ones.
Having said that i found the Screwfix carcass screws work really well, with the Egger material at least.

I guess all in I used around 100 carcass screws in this project and none of them caused splitting of the MFC. They are quiet handy those Kreg jigs, I bought the bigger one a couple of years ago and it does come in handy. Los Angeles has one of the best brains I’ve ever seen and the only contribution I provided was an extra set of hands and some basic suggestions. Unless you live in the most perfectly built home, chances are your ceilings aren’t 100% straight. The toe kick pieces come with an additional piece of particle board that you mount (level) on the wall. We spent some time unscrewing and rescrewing these panels because we simply guessed as to where they should go. The directions for these are particularly awful since they cover three different types of installations. Had we known this, we could have planned the holes for the under cabinet lighting much more easily. Home centers sell plug-in undercabinet lights that are easy to install but not as convenient as a string of fluorescent lights controlled by a single wall switch. Determine how the lights will fit onto the cabinets; you may need to cut a lip at the bottom of the cabinets. One option is to run wires through metal or plastic raceway channels attached to the underside of the cabinets. After the cabinets are installed, strip sheathing and clamp the cables to the fixture body. Splice the black wires with the black fixture lead and white wires with the white fixture lead. Note the two rough holes on the left of the jig are 'viewing holes' so that I can see pencil marks made on the MFC where the hinges are needed.
Maent for cabinets screwed from the outside but I've used dowels and can be pocket screwed. It just shows the difference between the B&Q conti board that I used to make my kitchen units from and the decent, Egger stuff! On this design there didn't seem to be any advantage to using the 32mm system to space the hinge positions vertically so it was just a case of positioning the jig by eye. On the door piece these pilot holes guided the position for the 35mm and 9mm holes for the hinge.
This project used about ?60 worth of hinges but I think the quality,adjustability and function is worth it. Looks like you got away with it this time but if you use countersunk screws they will split the panel wheres as washer head will pull the joint up nicely. Well actually I wouldn't use pocket hole at all and screw straight through the sides in that case! Only yesterday I used it I was doing some work for someone and they had some custom made furniture that they had made before they knew me. Even after paying someone from IKEA to come and measure our kitchen, he double-checked that every cabinet would fit and every door would have the right clearance to open.

Our contractor offered us a few tips we didn’t find elsewhere and that saved us big time. Los Angeles has the bar moved off to the side so you can see the hole that the bolt goes through and then mounts to the bar.
I think the lower half-moon corner unit needs to be installed before the countertops are installed. Those strips are pretty close to the same color but nowhere near the same finish, so I’d use end panels. For setting the drawers on the sliders, it’s literally an illustration of a person with an arrow pointed backwards and down.
The outlet for the microwave and the transformer for the LED lighting will also be in this cabinet.
To make sure the gap between lights is never more than 6 inches, you may need to purchase lights of various lengths. Just a shame you are not using the 35mm hinges as I would like to have seen how you did them.
On this design the three carcasses sit directly on the uneven floor (I didn't want to put screws through the side to joint the carcasses together), are shimmed level and then the hinges adjusted to make all the doors line up with each other.
It was solid reclaimed oak furniture and it looked like it was made by a five year old .
The small holes at the top of the bar are for mounting the rail to the wall, which you do first.
The directions for installing the drawers and hinges indicate which holes to use, so I’d go through and mark which ones not to use and then screw in your end panels. They’re much more difficult to cut but when you need to fill a larger, more visible gap, these will look much better.
In fact when driving screws through the bottom into the back (straight through drilling, not pocket hole) I had to use a countersinking drill bit first to get a flush result.
There were no joints as such and the oak was butted and glued together with polyurethane glue.
Add all of the end panels, toe kicks, plinth pieces and details that finish off the kitchen.
They come in different sizes so you don’t have to buy a monster one for this purpose. Where it was all coming apart I used pva and Kreg screws to fix it and the finished job was much more solid with no visible screws from above. They’re just supposed to snap on but a lot of people have a difficult time with this.
Just make sure you screw these pieces into studs as they’ll be bearing quite a bit of weight.

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