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If you’ve spent much time shopping around for end tables or a coffee table, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are oodles of styles — and quite the variety of prices!
And that is exactly what our guests today did… Kayla and Justin found a modern coffee table that they loved and that fit their style — but not their budget!
We’ve taken on DIY remodeling and DIY decor, but with Justin’s skills we decided it was about time to take on DIY furniture. So today we’re showing off our DIY coffee and end tables that we made custom for our living room.
I had my heart set on a modern, designer table similar to this piece, but at a price tag of over $350 for just the coffee table, I knew that wasn’t attainable with our little budget.
Since I chose a simple design with lots of straight lines and nothing intricate, this was a simple DIY project that would only take us a couple of days for a matching set of coffee and end table. One of the creative liberties we took with these tables is to make the bases out of wood instead of metal like the designer table. Cut all of the 2?x2?s to the size of your table height (four pieces) and surround (8 pieces for base and top). Laying out one side at a time, glue and clamp the 2?x2?s in place, using a nail gun to secure the pieces. Once you have the entire surround built, put a squaring block (those triangle things in the corners) in each corner on the top portion of the base surround for added support and to help ensure that the legs are all “square” with each other. Justin laid them all out to avoid the larger knots in the wood, glued them together and clamped them overnight to make sure it was a strong hold. The next morning, he cut the slab down to fit flush with the base using a circular saw, then sanded it down to be smooth.

After I was done staining and a couple hours of dry time, Justin attached the top & bottom with screws – secured from the bottom so we don’t need to cover screw holes.
So after only $75 for the coffee table, $30 for the end table, and three days of work, we consider this DIY project a success! Head over to Home Coming and see all the progress that Justin and Kayla are making on their home.
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And if you’re like me, somehow the furniture that you just HAVE to have is always the one with the out-of-this world price tag. We’re Kayla and Justin from Home Coming and we’re pretty darn excited to be a guest here at Remodelaholic!
Rather than paying designer prices for new furniture, we find that it’s much cheaper (and more fun!) to do it ourselves. And the best news was that we had a lot of the wood we needed just laying around the garage!
As a carpenter, Justin works with wood and not metal, so making the base in wood, then spray painting to look like it’s metal was much easier for us.

I stained it with two coats of Natural colored wood stain by Varathane and one coat of Clear Satin fast-drying poly spray from Minwax. As soon as the tracking number is updated on lelong, the shipping information will be sent to your lelong registered email. Please kindly report to us within 1-2 days of receiving so we could resolve the issue promptly.
The total will be calculated automatically and the order will be confirmed automatically too unless stated otherwise. We will assume the items received are in good condition without any issues if it was not reported within this period. Justin is a carpenter by day (so he’s handy) and I’m in advertising (so I’m creative), so we’re the perfect team for taking on the task of updating our 1920?s Minneapolis house.
Usually the tracking information will take 1 working day to get posted on the system after shipping. That is one big reason why I love to DIY — I can make the look that I want, to the specifications I want, for a fraction of the designer price!

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