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The way you go about hanging your wall art depends on what surface you’re hanging it from. Apply adhesive around the frame, on top of the vinyl. I did this by keeping the two strips stuck together, peeling the paper off of one side and sticking it  to the vinyl.
It's our new outdoor dining area barely cleaned up after dinner (rice allover the table and deck from our not so neat toddler). June 29, 2013 By Kim As part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas team, I am given a monthly challenge.
I thought about this for a couple of weeks and while cruising around Lowe’s with my husband one afternoon, I was telling him my ideas. After I spray painted and was feeling like we were being so original, I searched Pinterest to see if anyone was as brilliant as my husband.
From the Pacific Northwest, Kim is a busy mom who adores her teen son, her middle aged husband and is constantly wiping the muddy paws of her adorable Labradoodle Maybelline. About KimSince 2007, Kim has been sharing tips and tutorials on how to live a creative life. Today I’m sharing my latest project, a geometric wall art creation that you can adapt to fit the needs of your space. Our deck is pretty much finished, but there are a lot of little things that still need to be done.
And then I saw the door mats for steps (Mohawk Home Brand) and thought they’d make nice shutters for my kitchen window that faces our deck. I have one question though and really it is strictly to help me with my choices when I do it, ( lol ). Once I’d stapled one entire side, I cut off all the extra vinyl, being careful to leave enough in the corners to make a clean fold there. I was more thrilled than I should be when I realized the popcorn tub I’d been saving pretty much matched my chair covers. In fact, the more time I spend outside, the more I realize just how much my yard could benefit from some strategic DIY projects. Earlier this month, I shared some little improvements I completed to start getting my outdoor space ready for spring.

Fourthly it’s completely safe to stand up to all the rain that visits my backyard (even throughout the summer!) without falling apart or looking beat up.
Perhaps you will opt for wood and a vibrant turquoise hue! The second half of today’s post is dedicated to the evolving DIY project. Did you ever create a finished product that you continued to tweak as the weeks passed? Sometimes our ideas ripen with time, and we choose to update our artistic endeavors.
It’s all a personal preference, but leaving it more neutral also allows me to bring it inside if I wanted. I’m hoping to fill the space with a diy wall art project for the outdoors, hence the inspiration for today’s post! From the cinder block bench I created as part of my front porch makeover in April to the modern trellis update I blogged about at the end of last month, I’ll end with a few shots that document the evolution of these projects. Believe it or not, there are a variety of options that will weather the elements, and you can definitely create some interesting pieces that will fit your budget. You may also need to drill holes (for nails) or attach mounting hardware to the back of the artwork for hanging purposes.For the best results, consult with an expert at the home improvement store as you purchase your supplies. When working with wood outdoors, keep in mind that your material of choice will likely weather over time. For example, spray paint is a good choice for metal surfaces.You will be using painters tape to help create a geometric design.
Perhaps you will choose to sketch out your design beforehand and precisely measure each square inch. Not only is this structure (created from recycled lumbar beams) interesting to look at, it is installed with a misting system that serves a practical purpose in the outdoor space below!
I chose a path that was somewhere in between!DIY geo art supplies My surface of choice was pre-cut sheet metal.
My husband has stacks of metal sheeting in our garage–yes, I got lucky on the supply front. You can easily personalize this piece to feature your monogram of choice:Marquis light for the outdoors Outdoor Wall Art GroupingsWhen it comes to purchasing outdoor wall art, my dilemma involves the style of most popular selections. This style is typically ornate, featuring scroll work and other heavy patterns in wrought iron.

This will create triangles in your design. I chose not to make my design perfectly symmetrical and to leave some room for spontaneity. I was thrilled to find these more modern DIY alternatives involving the strategic grouping of materials! How clever is this DIY Honeycomb Wall Art, created from spray painted sets of drawer organizers fastened together?! Arrange them in groups to create your own wall art that doubles as a handy hook system for outdoor items such as tools.Wall Play Ornaments from Flora Grubb GardensThis Spray Paint Wall Art gets its power from the grouping of colorful canvases.
Spray paint, stencils and other handy materials help create the modern patterns you see below. I have some pre-cut metal sheeting that I might substitute for the canvases if I choose to tackle this innovative project! By creatively arranging wall-mounted plants, you can craft art that’s a natural fit for your outdoor space.
For example, the AirplantFrame from Airplantman is made of powder-coated aluminum and hand-strung with nylon-coated stainless steel cables. Purchase one of these gorgeous items and use your DIY energy to arrange air plants in the design of your choice. Available in five standard sizes, these planters are finished in either black satin or white gloss enamel. Once again, you can purchase an item to get you started, then use your DIY energy to fill it with a beautiful arrangement! I'm planning (for too long already) to create a vintage inspired thing like the ones we had in school. In fact, I’m now considering taking one of the projects above and making a few tweaks so it will fit my outdoor space.

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