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While deciding if I should paint and decopage the table, and at the same time adding hardware to the door to give it more interest, The junk began to speak to me. The door said "I would make a great table top" and the Table said "I need a new top to make me interesting".
One could paint the table but I think I'll just rub it with some orange oil and call it done. This occasional table was made from sewing cabinet drawers, old stair spindles, and scrap wood.
See the little table beside the bench, that was also made from 2 parts found at Garage Sales. Then I fitted a blank piece of scrap wood between the drawers and nailed everything into place. The remaining six chairs and umbrella were in perfect condition, so I set out to find a non-glass replacement table for less than the $350 it would cost to replace the glass.

I used Olympic's Maximum all in one Stain and Sealant in Espresso to get the rich finish I envisioned.
I was a little intimidated by the hole saw drill bit, but it snapped right into my drill with ease and worked like a charm. Spruce up your garden with a beautiful planter, give your old patio furniture a makeover or have fun creating some eye-catching lighting displays. I figured we'd replace the glass in the Spring, but turned out it would cost waaaay more than anticipated.
Frustrated, yet determined, I stared at the empty aluminum frame until I came up with a plan. Run the cord through the four corners of each basket, knot them so the baskets remain separated and then find a good spot where you can hang them.
Use a hanging pocket shoe organizer, a pole and some hanging hooks to make this simple vertical planter.

Divide the barrel into thirds, cut through the wood staves and then trim wood to match the curvature of the barrel. Just remove the glass and install hooks to hang he planters from.Gardening projects.View in gallery Did you know you can make a garden sprinkler from a plastic bottle? Get a role of wire fencing and two or three rolls of wooden fencing, depending on how big is the area you want to surround with this lovely little fence. To make the swing you need a piece of wood for the seat, another one for the top, rope, wood glue, clamps and paint. For example, you can recycle a cable spool and turn it into a beautiful table for the patio.

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