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I recently designed a floating shelf for Whitney from Shanty2Chic and it had me thinking about all that wasted space inside the floating shelf. Disclosure: The links provided in the “materials” and “required tools” sections are affiliate links. If you decide to take on this project I highly recommend you download the printable PDF below to have with you during the build.
First, find the perfect spot for your new secret shelf and then mark a level line at the height you would like to mount it. As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! Drew, I actually bought a Tot-Lok (Magnetic Lock) and it was such a pain to align it just right since this is not a standard installation (so their template doesn’t work) that I decided not to use it.
I havent had the chance to completely model my plans for the Locking secret shelf just havent had the chance to finish it yet.
Thanks for sharing Drew, those barrel hinges would be nice for sure and the Tot Lok is what I would suggest as well. This is the Funky Chunky Furniture expert, top tip guide to fitting a floating shelf with offset concealed brackets.
Details: How to build incredibly strong, custom free floating shelves out of generic slab doors. DIY experts Katie and Jon Jasiewicz from begin their series of DIY tutorials this month with a floating bookshelf tutorial.
Watch the simple steps to make this wall mirror frame with a floating shelf perfect for an entryway. If you're a bookworm like I am, then you should display your books in this Fun, SIMPLE, clever way! You will see from start to finish the process of measuring, fabricating, finishing, and installing a wall of floating shelves in a residential kitchen in St.

In the spirit of Labour Day, Damon Snider of Type D Living returns with another design project. DIY expert Craig Phillips shows how to hang floating shelves on a stud wall in this step-by-step video. Easy Diy Floating Shelves Desks that float are great space savers in small spaces and keep the floor clear of clutter to clean easier.
Easy Diy Floating Shelves I want floating shelves on either side of the big window in the living room. Easy Diy Floating Shelves This versatile cherry shelf goes together in a few hours, and with a quick-drying finish you can have it on the wall in a day. A while back I was making a floating shelf and it had me thinking about all that wasted space inside the floating shelf. If you would like to support our site and help keep our content free come find out more about how we can make money with no extra cost to you. The support arms I was referring to were the ones you mentioned in Step 2 (not the friction hinges in step 4). With the hinge point positioned where it is, the corner you are referring to swings up and away from the wall. Start your next project for how do you make a floating shelf with one of our many woodworking plans.
Follow the walkthrough and you'll have your Funky Chunky shelf perfectly fitted in no time. The ingenious design allows you to pile up to 20 lbs worth of books without being able to discern the support mechanism regardless of viewing angle.
This a project anyone can make out of any wood you choose, and I want to thank Liquid for sponsoring this video as a part of their Kickstarter campaign. Build a Floating Shelf to Display Your Collectibles Leah from See Jane Drill shows you how to build a floating shelf for any room in your home, using a wood door, a wood cleat, and just a few tools and supplies.

Frank shows how to make a unique floating shelf with a branch theme for the great outdoors.
The plans originally came from Rogue Engineer and then we just shortened them to fit our space. ASK CRAIG A QUESTION: We are always uploading new films so what ever your DIY project, we're here to support you. In other words, I write plans for awesome looking furniture that are so easy it will blow your mind! Is it safe to assume that the support arms in Step 2 can be placed the width of the 1×4 that you used on the sides of the false bottom? I do mine in Inventor though, I think i noticed somewhere that you are an engineer by day, so would you have the ability to open up an Inventor or Autocad DWG file? More info about this project at You can help support my videos by becoming a patron at MORE PROJECTS BUY A SHIRT OR A HANDMADE ITEM! Floating shelves look great as there aren't any shelving brackets visible which makes the whole look very streamlined. Contest rules: Enter the contest by finding a friend whom you think would enjoy our videos, and getting them to subscribe to our channel. I apologize ahead of time if those links arent allowed on here but I am in no way receiving any compensation from Rockler, just thought that you and others would find this info helpful. Mar 20, 2014 - I shared months ago that I wanted to open up the free days on my blog (that I wasn't blogging) to others who would love to fill those gaps and.

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