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Make a stylish shelving system for your home using easy-to-build boxes and hollow-core doors.
These built-in shelves have the elegance of fine furniture with open storage and a rod for hanging pots and pans. This clever project acts as a mail drop, key holder, and versatile message center that includes a chalkboard and cork board.
Round up your craft supplies and keep them ready to use with this combination of floating shelves and a cubby made from pieces of rugged PVC pipe. This easy-to-build wall shelf can be used for books or a creative place for a flat-panel TV. Create an attractive media wall around your TV by combining simple open shelves with storage compartments for electronic gear.
When you have a small kitchen like I do, you need to use every inch of space that you have. I simply rested my shelf on the top of the stove but adding a bracket to attach it to the wall will make it more stable. This extra shelf space has made me like my kitchen so much more and it’s the perfect addition to my DIY magnetic pizza pan spice rack and my reconfigured stove top! A reader sent us this image above via facebook and I just had to find the original source article. We’re all living such busy lives — rushing around, trying to find extra pockets of time to become more and more productive.
Although this is a great system for shaving valuable minutes off the time it takes to carry out everyday tasks, it does mean that unless I take care to plan storage solutions creatively, we can end up in a mess. Take the template and line it up against the end of the two longer pieces of wood with the corners meeting. Do the same at the other end of the wood, turning the template so that the thinner end of the wedge is at the opposite corner. Using the saw, cut along both of these lines. Step 3: At each one of these points line the template up so that the smallest edge is flush with the opposite side of the wood. Step 7: Turn the first of these longer lengths of wood so that the front is flat against the surface you are using.
Step 8: Screw in two of the wood screws through the pre-drilled holes and into the shelf to hold in place. Step 9: Repeat this last step screwing each shelf into place along the longer length of wood in ascending size order. AHHHH this looks so beautiful, but I have absolutely no talent for building things – even IKEA is a challenge for me. Wow, this is truly beautiful (that plant hanger too!) Even though I do have two left hands I will try to make this.
Could you maybe post the measurements in cm as well, for all the metric-system using international readers around here?
Seems like you could just buy an inexpensive wooden step ladder (hopefully they still sell those… Home Depot?) and cut it down.
Step ladders have shallower steps, but if you want to use that you could definitely make that work as a version of this. Comment Design*Sponge reserves the right to restrict comments that do not contribute constructively to the conversation at hand, contain profanity, personal attacks, hate speech or seek to promote a personal or unrelated business. Take just a few hours on the weekend or in the evening to put together this multi-purpose shelf that will help organise your hallway, bath or bedroom.

Note: If the brackets do not already come with keyhole brackets, drill out and attach these to the back of the brackets. I was more than honored when Whitney and Ashley from Shanty2Chic came to me and asked if I could write plans for them.
Disclosure: The links provided in the “materials” and “required tools” sections are affiliate links. As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! If I’m doing a shelf that’s 4 feet wide, how deep would you guess the max these shelves could go?
One way to strengthen the shelf would be to decrease the spacing of the short 2x4s to help distribute the load. Its built-in light showcases artwork or collectibles, and the four shelves hold stacks of books.
Then continue the look with pairs of pipe brackets that can support heavy or bulky artwork. One of the methods I use in an effort to save myself time and hopefully get jobs done quicker is keeping everything where I need it. Storage needs to be both functional for its everyday use and beautiful to allow it to be placed in an optimum position. It’s also a fantastically quick and easy material to work with using household tools. Repeat steps 2 – 5 so that the markings make a chevron shape repeating along the lengths of wood. My electric drill has a low setting for screws, but you can do this with a screwdriver if that is easier for you. Once all the shelves are secure, line up the second longer piece and attach with the screws.
I actually preferred the look of the metal against the pine, but this is entirely up to you. I’ve got very annoying old pipes in my flat that make it impossible to have a normal shoe rack and the place I want to have one. Our goal is to create a safe space where everyone (commenters, subjects of posts and moderators) feels comfortable to speak.
Using a Bosch PDO Detector, ensure that there are no electrical cables or pipes in the wall.
If you would like to support our site and help keep our content free come find out more about how we can make money with no extra cost to you. Tie it into as many studs as you can and with 2-3 screws in each and put some weight on it overnight. I do realize there are sizing differences in precut, but it didn’t translate and confusion ensued.
Everything is within easy reach when cooking and it frees up precious cabinet space for other things. The shelving unit is made of cardboard but find a suitable box of the same size to make it double. It’s as simple as keeping pencils on my desk, makeup by the mirror and shoes close to the door, not hidden away in a closet somewhere.

I had the pieces pre-cut (to the specifications listed in the materials list) by my local DIY store, making this DIY even faster to put together. If you are worried about scratches or slips you can glue rubber onto the bottom of the shelf to make it more secure. Please treat others the way you would like to be treated and be willing to take responsibility for the impact your words may have on others.
Apply wood glue to the edge, position the brackets on the inside of this mark and screw from the top into the brackets.
Attach the back board in the same way, screwing through the back of the board into the brackets.
So check out their post for step by step photos of how they built these awesome floating shelves. In other words, I write plans for awesome looking furniture that are so easy it will blow your mind! Rogue Engineer has made every effort to be complete and accurate in the instructions provided on this website.
Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted.
Measure along the back of the panel, marking off every 9″ until you have four points. Disagreement, differences of opinion and heated discussion are welcome, but comments that do not seek to have a mature and constructive dialogue will not be published.
If you wish to paint it you can also color the pallet rustic bookshelf after sandpapering it. Rogue Engineer will not assume any responsibility or liability for damages or losses sustained or incurred in the course of your project or in the use of the item you create. Leave approximately 5mm screw head in order to slot the keyhole brackets onto this for a snug fit.
Always follow the manufacturer's operating instructions in the use of tools, check and follow your local building codes, and observe all commonly accepted safety precautions.
Please note that our team (writers, moderators and guests) deserve the same right to speak and respond as you do, and your comments may be responded to or disagreed with. Bookshelves are important if you are a student and I think everyone should have to keep their things organized.
These guidelines help us maintain a safe space and work toward our goal of connecting with and learning from each other.
The outside frame is made of styrofoam crown molding that you can find at your local hardware store. In general, the idea is that the shelf looks like a picture, but functions usefully as a shelf.
And, voila, our shelf is ready.As an addition to the shelf tell you can I made ??that light green vase, which can stand proudly  on our newly made product. We want to inspire you, to give you great ideas and to challenge you to make crafty things.

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