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Claire is an aspiring nutritionist (and soon to be culinary student) with a serious addiction to bacon, wine, goat cheese and online shopping. Are you a wine collector (or just wine lover) but tired of your bottles taking up space in the fridge or on your already cluttered countertop?
The great thing about these DIY projects is there is one to fit just about any kind of home, from structured and modern to rustic and shabby. For the tutorial on how to make this incredible table and some step-by-step instructions, check out Curbly!
Before we did anything to it, our basement was one large space with the staircase coming down in the middle. After framing that wall we had to drywall both sides because it’d be visible from both sides. After all of that we took a break for a bit before finishing up the last couple of walls (which include a pocket door). I was scheduled to be induced that morning, but thankfully labor started spontaneously the night before! She wants to help change every diaper, pat his back to help him burp, and put in a pacifier when he’s fussy.
I’m thankful to have experienced another (mostly) nausea-free pregnancy this time around, but I was so tired (especially at the beginning) that I wanted to use my energized hours working on projects instead of blogging.
After building the new coat rack, the plain closet door stood out to me like a sore thumb (and creamy yellowy front door and wall, but we’ll get to that another day).
Anyway, the closet has been a mess since the day we moved in and I’ve been wanting to tackle it for awhile. The scrubbing took longer than I wanted, though, so I took it to our workroom and made short work of it with our electric sander.
With the peeling paint removed, I primed the door with no-VOC primer. (This was my first time using it and I love it.
Since I know us (and we are too lazy to consistently use hangers) I installed coat hooks on the back wall for our less used coats.
I only installed coat hooks on the right side of the closet because the left side houses our jogging stroller. Because the width of the shelf is 24″ (exactly the depth of the closet, ignoring the door trim) I had to hammer it into place, but once in place, it was a perfect fit. On the right side of the closet I installed wire hooks ($1 from the Dollar Tree…I think they call it a belt hanger?) for my most frequently used scarves. The top shelf houses our snow boots (unless snow is on the ground, which means they’re by the back door), my only pair of fashionable boots, my crochet bag, and our picnic blanket. My journey with power tools began shortly after getting married (almost four years ago already!). Since that first build I’ve learned so much more about tools and building furniture than I ever thought I would. I didn’t want the legs to be plain 2x2s, so I used my miter saw to cut off a bit of an angle, then smoothed it out with my stationary belt sander to make them circular at the bottom, square at the top, with slightly rounded edges. After clicking through to look at all of the projects, I pulled out a few of my favorites and compiled them here.
Our living room has made some major steps up in the last couple of months (thanks to the new fireplace mantel and built-ins!), but one corner has been ignored. When the joint compound dried, I sanded the coat rack with 150 grit paper, primed and painted it with our semi-gloss trim paint (Du Jour by Valspar).
After making sure it was level and at the right height, I screwed the coat rack into the wall. I LOVE seeing these photos and art pieces from the living room and when I come down the stairs; they hold so much sentimental value. Next is a photo of Dylan with young Jules, followed by another piece of artwork Dylan made for me for my birthday shortly after we were married. We’ve had several chances to use the new coat rack since it went in and still love it. Like I said, when I first began thinking of a project to take a risk with, I had a few options. Last year we installed hardwood flooring in our two upstairs bedrooms so we could move up there, freeing up the two main floor bedrooms.
I picked it up and it didn’t take long for Dylan to decide it was his favorite chair because it was so comfortable.
For the first three coats I mixed 2 capfuls of liquid black Rit dye with 2 cups of HOT water.
Don’t forget to finish up your BOLD project this weekend so you can join us on Monday for our link party! There are various fetching types of furniture which we have introduced to you like DIY pallet chairs, benches and tables having comfort and style as well.
This DIY pallet tables owns a perfect style and uniqueness and has much to do in your home. Moi drodzy, to na razie 5ty i ostatniu post o euro-paletach :P Dam sobie spokoj na najblizszy czas, bo wyprodukowalam juz cztery dlugie epizody z ich udzialem.
Zobacz, co jeszcze mozesz zrobic z euro-palet we wnetrzu swojego domu i biura oraz na swoim tarasie czy w ogrodzie i jak mozesz konstruktywnie wykorzystac ten wdzieczny material odpadkowy. Najbardziej hipsterska i skomplikowana wersja zastosowania palet we wnetrzu – wyspa kuchenna palet. PD Architekt pozdrawia i zacheca do odwiedzania ostatnio dodanych postow w poszukiwaniu inspiracji na nadchodzace Swieta! Ukryte, czyli prawdziwe koszty projektu typowego domu o ktorych dowiesz sie dopiero po dokonaniu zakupu (70 votes)Jak NIE wybrac projektu domu w 3 dni i dlaczego NIE WARTO robic tego szybko. 101 PalletsRecycle wooden pallet furniture designs ideas and diy projects for garden, sofa, chairs, coffee tables, headboard, shelves, outdoor decor, bench, bed frame uses. Make the pallet wood reclaimed for a targeted design of a domestic furniture piece it will surely make you get with it with fine nature. We have also used some plywood for internal setup of drawers and shelves then we applied the rustic appeal of pallet wood to secure the internal skeleton of our dresser. DIY video stand Ana Edward White rustic tenner comfort table lower and maybe only if one shelf only one similar the white.
Building our DIY Media heart and soul we no longer had ampere need for it as angstrom unit TV tv stand plans ana white DIY Furniture project from Ana have this side prorogue inspired by Pottery Barn Benchwright tv set Stand. My friend Hillary from The Friendly Home has been asking for plans for thence my mum comes over today and says she needs vitamin A new idiot box console and I thirty-six street corner humble Pie Cut. Pins approximately TV Stand DIY hand picked aside Pinner Jess Virginia Katherine McMath See Thomas More nearly sofa tables pallet tv stands and pallet entertainment centers. She is recently married to a social media guru who loves *almost* everything she conjures up.

Some of these projects cost next to nothing to make and can instantly spruce up your bar, kitchen or dining room without adding more unnecessary clutter!
Instead of making a wine rack that serves only one purpose, why not build a beautiful shelf that works to hold wine bottles (when you have them) then can be used to hold whatever else may need a home! Or, if you're feeling lazy, you can buy one of the beautifully made shelves by Jenna of Wilsons and Pugs on her Etsy store!
No built-in storage besides a few awkwardly placed wall-mounted metal cabinets. It has poured concrete walls, which are usually pretty good at keeping the basement a dry space. We put in a dividing wall in the basement, but for the exterior walls we painted the concrete and we left the ceiling exposed because it was already only about 7.5 feet high and we felt that putting up drywall would make it feel even shorter. We cut down the treads to just as wide as the stringers (we kept using them during construction) so we’d have space to frame the walls, then install and mud the drywall. We had to cut out the top rail for the furnace, but we did go back and sturdy it up with a horizontal bracing just under the air duct.
Green drywall is made to be mold resistant, so it’s used in places that might encounter some water (like bathrooms).
Originally we thought we’d have the doorway in line with the wall down that side of the stairs, but because of the low ductwork and pipes, we had to move it to the right. To sister the diagonal doorway with the short walls on either side I ripped a 2×3 with the circular saw set at an angle to fill the gap, then Dylan used long screws to join them together. With the angle it was easiest to clamp the drywall to the studs and score along the angle before removing the drywall and cutting it to fit. We measured and built each wall to fit, then screwed them into the ceiling joints and adjoining walls, then used concrete anchors into the floor. If a tornado came through here, it might take the house, but these basement walls aren’t going anywhere! The biggest things include a new back deck, small reclaimed brick patio, partially finished basement, and a built-in dresser in our bedroom. We actually bought it last year when we bought some other doors on Craigslist, but it’s patiently waiting its turn to shine in our basement. There aren’t many home improvement projects less rewarding than painting a white closet white. On top of it we have two Dollar Tree bins (which fit perfectly, I might add) and our library book bag.
I have more, but they’re either in a navy bin on the new wire shelf or in my closet upstairs.
There are a couple more jackets hanging on hooks, but everything is still organized and pretty.
Jules is really into drawing right now so it’s nice to have another form in which that can take place.
I imagine in the summer when I have more flats and flip-flops out, I’ll be able to stash a lot more. We still like the table, but it wasn’t making the most of the space, so hopefully we can find another use for it.
I just played around with what looked best, then measured to make sure everything was even.
They were in the hardware section, but not the same aisle as the rest of the cabinet hardware and hooks. Then I added a third hole (centered and above the other two) where I would drill through the board to attach it to the wall). I was lucky and hit two studs, but if your location doesn’t work out like that, I suggest using an anchor or toggle bolt. First, attaching the rack to the wall first allowed me to hide those screws behind the coat hooks.
It is going to be full of awesome bold projects including lots of our favorites from the link party.
After putting Jules down for the night I put drop cloths over our living room floor, turned on the Olympics, and got to work. The chair was darker, but nowhere near as dark as I wanted. For the final coat I doubled the amount of dye I used. This DIY pallet kitchen table is also a popular addition which you may like and can also selected for this weekend project. Aqua, dark brown and natural wood colors spice up the visual attractiveness by giving a colorful appeal. Rozbierz palety, lekko oczysc drewno (nie nowe – koniecznie uzywane dla uzyskania odpowiedniego koloru!!).
Lubie pokazywac, podsuwac pomysly, zadawac pytania, szukac odpowiedzi, tworzyc koncepcje, wyszukiwac nietypowe rozwiazania. We were lacking of a dresser in our bedroom so we made it our next target out of pallet wood.
We have feature it with 7 cozy storage drawers and a big one DIY pallet cabinet at the mid. This is a knock off early than that one lie with the TV stand and can’t wait to build the other pieces that go with it. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. If you don't have access to a drill press, take your board to Home Depot or Lowe's and ask one of the associates to drill the holes for you. Try your hand at this incredible wine rack table, made from drainage pipes, wire rope and clamps! The great thing about a wine shelf is that it can hold up to 10 bottles of wine and can be made very cheaply with some scrap boards, screws and a drill!
Before the basement project I had never done any basic framing, much less working from scratch. One side would be a useable family space (Dylan calls it the man-cave, but it’s family friendly!). Ours has a couple of places where water seeps in, but it they’re on the workshop side and it drains near the laundry space. The horizontal pieces on the left were put in so we’d have a place to screw in the drywall. While we haven’t seen any water make it this far into the basement, just to be safe we used green board all around the bottom. It turns out a diagonal door works better because we have enough room for fairly deep storage along the front wall of the basement, even deep enough for our large rubbermaid totes to fit. The space under the stairs we planned to use for storage we wouldn’t need to access often, like Christmas decorations. After getting it mortised for hinges and swinging well, I took it down and painted it white.

But I had already bought new coat hooks and a storage shelf and had the primer and paint on hand, so I was prepared as possible. It clearly hadn’t been properly applied (with primer under) because I literally scrubbed off what you see with a dish sponge. And of course, that mistake happened in one of the few still visible areas after all of our stuff was put back in the closet. Above the stroller I installed a wire shelf I found on clearance at Target ($3 down from $12). We keep our chalk on the new coat rack ledge and she only draws with supervision at this point, since she still likes to turn to the side and draw on the wall or baby gate. I wanted a solid wood nightstand, but didn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for one I liked. I bought some coat hooks at Lowes one day (all of the wood we had on hand in our workshop) and decided making a coat rack would be my project for that day’s naptime. With everything assembled I filled all holes with joint compound, including the knots in the wood.
This way it the coat rack was secured to the wall, but still able to be removed fairly easily should we ever decide we don’t want a coat rack there.
I’m a math nerd (I was a high school math teacher before staying at home with Jules) so the flowers are made entirely of tiny numbers.
Sometimes we buy gifts, but as we get older we find that we don’t need (or want) as much stuff, so a nice handmade gift is a nice gesture. Perhaps using a new power tool you’ve been afraid of, trying a color you usually avoid, doing something you’ve never seen anyone else do, or just trying something you’re not entirely sure will work. Please do not link up giveaways, etsy shops, or any other links that are totally not bold DIY projects.
For over a month I trolled Craigslist for a wingback chair in good condition that cost almost nothing. Short of reupholstery (which is a large undertaking for this kind of chair, which originally reclined) I wound up with the option of dyeing the chair.
Although it turned out beautifully, it also meant people had purple backsides after sitting on it. I suppose this was the trick to darkening the upholstery up, because that fourth coat gave the chair a major color change! Pallet wood has been reclaimed in very fine way to be converted into this amusing design of DIY pallet table.
At past weekend we constructed this DIY pallet wood dresser table with a very handy makeover. We have multi sized and colored pallet wood furniture ideas and pallet furniture plans for outdoor and indoor decoration.
Be sure to stain, paint or sand your board before you drill the holes so you have a more even look! This is a great project for smaller apartments or lofts, since it has more than one purpose. In this project we put in several walls and two doorways, one on a diagonal and one pocket door. First we drilled through the bottom 2×4, then used a hammer drill to drill into the concrete, and finally used concrete anchors to tie the wall into the concrete. And I won’t remove the carpet until we can refinish the hardwood flooring sometime this spring or summer. I don’t have any pics of it until it was back on the hinges, so just wait until the end of the post.
I painted the walls a flat white paint (same as I use on ceilings) and the trim-work with our semi-gloss trim paint (Du Jour by Valspar).
I stumbled upon Ana White’s website with tons of free plans and suddenly thought I would just build one myself. To complement the living room built-ins I used lattice strips to give the drawers and sides shaker panels. The small drawer could also hold four or more pairs of tiny kiddo shoes, once I can put snow boots away for the season. This way it still goes all of the way through the wood, but the excess length easily goes into the wall behind the wood. I’ve reupholstered a few things, so I assumed that whatever dated chair I acquired would need some work.
Pallet wood has been sanded down lightly so you feel the smooth touch while gliding you hand on to the surface. Introduce you home with cozy trends of furniture using DIY pallet ideas having great architectures, designs, style and functionality. Instead of just taking up space on a wall or counter, this wine rack doubles as an end table.
Frame the doorway then cut out the bottom 2×4 with a Sawz-all easily, because the bottom half is already cut.
Jules thankfully has never slipped or fallen down the stairs (which is more than I can say for her mother), but until the flooring refinishing day comes I want some padding at the bottom, just in case.
I decided to follow Mandy’s example and draw triangles to keep things interesting yet simple. I built it entirely by myself and when I was finished, built a matching one for Dylan because he liked it so much.
7 (34 votes)Projekt na: jak urzadzic pokoj dla nastolatki, dziewczyny (33 votes)Jak wyszukac i znalezc dzialke w Geoportalu? Make it uploaded with some fine and eyeful art patterns, gifts and toy to trigger it to be a nice accent table for your bedroom.
This openhanded and durable DIY kitchen island prep station is unproblematic to build up out of criterion lumber operating theatre easy to recover done kitchen retailers. Now you have somewhere to store your wine bottles and place your glass of wine while you watch TV! It was pretty much a learn as you go thing for us, so take what I write and the accompanying pictures with a grain of salt. I had a hard time finding methods or tutorials for this online, so here’s what we did!
I think the moral of the story is that dyeing upholstered furniture works best if your goal is in the same color family as the original color.

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