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No matter how beautiful your engagement ring is, the ring's box typically isn't quite as special.
Daniel Christal posted photos on Reddit Friday of the special ring box he used to propose to his soon-to-be-wife Danielle Guerra (he popped the question last week). Christal told HuffPost Weddings that the original box the engagement ring came in was maroon, the school color of Texas A&M University, which was a problem since he and Guerra went to rival school University of Texas at Austin (represented by burnt orange.) So he went online to search for ring box ideas, and decided to create his own box out of wood. Finally, he stained and oiled the entire box, lined the ring hole with black felt and wrote "D [heart] D" on the bottom.
Christal said when he gave Guerra the box and she saw the ring, she immediately tossed the box aside and said, "yes" -- then, after a few minutes of celebrating, she took a closer look. I always say when it comes to weddings — think outside of the box and create your own rules. My good friend had access to a machine shop and he machined a ring from a thick piece of aluminum.

Engagement rings are considered by many as the ultimate symbol of devotion , true love and commitment.
Diamond camouflage wedding rings , This green variety of beryl mineral crystal is abundant with feelings of love and fidelity . One man decided to get crafty and make a more meaningful ring box -- out of a tree branch from his own backyard. I think this hand-carved wooden engagement ring from Oh, Hello FriendĀ is the sweetest, coolest idea ever! He spent a lot of time smoothing the edges and polishing the ring and it looked really nice at the end. If you think the rings is only formality and symbol of relationship, you can use this as a choice. Color less by the sun light, by water, so maybe it can not be used everyday while you do many activities with your hand.

But, if you want to make a wonderful engagement to show your love to the world, maybe this is not a good idea. Modern coins tend to be made up of more than one metal and you'll end up with a copper color band in your silver ring," he said.
Want to look more elegant and add the meaning of engagement, you can mix it with another materials, such as white gold. It will be a bit difficult to choose materials and germs which has to be suitable and not damage the wood. At least all of that problems should be get the solution before you decided to use this kind of ring on your engagement.

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