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A necessary part of the construction blueprint plan is the description of specialized structures called schedules. Next we have beam structures that can be a part of the schedule addendum that shows how the beams are placed in the structure.
Nailing schedules are quite obvious, but they simply indicate the nail sizes and the spacing between nails.
Blueprint schedules help the general contractor, sub-contractor and each person planning and building the home to all better understand how everything fits together.

For example, inspectors want to know how windows and doors fit into the plan of the home.A description of door and window sizes helps contractors and inspectors know how to build and approve of structures. This shows contractors how to build the home and it shows inspectors that the home meets minimum building codes. The photo is fuzzy, but you can see that the grade of the 2x6's, 2x8's and 2x10's are grade 2 or better.Grade 1 and grade 2 are a standard grade lumber for residential joist and beam construction.
If you use not English Revit or you have created your own size parameters, then these parameters have to be changed in the frame family.

Just FYI, grade 3 and worse usually have big knots and cross grains that make the lumber too weak for joists and beams, but they work fine for other things.

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