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Projects are made up of a series of processes that all need to be completed to deliver the final product.
A structured project management method does not guarantee that you will complete your project on time but without a methodology you are certain to miss deadlines and budget targets. Before a project is entered into there should always be a feasibility study carried out to consider the potential gains, the capabilities required for success and the risks - both financial and non financial e.g. No matter how good a project schedule is or how well resources perform in the execution of tasks in that schedule, if critical dependencies associated with the project are not included in the description of the effort, they represent considerable risk to delivering project value.
Project management and the Theory of Constraints (TOC) Critical Chain-based project management has received considerable attention in the Project Management community since it was broadly introduced in Eliyahu M.
The following is a description of the Nominal Sizes and Tolerance page of the Graphical Interface Panel of Door Settings for a “Hinged Door”, with skylight and transom, from the INT ArchiCAD Library. Door size (height and width) can be defined with respect to any of four types of dimensions: Wallhole, Unit, Egress or Leaf dimensions. Use the Set as Nominal radio button to choose one of these dimension definitions as the door’s Nominal Size.
This is the Nominal dimension that will be listed in the Interactive Schedule in the Nominal W x H Size field. This Nominal dimension will be displayed in the Width and Height fields in the Preview and Positioning Panel or Window Settings. If you display a door marker, use the Dimension Marker Panel (Marker Options – Size to Show) to choose one of these dimension definitions (Wallhole, Unit, Leaf or Egress Dimensions) as the preferred dimension to display in the marker.
The chosen dimension definitions will also be used when displaying dimensions in Automatic Dimensioning and the Interactive Schedule. By default, this is checked, so that you can enter a single value to apply to tolerances on all sides of the door structure. Note: If you wish to enter Oversize values, use the Oversize controls in the Parameters tab page of Door Settings.
The following is a description of all pages of the Graphical Interface Panel of Door Settings for a “Hinged Door”, with skylight and transom, from the INT ArchiCAD Library. The following is a description of the Nominal Sizes and Tolerance page of the Graphical Interface Panel of Window Settings, for a window in the INT ArchiCAD Library.
In replacement windows the Sash is the part that holds it all the glass together and allows the window to open and close.

A slider window only has one sash and the big difference is the sash on a slider window moves left to right.
Casement replacement windows also have only one sash and are not as popular as they were in the 1950’s as they offer a crank style opening mechanism rather than sliding.
At Wonderful Windows and Siding you deal directly with the owner and whatever style you choose, our insulated windows save energy, cut noise, add security, and block out heat, cold, dust and pollen. Finding Replacement Windows in Houston can be tricky and costly if you don’t know what your looking for. The amount of time estimated to complete an activity in the time scale used in the schedule (hours, days, weeks, etc.).
However, with a project, often much of the detail will be unknown at the outset and so it is necessary to constantly review the details to see what impact these details have on the expected finish date of the project. The critical chain method provides a project manager with advance warning of difficulties and clearly identifies any resource issues. Completing a comprehensive review of all dependencies with the those responsible for delivering the WBS will reduce the risks of missing critical dependencies in the planning stage.
This software is very powerful and can be used for small projects to complex, enterprise scale projects with real time input on task completion. To vary the tolerance values for the sides of the door, (as for a complex-shaped door whose sidelights have varying sill heights), uncheck the box and click Tolerances to go to the Tolerances tab page. Entering an Oversize does not (unlike the Tolerance value) affect the Nominal Size of the door. It not only holds the glass panes together but allows the assembly to fit inside the window frame which is what attaches to the house otherwise you would just have a boring square hole in the wall with a pane of glass. The reason these are so popular is it allows the window to open from the top and.or the bottom and it is one of the easiest replacement windows style to operate and maintain. These are most popular in commercial locations such as drive thru windows, production facilities and in some homes and pool cabanas it is still a popular style. They are making a slight comeback however in boutique hotels and condos seeking a retro feel.
Planned production rates and available resources will define the duration used in a given schedule.
The role of a project manager is to find ways to turn uncertain outcomes into certain outcomes. Once it has been decided to proceed then the first stage is to review a detailed plan with contributions from all those who will be involved in the project.

G depends on D which depends on A - The critical path is thus ADGI (7+17+8+11) = 43 days which is 3 days over the desired project length.
Currently MS Project does not include all the features for critical chain project management - add ins are available such as CCPM, ProChain or Spherical Angle to make up for this deficiency. The concept of critical chain is born out of TOC as the project length is determined by a few critical tasks just as a production process is determined by a constraint.
If this box is checked, then the values of the original Nominal Dimension (those set for Unit Dimensions) are transferred to the new Nominal Dimension (your Wallhole Dimensions). Both sash also tilt in so that you can clean the outside of the window from inside your home making the the go to choice for most Houston new builds given the humidity.
The initial planning process creates a work breakdown structure (WBS) with estimated time spans and task dependencies.
Some reassignment of resources will be required to reduce the length of time a task on the critical path takes. The project manager must collate the WBS and produce a diagram linking all the activities together - this diagram is called a network diagram and forms the basis of a gantt chart (Microsoft project is very useful for this).
There are many similarities between managing a business using process mapping and running a project using process mapping.
Businesses have bottlenecks and the business will only work as fast as the constraining bottleneck. Projects have bottlenecks too and these bottlenecks limit the fastest time that the project can be completed in.
Consider the example below - A WBS has been created for a training seminar that needs to be start in 40 days time. Critical chain methodology incorporates resource deployment into the basic critical path analysis and places buffers at points to reduce the risk of the critical chain lengthening. The Critical Chain of a project is defined as the longest sequence of dependent events that prevents the project plan from being any shorter. This differs from the popular definition of a Critical Path in that the Critical Chain definition, by stipulating dependent events, opens the door to resource dependencies as well as to precedence dependencies.

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