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With nearly as much capacity and power as floor-standing units, these brutes get the job done -- for half the price. Despite their small size, benchtop models offer workpiece capacities pretty close to full-size presses.
Curious to see if these machines' horsepower ratings converted to real drilling power, we force-fed each drill press a steady diet of hard maple and white oak under large bits and hole saws, trying to make the bits stall. Every drill press should have a sturdy, reliable stop for drilling multiple holes to the same depth. Learn the results of our testing of the Craftsman 21914, Delta DP300L and DP350, Grizzly G0485 and G7943, Rikon 30-120, Ryobi DP121L, and Shop Fox W1668 in the November 2007 issue of WOOD magazine.
After reading the reviews, I had some concerns about the lack of a metal track in the fence. My experience tallies with those of several other reviewers: nice enough table, but it does not come close to fitting my Jet model JDP-15M drill press. It would be nice if they included some instructions for mounting the table to the drill press.
I would give this table and fence easily 5-stars if you factor in the price and I would buy another one in a heartbeat. With that in mind I dropped to 4 because the fence stop should have come with an elongated t- bolt. I assume MLCS will make it good that the small axial alignment brackets that align the mounting knob and strengthen the mounting hold down were missing. Re: the sitting proud t-slots mentioned by Rick Morris a year ago January, I hope that MLCS saw it and offered a replacement.
I ordered one of these for my new Ridgid drill press I recently purchased and it arrived in excellent shape and was easy to mount and put together. Features an adjustable fence that guarantees maximum holding power and allows more clearance without re-adjustment.
I would certainly recommend this to a friend (along with the 3-pack of replacement inserts). As far as providing a wider, deeper table area for my Delta Floor model drill press it does that well. The tracks for the hold-downs could be closer in or another one provided to clamp short pieces. The biggest problem is that there are no replacement inserts available for sale for the thing. Drillnado's expandable housing comes with a 1" opening that can be used with most drill and forstner bits.
Set the high-speed steel cutter to the radius you require and chuck the Hex Shank into your drill press to cut perfect wheels or circles. I have been looking for something like this for the last few months because what I found was either flimsy or expensive. Wood chips and sawdust don t stay around long when you hook up this clamp-down collector to your shop vacuum or dust-collection system. If you like this project, please check out more than 1,000 shop-proven paper and downloadable woodworking project plans in the WOOD Store.
WOOD StoreDrill Press Dust Collector PlanTo learn more about dust collection solutions visit the Dust Collection Section in the WOOD Store. Posted March 24, 2014 by David Radtke & filed under Plans and Projects, Woodshop Projects, Woodworking Projects.
Cut through the upper plywood layer with a fine-toothed jig saw along your guidelines for the replaceable 4” x 4” plywood insert. Place straight cauls onto the upper and lower plywood layers so pressure can be placed evenly across the entire surface.  Don’t forget to put a later of wax paper or something similar between the plywood and your saw surface so glue squeeze out doesn’t get all over the saw table. Mate the surfaces for the fence just as you did for the tabletop so any warps oppose each other. You can use a hack saw for this, or as long as you use aluminum track, you could cut this on a miter saw as well. Bob Melrose, a woodworker and follower of the blog decided to build a drill press table for his woodworking shop after watching the how to woodworking video, Let’s Build a Drill Press Table.
The drill press is a terrific tool in the woodworking shop especially when it has a drill press table that conveniently clamps the work, provides a fence for repeatable and accurate cuts, and also offers a safer working environment. If you have grown accustomed to working with a small metal drill press table, you will likely find drill press tables to be very handy to work with and very convenient. The drill press is one of the great woodworking power tools for a woodworker to have in the woodworking shop. The nice thing about making your own table is that you can customize it to your drill press model and to your own personal needs.

Consider this: Nearly all drilling in woodworking calls for the table to be situated within 4" of the chuck. All eight machines we tested offer 12-14" of swing, compared with the 17" swing typical of a floor-model drill press. Drill presses with three pulleys handled these tough tests best without the motor stalling or the belts slipping.
These units feature two different styles of depth stops: a threaded rod on the left side of the head, or a dial stop on the handle shaft. An incredibly priced table with fence mounted stop block, t‑tracks, and removable insert. You have to move the MLCS table way forward so the height crank can rotate, and you have to remove one of the three arm handles on the press to lower the drill. Includes a fence mounted stop block to make repetitive cuts and a removable table insert to accommodate sanding drums. My large DP has 8" from table center to support column and I wanted all the room I could get. The Drillnado (Patent Pending) has taken drill press dust collection from zero to best in the shop! It has three functional joints for full adjustability, plus a fourth joint that rotates the lamp head 360°. Move the workpiece through slowly and steadily and let the dado blade do the work.  Make this cut from both ends, following the lay out in Figure B.
It’s best to cut the pieces oversize slightly and then trim them to size once the glue has dried.
I also made a crosscut sled and a miter sled for my table saw based off of your woodworking videos.
You will work with a greater sense of confidence which makes your woodworking experience much more enjoyable. The drill press was originally set up for metal working and most tables that come with the drill press are small metal tables. It’s a great woodworking project that will turn the drill press into one the great woodworking tools for your shop. The addition of an adjustable fence is a huge plus and the hold down clamps work very securely.
However, the small metal table that often comes with this tool is rather limiting for woodworking.
The rabbets of each block will allow for the new table to slide along and under the existing table. Moreover, clamping objects to the drill press table will be much easier and safer than before because you can now simply adjust and tighten your hold down clamps. That means a benchtop drill press not only can handle most of your drilling needs but it also costs about half as much as a floor-standing model. The two variable-speed units also performed well, as their wide V-belts transferred power from the pulleys to the spindle without slipping. But between removing equipment (lasers, chuck guards, etc.) to make room for the attachment, fussing with adding and aligning a fence, and adjusting the depth stops, it's hardly worth the effort.
If not this rating would be reduced since I feel they affect the longevity of the hold down clamps as evidently did the original designer. The metal T slots on the table were not routed deep enough so they are above the surface and as I slide something around on it to drill it gets hung up on the metal runners. Drillnado surrounds the drill chuck and drill bit and collects nearly all of the debris and dust. The magnet is plenty strong to keep the light in place and the shade is small enough to not be cumbersome.
The cast round table below the chuck isn’t woodworker friendly or even metalworking friendly. Once you build this fixture you’ll love its adjustable fence for drilling equally centered holes and the stop block that lets you make repeatable drilling operations in conjunction with the fence.
They fit into the track and then are sleeved with some ?” tubing to fit into the PVC piping.
Simply put, a woodworker will create more drill press projects when the drill press is properly setup with a drill press table and fence.
I also mounted a small piece of t-track to the back of the fence for storing the stop blocks when not in use. Keep in mind, building your own drill press table and fence is a great woodworking project for a beginning woodworker as well as for the experienced craftsman.
So, the answer to this limitation is to either buy a drill press table or build a shop made drill press table.
Then when the new table is positioned to your liking through bolts and threaded star knobs will secure the new table to the existing.

This will allow the fence to travel deeper on the table giving you more adjustment area when needed. For speed changes, you just can't beat the ease of variable-speed controls, which eliminate the nuisance of moving belts to make speed changes, which can be difficult, especially on taller models. Threaded-rod stops with locking nuts performed flawlessly in our tests, but we found mixed results with the dial stops.
We like front-mounted paddle-style switches because they're easiest to turn off, especially if you can't take your eyes off your work. If you slide it on top of the protruding runners you are now drilling a hole off of 90 degrees square.
Can also be used on a drill press or router table fence to mount stop blocks onto the T-track in the fence face. I've placed my on the bandsaw to light up the blade and pencil mark on the work piece. Check your drill press for the dimensions from the column of the drill press to the center of the chuck. The fence is just a single piece of 1-? melamine with an Incra track dadoed in extending the entire length.
When I need close access to the fence for working on small pieces, I use a clamp saw guide for the fence. However, you can make your own drill press table and you can be working with it easily within a few hours. When you decide to switch over to the new drill press table you will find that your work also flows much smoother.
If you choose to purchase a drill press table you could have it that very day if you have a woodworking store close by. Note: The heads of these bolts are countersunk into the surface of the table and the threaded star knobs are tightened below the table.
The T-Slot for the stop block is routed in the MDF which if you are not careful looks like potential damage to the fence can be caused if over tightened.
Why they couldn't have routed the channels a bit deeper so the metal T slots were even with the table top, or even a little below, is beyond me. To reduce sawdust buildup at table level, sand a bevel across the front edge of the bottom piece. Best yet, this jig is a project you can work on in your spare time over a couple days and complete for less than $50.
Bob’s drill press table also includes a removable insert for when a sanding drum is employed. You are likely to experience much more control and also feel a greater sense of confidence when working on various woodworking projects. Then again you could find a drill press table that you like online or in a mail order catalog and have it delivered in a week or so. 3.) You have the pride of using your skills and your own woodworking tools to create a table equally if not better than a store bought model.
No instructions or the allen wrench necessary for adjustments and no mention of where one might obtain a replacement cutter blade. You can cut these to length by threading on a nut, clamping them in a vise and then cut to length with a hacksaw. The extended drill press table definitely allows for a maximized work space and it also enhances woodworking safety. I wanted more travel towards the back and the single fence gives me about 1” more rearward travel.
Perhaps you would like to add a port for a shop vac, maybe a drawer for storing drill bits, or maybe due to shop size you will prefer a certain size table for your drill press. Prices for the drill press table will vary, but you can probably expect to pay $100 for the basic table and then shipping.
This helps to keep the new table flat as well as position the new table against the existing metal table. Also be aware that the stop block channel has no metal T track so if you over tighten the stop block there is a chance you will break out the MDF. I used the cam clamps because knobs would extend past the fence face and possibly interfere with locating stock against the fence. All in all it is worth the price with the free shipping if you want to take the time and make it right.

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