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The man himself is a talented visual artist, designer, and sculptor well known for his original bendable wire and cut out paper creations.
As Gavin Worth points out, almost from the beginning he toyed with the idea of creating a 3-D effect using bendable wire. In addition to the wire sculptures, Gavin Worth has also experimented with video, spray painting and stencils. Gavin Worth’s hometown, Las Cruces, is surrounded by Sierra de los Organos, named after its similarity with a pipe organ.
185 72 0 5 49 1 51 0 7 0It’s been so inspiring over the past several years to see how creative artists turn traditional books into works of art. The coal cart part of the train is tipped over (and the mixed up typography spilled out), which represents the mixed up emotions of anxiety and panic that a person might feel. One of my favorite things about this sculpture is that the book has to remain open in order for it to be complete. Historical examples of mosaic art have been found in Roman ruins throughout Europe and around the Mediterranean. Creating a detailed paper mosaic can be tedious work, so I made a few adjustments in hopes of avoiding this! Disney Character Patterns – Mickey, Phineas & Ferb, Kermit the Frog, Tinker Bell and other fun characters.
Betty Crocker – patterns include Lucky Charms, Count Chocula, Franken Berry, the Trix Rabbit, and more.

He was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and is currently teaching at the American International School of Cairo, Egypt.  Worth also lived in San Francisco for 8 years where he started his artistic trajectory working as an actor and musician for the Santa Fe Shakespeare Festival, the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival and the California Shakespeare Theater. As he knew right away that he didn't want to create a very realistic depiction of a 3-D form, he thought that it would be perhaps more interesting to create an abstract, almost organic shape made of grouped wire that would become an image when viewed from the right angle. Inspired by the street art of San Francisco, there is always a bit of urban feel in the commissioned works he completes for various clients, including the Hollywood Fringe Festival. One cannot but think that the original inspiration of his figures is possibly hidden in the picturesque peaks of these mountains. Sometimes they use thousands of books to make gigantic sculptures, and sometimes it’s more subtle. Aside from breathing new life into this old book, it illustrates the effects of OCD on a person’s life. So many times we see artists create a book sculpture which starts with the cover, but Thomas typically starts from the inside and works from there. Just follow these directions and use larger tiles and a smaller backing board if working with young children….
What are you ladies doing?Right now I'm torn between doing a monogram (which is kind of our theme, so I'm worried it might be overkill), a wedding cake or an ice vase for flowers. Despite his successful career, Gavin Worth soon realized that Shakespeare was not his real passion. Whilst working with stencils, he eventually decided to further explore the potential of his creations: ''I was cutting stencils for a painting one day when I realized that sometimes the stencil itself is as interesting as the painting you can make with it.

This particular book sculpture caught my eye because of the typography and detail that went into this extraordinary train design. It makes the book seem more alive, and the words in the book are move involved in the process. Also, since you sprayed their projects with spray adhesive, how did you house the projects since it sounds like they would normally stick together if you put all the papers in a stack. He confesses that he had always felt a great fascination for drawing, painting and sculpture since he first saw Michelangelo's 'Head of Leda' in a book in the library.
Nevertheless, it was not until he visited an Alexander Calder exhibit at the SFMOMA that he became particularly interested in wire sculptures.
His eye catching paper cut works are a continuation of his wire sculptures since in both cases Worth is trying to define shape by using simple materials. It makes you realize how versatile books are, and how nice it is to give them a second use. Furthermore, the background of his creations, a simple coloured paper or just a wall, is there to intensify the power of his minimal figures.

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