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Some organizers are meant to simply hide toys, but the Guidecraft Easy View Storage Bench is made to make your little one remember what to play with next. It has a small mirror attached to the back that your children will enjoy, and the bench is an easy way to teach your child how to clean up his or her room. Combine necessity with style by choosing toy storage that works with the decor in your home.
Our expert-approved quick tips and smart solutions will finally get your playroom in order.
And the built-in toddler-friendly mirror on back and soft reading bench on top even make this container a bit of a toy itself, which your child will love playing on and with. Consider keeping toys your children play with the most in a mobile unit, like these wooden crates from Cozy. Whenever possible, buy pieces with built-in storage, such as ottomans, stools, and even beds.Opt for adult-size storage furniture. The kind that you choose should be able to conform and adapt to all of your stuff, not the other way around.Place frequently used toys on low shelves.
They don’t take up much room, and can be slid under a bed or stacked in a corner for convenience. Take a cue from preschool teachers and put often-used playthings, such as blocks and dolls, on shelves your child can reach. Instead of using a plain old box from your closet, try using ones that feature a design, like these from The Gold Jellybean.A fun design makes storage kid-friendlyIf you prefer an easier method for carrying toys from room to room, suitcases offer a unique storage solution. This helps eliminate the visual noise in the room, which will instantly make it look more organized.
Turn a closet or cabinet into a "library" from which a certain number can be "checked out" at a time. When your child wants to switch playthings, she must bring one of her "checked out" toys back first.

If your child gets to paint a lot at preschool, you don't need to keep painting supplies in the house.4. The weeks leading up to gift-giving holidays are an ideal time to review what toys your kids play with frequently and decide which ones to donate.
Children know new toys are coming their way, so they may be more open to parting with things. Retire any playthings your child isn't actively engaged with (no matter who gave them to her).Find even more clutter-busting products at Shop Parents.Win Baby Gear!
3 of 13 3 of 13 Facebook PinterestJay Wilde 5 Things You're (Probably) Doing Wrong1. Choosing chalkboard labelsSure they're trendy, but the chalk always ends up getting erased.
Having a toy boxThey encourage messiness -- it all gets thrown inside, then the lid is closed.
Using containers kids can't openLidded boxes are often challenging for younger children to open. Storing toys on the floorUnless it's a large toy, like a play kitchen, every plaything should have a designated home on a self or in a cabinet. Buying your child toys you likeIf your child doesn't play with something you thought was great, get rid of it no matter how pretty, or pricey, it was.Win Baby Gear!
Drill evenly spaced holes into the sides of wooden crates and hook on mini bungee cords to keep the animals inside.Buy wooden crates here.Win Baby Gear! 5 of 13Home Organization: Organizing Toys 5 of 13 Facebook PinterestEverything in your child's space should have a place! This video will show you best way to keep toys organized throughout the house, while making sure they are still easily accessible.Win Baby Gear! 6 of 13 6 of 13 Facebook PinterestJonny Valiant Be Barbie's Personal Organizer Store dolls in an over-the-door shoe organizer with the most popular ones at your child's eye level.

An older child can store doll clothing flat in individual zip-top bags and "file" them in an expandable folder.
Stash Barbie's tiny accessories in a divided storage container, such as an egg carton.Buy over-the-door shoe organizer here. 7 of 13 7 of 13 Facebook PinterestJonny Valiant Master Lego StorageGet rid of the wrapping.
Toy packaging can be 30 to 40 percent larger than the toy itself.Most kids rarely remake a project. Unless your child is a rebuilder, let the pieces become a part of the main Lego collection and toss the manuals once a project has been made (and documented).Divide under-the-bed storage drawers to create compartments that allow for unfussy storage and provide a place to put in-process projects. We cut balsa-wood strips from a craft store to make drawer dividers (pictured).Use rolling tax-file bins for containment. When it's time to clean up, roll a bin up to the table and push all those Legos inside!After displaying your kid's finished creation, take a photo of it and store the snap in a digital gallery or print it out and put it in an album.Buy under-the-bed drawer here.Win Baby Gear!
9 of 13 9 of 13 Facebook PinterestJonny Valiant Photo Op!Any organizing expert will tell you that labels are the secret to staying sorted.
To let pre-readers know where their playthings belong, use photos instead of written labels.Win Baby Gear! 10 of 13 10 of 13 Facebook PinterestAvery Powell Planes, Trains, and AutomobilesEmbrace the storage boxes that are designed for toy cars, like the Hot Wheels 48 Car Carry Case.Buy the Hot Wheels storage case here.Win Baby Gear! 11 of 13 11 of 13 Facebook PinterestAvery Powell Pack 'n RaceFor on-the-go storage, try the Neat Oh!

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