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Woodworking can also improve on crafted or already existing gear you’ve found in the world! Many players will need Wooden Weapons and Shields of various types and styles. Deadric, and Imperial seem to be the most popular as far as style, so having the Racial styles available can be very profitable!
Raw wood is used in the creation of woodworking pieces and can be found throughout the zones in Tamriel. Woodworking  Stations are found in towns and cities and are identified by a hammer and angle  symbol on flags outside of the station and on the map. The station itself is a workbench with lumber leaning against it, complete with tools, chisels, peg holes, and an axe. There are also special Set Woodworking Stations located throughout the world that allow you to craft items with special set bonus. Another way to gather materials is to deconstruct old or useless armor into usable materials! There is a risk, however, as improvement takes multiple improvement materials to complete and the chance goes up the more materials you use. If you would like to start crafting as soon as possible while leveling, here are some must-have skills to get your Woodworking off to a great start! Just keep putting points into these four skills in order as you level Woodworking, interwoven with your regular combat skills! Rank 3: A Lumberjack Hireling will send you even more wood and possibly even better items twice a day. Gather at Night! – If you have the chance to gather at night with your Keen Eye ability ready to go, you will see the wood from a very long distance and it is very bright in the dark! As always, we hope you have found this guide informative and useful and will continue to update it as we discover more, happy crafting! Welcome to Tamriel Foundry, a community dedicated to theorycrafting, strategies, guides, and discussion in The Elder Scrolls Online. Please donate to help support Tamriel Foundry, fund further improvements, and unlock account perks! Tamriel Foundry was created using content and materials from The Elder Scrolls Online © ZeniMax Online Studios, LLC or its licensors.

Tamriel Foundry is a proud partner of Guild Launch, offering full featured guild hosting services for serious gamers. Once again, I feel that it is important to note that that the survey had 1,298 responses, and each faction had a large chunk of these responses, providing a great sample size to be analyzed.
Is anyone surprised that the faction with Bosmer also see such a large number of players wanting to use Bows?  The AD also enjoys being first among the three factions in terms of players who want to use a Destruction Staff or a Restoration Staff (I hear Altmer have a reputation in TES games for being good with magicka, after all).  The Ebonheart Pact seems to be embracing a reputation of ME NORD, ME SMASH by having all of the physical weapons be far more popular than the more magical weapons.
As for the Daggerfall Covenant?  The fact that nearly a third of all respondents want to utilize a One-hand & Shield makes me wonder if a number of people want to recreate a Breton knight (High Rock does have quite a number of knightly orders). Daggerfell seems rather balanced in classes, good and furthermore only 1 out of 5 wants to be nightblade, which means more fun for me. Dominion looks like lacking tough guys to tank, but they seems to put numbers in damage, it worries me as we seem to be low on healers, not so bad as ebonhart but still. Nice to see so many DC to use shield, it may be our edge on battlefield with redguard one armed skill or orc rage and bretons bretoning. The thing I like most about these surveys is not what people are using, but how people willingly accept their roles in each Alliance, rather than doing anything they want. Here we cover the basic and advanced mechanics of Woodworking in The Elder Scrolls Online as well as some best practices! If you would like to get a quick primer on the basics, check out the video.
You can turn wood you collect in the world into fine pieces with various stats and styles as well. Some of the best wooden weapons and shields in the game can be crafted by Woodworking and they have the ability to fine tune their pieces. Using improvement materials found by refining wood, deconstructing armor, and given to you by hirelings, Woodworkers can improve wooden weapons and shields all the way to legendary!
These special set stations require multiple traits to be unlocked for the various pieces of woodworking gear. HERE is a list of the Set Stations and their locations! It requires 10 pieces of raw wood for each refinement and yields sanded wood and sometimes other useful items for Woodworking!
These improvements will increase the quality and look of the gear from Common all the way to Legendary.
These materials cannot be farmed or gathered in the field, they are earned by deconstructing, and can be sent to you by a hireling.
A master woodworker needs less improvement materials and can help a non-woodworker save money by not having to buy as many.

After taking your initial survival skills, place points into the following to get the ball rolling!
Aldmeri Dominion had 344 respondents, Daggerfall Covenant featured 377, and the Ebonheart Pact lead the way with 414 responses. I will personally be on the front line whenever and wherever someone needs a skull cracked! Class-by-race was a very interesting breakdown to examine last time, and I too would be interested to see how that stands at the moment. You will choose the type of item, its wood type and amount, the style material to define its look, as well as the trait material to make the item have special properties.
This WILL destroy the item and provide some of its base materials for use in creating new items. These improvements do not have a level requirement of any kind, so a woodworker can increase the quality of ANY woodworking item.
Researching traits requires the specific piece of gear that you want to learn the trait from to be destroyed in order to understand it’s properties. With the proper skills, a woodworker has an increased chance of extracting these materials from items!
If you wish to learn a trait for chest pieces, you will need to destroy a chest piece with that trait on it in order to learn it.
The beauty of ESO and the Templar  is I can change the role as the needs of the guild change. ZOS has given us the freedom to play any class we want with any character we want, but we still fit ourselves into the roles.
You can reduce these times with skills that allow more than on research at a time and reduce the overall time to research. Even if some aren’t into Role-playing, they likely are by fitting themselves into the typical layouts.

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