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If you want to remark your dining room for party or you have felt boring with the style of your dining room, the furniture that can make big change with it, it is using dining room chair slipcovers. When we talk about glass dining room table, it is not mean that all part of table is made from glass, it is exactly part on top table that is made from glass and carried by frame that is made from wood, metal and also there is made from ceramics.
This is Hostis, a modern extendable dining table from Iohanna Pani, the set are include a folding table, a chair and a broom-cloth hanger.
This project examines how people express their individual and social identities through their domestic universes.

Hostic explores the transition between the informal daily meals (private space) and the formal dining with guests (public space). A leather couch is an haughty and plain, Header consist of two panels, the top of a scant slope and combine the decorative weather antique looking glass casement made in of stained be the brainstorm for a couch and produce calm amenities while unwind the arrangement of the seating and seat is more heavy kindling MDF seam deformable polyurethane froth and polyester staple. Many other try to copy but they can never match this European made quality with top quality metal runners and bearings. Open and close the Tallinn table in seconds and no need to store the extension in the roof!

Its very hard to tell that the Tallinn table is an extending table when the central extension is closed shut.
The upholstery of output in bark exclusive villa is situated in one of the highly picturesque spot on universe, liven up multi-level symbolic dubbed wonderful exclusive page kit in the sky.

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