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This love seat will be a beautiful addition to your patio, balcony or outdoor entertainment area. Description: This Igloo products designs are based on popular exterior cabinet and storage bench designs and made from 100% Eucalyptus Wood. Contemporary Style Concrete House - Santander house by A-Cero - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
It was intended for a family to share playtime, reading, and other activities — and later for the child to use for their own hobbies and interests. One of our more artistic deck designs, the design for this multi-tiered deck was originally an idea I had a few years back for a Tampa customer’s cabin in Tennessee. When looking at a cabin in the mountains of Tennessee and working with a tree wooded hillside, a multi-tiered deck with stairs wasn’t really so much an option.
Once back in Tampa this deck design seemed to had been unconsciously put on the back burner of my creative psyche, being as most of the Tampa homes and outdoor spaces I was designing for were more in style with your typical Florida home, concrete, stucco or stone facades with yards that have little if any elevation change. When I was contacted by Bob and Rodney to design and construct their deck, the concept was revived, modified for their space, with additional elements such as interlocking paver patios, koi ponds, water features, two pergolas, an outdoor kitchen among many other outdoor living variables from our arsenal that we use and install in our designs.
To start with the beginning of this deck and go through the evolution and modifications of this project, I will begin as usual with my initial consultation with my customers Bob and Rodney. My initial concept was to construct a multi-level deck, using composite decking manufactured by Moistureshield, with each deck in the shape of an Oak leaf and, in addition, composite decked steps were constructed in a similar leaf fashion, where the grade lended itself to more drop in elevation. A small outdoor kitchen was constructed on the mid-level deck using the same moisture shield composite decking and trimmed with the darker composite.
A larger Pergola, approximately 20’x18’ at its widest points was constructed over the lowest deck.
As with many projects over the years, the two remaining “Leaves of Oak” were concepts conceived after construction of the project was well underway. The first and larger pond would be a two tier koi pond starting approximately 10’ from the screen room and to the left of the upper deck. This is the koi pond with the main waterfall, set between the lower deck and largest oak tree. The second pond although smaller and simpler in size is basically a two tired koi pond, but also has an additional original concept.
It’s a hot, humid afternoon when I meet David Hetrick at one of Exterior Concepts’ latest job sites, an outdoor living space in the backyard of a home in Pasco County.
I’m greeted by Luke, Hetrick’s golden retriever, who tags along on many of his trips to job sites, and Hetrick and I sit in rocking chairs on the nearly finished deck to talk about his latest design. A large wood deck is adjacent to the house, and it leads to a screened wooden pavilion complete with a ceiling fan. Hetrick brings both a bachelor’s degree and post-graduate work in fine arts to Exterior Concepts, which he founded 17 years ago.
Exterior Concepts designs elaborate outdoor living spaces for their customers, with elements including custom decks, patios, gazebos, pavilions, arbors, pergolas, ponds, waterfalls, spas, fire pits and outdoor kitchens.
Hetrick is in the field on each project, lending his expertise and keen eye for design to each project the company touches. While each project the company creates is completely custom, water features are often incorporated as a central highlight of Exterior Concepts’ outdoor designs. Many of Exterior Concepts’ projects and the mediums he chooses to work with are influenced by Hetrick’s childhood in the Pocono Mountains. Hetrick also enjoys life’s simpler pleasures, and he runs his company with a strong focus on good old-fashioned customer service.
It’s the challenging projects that make Hetrick love his job so much, and whether it’s finding a way to integrate a waterfall into a deck, incorporating stained glass windows into an open-air pavilion or transforming an ordinary fountain into a giant, functional sundial, some of Exterior Concepts’ most memorable projects have allowed Hetrick to explore new ways of doing things. Hetrick enjoys working with customers who are looking for something unique and different, and who want to use his creative talents. The Exterior Concepts team is a tight-knit group of craftsmen who each bring unique talents to the company and take pride in the quality work they do for their customers. Hetrick, who comes from a long line of master carpenters, has grown up with an appreciation of water and the outdoors, and his fine arts background and technical skill have matured through his experiences.
While his father instilled in him a love for the outdoors, his mother instilled her artistic talent, and Hetrick credits his mother’s genetic code with his own artistic calling. In addition to his work with Exterior Concepts, Hetrick also uses his fine arts training to create more traditional artwork. I believe that the reason for the length of the consultation is that the design of the project evolved to completion that first day rather than as the project progressed, and we were very thorough in exploring all possibilities when finalizing the plans. The initial project was to replace an existing wood deck that run along the length of the pool (approximately 80′ Lin ft. On one end of the pool we choose to construct a large pondless waterfall (6″ in height) to emulate the stone in the fire pit and continue that theme throughout the design, Various matching stone retainment walls were also installed to terrace the landscaping. One aspect of the design that wasn’t discussed or foreseen on our first meeting was the quality of the existing pool deck. This entire project was lit up using a low voltage lighting system manufactured by Garden Light. Jeff and Josie called me shortly after completing the restoration of the interior of their home for a consultation on designing and constructing the exterior of their home (backyard only). Jeff and Josie stated that there main objective was that they wanted what they wanted and that they wanted it to be absolutely beautiful. This leads to the new screen room which was installed with the intention of giving as open a look to the backyard as possible.
A three sided bar was constructed within the screen room, which consists of a sink, ice chest, and granite countertops trimmed with Brazilian Walnut (epel) The entire bar was faced with cultured stone as well as the wall in which it abuts up to. This project was also completely landscaped and a full outdoor lighting system as installed.
A few new pictures of the expansion and restoration of a display Exterior Concepts constructed for Wesley Chapel Nursery Landscape Supply Co. I met owners Paul and Nicole Dumke a few years back at one of John Turners Expo Homeshows in which both Paul and I had constructed displays. Not long after my meeting with Paul and Nicole, we agreed to construct a display for their nursery, to accent our art in unison with their material.
In addition a Pennsylvania Blue Stone patio and landing was constructed in Tennessee Crab Orchard’ field-stone with accent boulders, and a stone retainment wall with an intersecting fire-pit and accent boulders on the other.
Earlier this year we went in and added a small circular deck with Pennsylvania Antigue accent boulders incorporated within. As we were putting the finishing touches on the project with landscaping and outdoor lighting, Judy expressed that she had maybe wished she had incorporated a swimming pool into the design. We were limited with the depth of the backyard, which ultimately narrowed the width of the pool.
Two additional interlocking paver patios were designed and installed on each end of the pool. In accordance with the city of Tampa building code and the home owners association guide lines, a 48″ beige pvc fence was installed encompassing the entire back and side yards.
All phases of this project were designed and constructed in house with the exception of the pool which was designed by myself and Dave Mckinnon of Seamco and subbed to Seamco for Installation. I first met Val, owner of the Lotus Pond, at the Lotus Room in South Tampa while taking a yoga class that she was teaching, a practice that has become an integral part in balancing this machine I call my life. I decided I wanted to give something back to the practice as well as Val, and offered to supply the design and labor for installing a full outdoor living space at the Lotus Pond that incorporates most of the aspects of my trade, which would result in a custom meditation garden for the Lotus Pond and a showcase and display for Exterior Concepts. Since we conceived of the project, Val has been having an ongoing fundraiser to raise money for the purchase of the materials for the project.
Exterior Concepts started this custom outdoor living space for Doris and Richard’s home on the Hillsborough River in Tampa, FL back at the end of the year.
One unique element of this outdoor living space was that we spanned the custom deck across an area approximately 14′ in length between their backyard and an existing dock, an area of their property previously deemed unusable. This custom outdoor living space on the Hillsborough River in Tampa, FL was a great project, and Doris and Richard were great people to start the year off working with.  It was a great job by the Exterior Concepts crew too. Come aboard the "Water Lodge", feel the gentle movement of living on the water and listen to the lake sounds.
As I said above, there are flowers and crops which can survive the London weather, so you can plant them in your yard.
Building a pond is also a good idea, although it might be considered ridiculous by some people.
Build a trellis with crawling plants on it, and install pots with flowers all over the exterior walls of your house.

For more great ideas on how to make your garden the best in the neighbourhood, contact some of the expert gardeners Camden area in London offers. The right bench will not only be strong and durable, but it will add to the storage capabilities of the room. If you are placing the mudroom bench on top of an enclosed area, then consider adding hinges to the back of the bench so you have an accessible storage area. Sometimes all you need is a few boards, a few screws, and a few minutes to create the bench.
You can download and receive the Mudroom Storage Bench Plans images by click the download button below to get multiple high-res versions. This piece adorned with roses in bloom will naturally compliments a garden or outdoor setting. It is stained with Hardened gloss oil and sealant and weather resistant to withstand outdoor exposure. People are shrinking their living quarters to decrease their carbon footprint, get rid of the clutter, and live smaller and smarter. I feel that in every outdoor living space we construct, the two most important aspects to take into consideration when designing are first, the customer’s goals and needs, and secondly, the style of the home and setting or the environment within. We sat down and discussed their goals, needs, and various ideas and options to obtain them.
The kitchen housed a 36” stainless steel grill, with blue stone counter tops and built-in storage space in the composite cabinet below. This pergola was designed with an organic style, and cut to follow the contour of that deck.
As the layout between composite decking, stone and water, and the existing large Oak trees unfolded, it was decided that two additional leaves of approximately the same size and shape would work nicely anchoring both ends of the existing design. This headed pond was approximately 12’ in length, 6’ in width, and maybe three feet at its maximum depth. Two grandfather oak trees spread their canopies over the space, blocking the full strength of the sun, and a pleasant breeze picks up, rustling the leaves high above my head and stirring wind chimes hanging from a branch, cooling the whole yard. The foundation has been framed for large stone steps, which will lead into the upwardly sloped backyard.
Flush mount lights were built into all planters and benches, as well as the composite skirting where we had elevation changes in the deck. What we had to work with was a very dated 60′s florida room witth a lenolium tiled floor, opache plastic windows, and very little outside of that other than a small concrete slab for a patio. Our first step was to remove the existing obtrusive walls to the florida room (leaving the roof and supports). To accomplish this no kneewall or kickplate was installed, and 5 4′ retractable sliders were installed instead of french doors or standard sliders. Not too much piazzas as far as the design went, but Marsha’s main objective was met, which was to convert most of her backyard into a functional wood deck, which we did. Paul and Nicole being in the retail en of our business (as well as the main distributor in the area for Aquascape) , and I in the construction end, we quickly developed a good business, as well as personal relationship.
Judy called me just after relocating to the beautiful Easton Park development of New Tampa from Hawaii. Within 48 hours a new concept was conceived and  plans were designed and submitted to the building department, thus beginning phase two of the project.
Luckily we were able to design a pool that worked very well with the work that had already been completed. The first patio was raised using highland wall stone for retainment and intersects the highland stone circular fire-pit. My gratitude to the many employees who contributed to the construction of this project, and mostly my thanks to Judy for her friendship, faith and trust in our company. The design consists of a large stone waterfall, an ornamental arched bridge spanning the existing pond, a Pennsylvania blue stone patio with a fire pit and overhead pergola, a custom deck and dock, landscaping and a low-voltage outdoor lighting system.
To date, we have raised the funds and installed phase 1 of the project, the custom stone waterfall. We began by replacing an aged wood deck with a free-form, two-tiered custom deck skinned with composite decking.
The custom deck was built over water and included an embankment made of limerock and concrete rip-rap.
In addition to the custom deck, this project has a custom pergola over the upper deck, built-in composite deck benches, a custom fire pit made of interlocking pavers that intersects the main deck, and a full low-voltage outdoor lighting system. The British capital is popular for its rainy and gloomy weather, and it is very hard to grow anything in such weather conditions. I know that they sometimes look creepy, just standing in your garden and staring at things, but they are good guardians. Laying a patio is not an easy job, and you might have to hire a professional to do it for you. This way you will decorate your house, and will make your garden look bigger and more colourful. There are a lot of everyday items considered junk, which can be used in the gardening process. Look at these options as you look for the plans that will be the right mudroom bench for you. Use these ideas to get the perfect mudroom bench today so that your entryway stays clutter-free.
In addition to the multiple levels of decking following the change in elevation of the hillside, the curves of the leaf pattern in the decks and the open space between decks allowed me to wrap my design within the existing oak trees along the hillside. Both Bob and Rodney were very open to a more creative and unique approach to the design of their deck and gave me a good deal of artistic freedom. A darker brown PVC composite deck board was ran horizontally in an s-curve down each deck to replicate the vein in each leaf, as well as used vertically as a wrap to outline the border of each deck as well as each stair. This deck was chosen and designed as the dining space and the pergola was constructed as coverage for a table and chairs.
These two decks would be at ground level and instead of being constructed using composite decking, would be constructed using an “Appian Stone” interlocking paver manufactured by Oldcastle Coastal.
20 watt low voltage LED spots were used to accent the waterfalls well as the counter space for the outdoor kitchen. I had to excuse myself briefly at lunch to give an estimate on a small deck, than came back for approximately four more hours (all good though, and appreciated greatly.) Needless to say at the end of that first day we did have a working design and an agreement to proceed with the project.
The price to replace a pool deck to interlocking pavers seems to usually be a lot less than most would think, and when I put the numbers together for refurbishing the pool deck, Ed was very relieved and very adimate about proceeding. Post mount lights were installed around the pavilion and outdoor shower, and pathway lights and spot lights were installed in the landscaping and on the waterfall.
Then an organically designed interlocking paver patio was installed that would not only cover the existing room, but would flow out into the yard creating outdoor living space, three Windsor Stone benches with built in LED lights were constructed along its perimeter, two of them emcompassing a Windsor stone fire pit. The end result is that the new screen room barely creates a barrier and the overall look is that the interlocking paver patio flows through into the backyard.
In addition a fire-pit was added to one side, a full screened in room on the other and a built in hot tub with benches on the back side.
She was actually still in the process of unpacking boxes when she decided on having us come in to design and construct her backyard living space.
The front edge of the pool took on the organic shape of the paver patio and pergola, while the rear edge was a hard was a hard edge following the maximum space allotted by the easement.
The second paver patio was installed on the other of the pool with a second pergola constructed above. It should be mentioned that Paul and Nicole of Wesley Chapel Nursery and Landscape Supply donated the stone for the custom waterfall at their cost. There are floral species which can survive our weather, though, and gardening in London is not impossible. The air around your house will be fresher, too, and you will enjoy your living environment to the fullest.
They might scare some types of pests, and their colours will certainly attract useful insects and birds. For the furniture you might consult a professional garden designer, but I’m sure that you can pick it by yourself.
Things like old boiling pots, plastic and glass bottles, old chairs and doors, and even tires can be turned into wonderful garden decoration.
You can pick up six 2x4” boards at your local lumber store for less than $20 and put them together to form a bench over the course of an afternoon.

You can get Mudroom Bench Plans You Can Use and read the Mudroom Bench Plans You Can Use in here. Maxcold cooler body & liner and features a drain plug & hose and stay-up lid with safety hinge. After spotting a few miniature dwellings during our Internet travels, we compiled a list of unique, itsy-bitsy backyard cottages, adorably dwarfed abodes, and other tiny homesteads. A lighter color composite deck board manufactured by Moistureshield was used as the main field.
This was built, as well as the outdoor kitchen, to follow the contour of the deck’s organic edge. A darker color Knightsbridge would be used for the vein and soldier row to emulate the darker composite used in the decks, and a lighter color oak run was used as the field for the same reason.
For this waterfall, Retainment would need to be constructed to allow us to obtain adequate height for the waterfall without compromising the health of the oak tree. Without going into all the construction details and specs, what we basically did was cut out a small 5”-6” pond out of the top half of the 2”x12” joist used in framing the middle tiered deck. 20 watt LED deck lights were mounted on the 6”x6″” posts of the two pergolas aimed downward to illuminate the composite decking. It is a great feeling when a customer has that much confidence in you on an initial visit to give you the go ahead on a project of this magnitude. A matching interlocking oaver walkway was also installed leading from the pool deck to the horse field.
The project was also entirely landscaped and all facets of this project were done in house. Our initial consultation entailed making a list of goals, needs, and objectives (both functional and aesthetically) and then I would incorporate them into a working design.
In addition one area of the patio was dedicated to grilling space with a free form pergola (emulating the contour of the patio) installed for shade. Her development is new her backyard is basically one blank rectangular canvas with many possibilities. Three outdoor ceiling fans were installed, one in the screen room and two underneath the pergola. The swimming pool was designed with a wet deck on one end with umbrella stand, bubbles and three sheer decent waterfalls emanating from a raised back wall. The front edge of this pergola also takes on the contour of the pool and is installed with an additional outdoor ceiling fan.
Within these hours I run and operate my company and employees in addition to raising my two children on my own. Enjoy the electric fireplace on a cool winter day, walls of windows with 2" faux blinds and a wonderful covered front deck. Today I’m not going to talk about these species, but about ways to make your garden the best in your neighbourhood.
There are wonderful ideas for different types of furniture on the Internet and you can take advantage of them. Nowadays, there are a lot of different types of swings, which can make your garden a lot more attractive.
These deck boards were cut in and installed on a 45% angle and radiating upward from the composite vein to help emulate the look of a natural oak leaf. Finally, two large boulders were picked, and cut into the decking used to construct the walls of the kitchen cabinets.
This lower koi pond would also house all three filters, biofalls, ultraviolet clarifier, and skimmer (which houses the pump).
The final was a smaller waterfall that was built for the reservoir koi pond with the energy and motion flowing back towards the home and upper deck.
The opposite end of the patio was dedicated to the couples two pets, with a dog run and a dog door built into the new screen room. It’s difficult, but I still try to find time to live and enjoy life and keep reminding myself how blessed I am and how worth it the reward is.
I can tell from my own experience, that there is nothing better than a few drinks in the garden after a long day at work, especially if you’ve organised your relaxation area perfectly.
Being as Pennsylvania Antique Fieldstone would be used throughout this project, (mainly with the water features), I wanted to blend the two mediums, as well as two concepts of outdoor living together to create a better flow and balance. One of the patios was chosen to be solely dedicated for the use of a gas fire bowl, centered in the middle of the patio with seating completely encompassing it.The next element was incorporating water. Basalt is a very dense rock usually with unique coloring and shape and formed from volcanic lava or other output, which for one is why most of them are imported from the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, states and regions. Between these two decks an open area approximately 5’ in area was where we decided to make our transition between the two koi ponds. A liner laid in, draped in and over the joist and secured in place when securing the Moisturesheild composite decking in place, with a cut piece of Pennsylvania blue stone for a spillway. Each stone has been carefully placed to shape the water as it falls, and the sound is melodious as the water dances from stone to stone. Besides stretching and healing my body, which has been disregarded and abused by 25 years of toting, lifting, and pushing rock, lumber, brick, and every other imaginable material you could build something with, yoga gives me the balance and presence to live in the now. In spite of that the house’s front capture awesome river views and southern sun light. These steps were constructed and decked in the same shape and style to complement the main decks.
In addition to the kitchen, five or six additional boulders were selected and inset into the three composite decks to continue with the concepts of blending the mediums. An 8” drop in elevation provided a very nice, subtle space for a small shear drop waterfall. The important concepts that should be said pertaining to this is that this was not a deck that is built over a pond, but a small shallow pond built within the framework of a deck. Soon the water feature will have yet another tier and landscaping will fill in the empty spaces, blending each of the mediums and spaces together.
The purpose of this arbor wasn’t to provide shade as much as to act as an apparatice for the low voltage outdoor lighting system (fixtures manufactured by Garden Light).
Its exterior has minimal yet stylish look, with awesome lighting systems including under bench lighting.The house features all possible rooms needed for contemporary lifestyle. In the end six actual waterfalls or water features were constructed at various points of this project. The height of the spillway was an important factor, to maintain both koi ponds optimal water levels. It could be constructed in a deck, at any height with multiple tiers, as we have in the past. This deck also has custom composite wood benches and planters, as well as a composite railing.
The three shade structures allowed us to wrap eye level post lights around almost the entire pool as well as installing pathway lights in the landscaping beds and spot lights uplighting some of the larger specimen trees installed with the landscaping.
I truly believe it helps in making me a better father, artist, business man, and in every other aspect of my life.
There are garage, laundry, pantry, several bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, office, games room, small library with home cinema, 2 kids bedrooms and master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe. This particular basalt was set in the upper koi pond with approximately 3 ? “to 4’ of stone protruding above the waterline.
Smaller boulders were used at the base to create more interest with the cascading waterfall.
Custom composite benches as well as composite storage benches were built around this deck for seating around the fire pit. This pond narrowed to a stream bed that ran down to and under the lowest deck and into the reservoir koi pond. A custom wood fence was built starting at this deck and running along the side of the pond and up to the house. Next to this deck an existing outdoor shower on the existing concrete pool deck was refurbished, building walls, a sitting area and a cabinet for soaps and shampoo, all out of composite decking.

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