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Double Doors & Driveway Wood Gates, Cane Bolt Anchors 1 Gate While The Gate Latch Acts As A Stop For The Other Gate. Inside Steel, Offset D-Handles to control your door operation from the inside of your building. Large Inside Chrome L-Handle to control your door operation from the inside of your building.
These outstanding Door Pulls crafted of wrought iron are popular on doors, gates, kitchen pantry doors and oversized kitchen drawers. A two point locking door latch is, a lock with two rods or bolts which are thrown or withdrawn simultaneously in two directions securing both, the top and the bottom of the door to the header and to the floor at the same time, in one movement.
For a while I've been working on building a set of Internet enabled sockets, with the goal of being able to control everything in my shed from my phone, laptop, or from a set of sensors and switches.I had my first successful test a short while ago.

Wall cladding is now the choice of standard treated pine weatherboards or NEW Vinyl fully insulated exterior wall cladding, it comes in 13 different colours to choose from. Roof: Bluescope Colour bond Steel available in a range of colours you choose the colour FREE!
Skylights: There are 2 laser light skylights to help let in light but block out harmful UV rays.
Doors: A solid waterproof ply door trimmed with 70mm timber, Door can be either left or right side at no extra charge or for an additional fee we can put double doors on your shed. Height measurement is taken from pitch of the roof to the floor, the standard wall heights are 2m.
All measurements above are taken from the external of the shed walls, please allow 300mm for the overhanging roof eaves when measuring area for your shed to fit into.

It's not uncommon for the drone to bounce around a little if it crashes with an odd angle, the flexible props usually bounce it harmlessly off walls, etc.As the drone sat there I thought how lucky I was that it finished on its feet, and that I didn't need to go flipping it over again. After we cut the legs to size, we carefully slid the door into position, and propped it up.After a little preliminary drilling, we screwed the door to the legs using some rather hefty screws. I presses the Take Off button and watched as three of the four props turned, realising there was a problem I stabbed for the Emergency cut off button, but not before it flipped itself over and onto its back. Then we screwed the legs to the exterior walls of the shed, to stop it from moving.The desk was rock solid, but obviously needed some kind of cover to hide what was quite an ugly door.

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