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Our stylish and elegant French doors entice you into the garden and welcome you back into your home. Whilst French doors are generally associated with a sunny climate, Illingworth wooden French doors Edinburgh are also made with the Scottish climate in mind. Morningside are designed to provide the highest levels of insulation with up to "A rating" and they are completely draft proof. If you have any queries on any of our services, one of our experts will be happy to talk to you and can answer any of your questions. Why visit costly staged showrooms when you can visit our factory to see your consistent outstanding quality products being made by our careful & experienced tradesmen for yourself. Renewal by Andersen is a household name for the best replacement windows on the market, but did you realize our Patio Doors are just as exceptional? You probably operate your doors much more often than you open and close your windows (particularly if you have air conditioning), so smooth operation, security, weather-tightness and durability are even more important in your doors.
After preparing the opening, installing your new door must be done carefully to ensure that it remains square and secure in the opening so that it operates properly.
You can see that to ensure proper operation for a lifetime, it’s important to have your replacement patio doors are installed by properly trained and experienced installers. Changing doors is the simplest way to transform a home or a room, and the latest trade doors from Magnet Trade provide advanced thermal efficiency, fire protection and security, as well as sheer good looks. As leading joinery suppliers to the trade, you can be confident that all our doors are made to the highest standards of craftsmanship.
Whether you’re looking for doors to match a new fitted kitchen or just to update your home, we’re sure to have the door for you. Find your nearest branch or request a brochure if you would like to browse our kitchen ranges further. We have a wide range of  quality flooring, discontinued kitchens, and 1000?s of top brand appliances at our lowest ever prices.
At Magnet Trade we fully recognise our responsibility to minimise the impact of our business on the planet, and the need to help our customers and partners be environmentally considerate.
At "B" the spreader bars at the bottom of the frame have been lost and the brickwork has pushed the bottom in. In "D" a thin cheap frame has bowed in, most likely the brickie has squeezed a few bricks in tight instead of cutting them.
There is one that I missed in the sketch, that is for wider frames, say for double doors, you must provide support over the top, or in the case of reinforced blockwork, prop the frame to stop the head sagging while the blocks are being laid. In the sketch at the right, sighting from in to out through the opening, the left frame is perfect, but the other one is twisted.
Most brickies do a good job, read the plans OK and fix the door frames and windows as they go. The way that is normal is to make up your frame in one piece, with the sills and heads nailed or screwed up into the jambs.
If the job is to be paint finished, paint inside of the joints as well before you put them together. The doors are usually fixed last, into the already fixed frames, mainly because the frames and outside cladding are fixed by a separate team. I have fixed quite a few aluminium doors, which were obviously pre fitted by the manufacture, and they are always easy to fix, because you can see the various aspects of out level, twist, bow in the jambs etc.

I like to use three hinges on outside doors, so I would probably recess my hinges in the hanging jambs first before assembly, but then fix the frames and doors separately, purely because I am comfortable doing it that way. I always use screws for my frame fixings, that way I can back them out easily and adjust things if it is not right first time.
Short answer, on a new job, or definitely on a commercial job, make the sill level with the final floor finish. The French doors I have put in over the last few years have all been pre made aluminium, already hung in their frames. The water penetration side of it has meant that the rebates in the frame's sill have gone deeper than they used to be. If I had to replace my old timber French doors in my old house that had a timber floor, I would do the same, that is let the new frame sit on top of the floor joists and just get used to the slightly higher sill.
Just behind me as I type this in my shed are a pair of solid core timber doors, 900 x 2040 x 42 thick. I have made and fixed similar sized doors out of two layers of 16mm MDF with a 1.2mm lead sheet in the middle for radiology rooms. What do reckon for the joints for the internal frame?  Do they need to mortise and tenon or because the racking forces will be taken up by the ply sheeting, would a doweled or screwed lap joint be OK?
The joints in internal frame for the door as you say are not all that critical, they are only there to hold it in position until the glue etc.
If you went to the trouble of making lap joints, I'd be tempted to put a couple of braces inside the frame and just sheet the inside with ply and fix you boards directly to the frame on the outside. You mentioned mortise and tenon, if you wanted to make the job a definite project, you could make yourself a pair of frame and filled doors. I would fix the jambs with a pair of screws in four spots, just over your top hinge, just under the bottom and two more sets equally spaced in between. On the roll – Wood French Doors Wood French doors are fundamentally the doors that are linked to the al fresco decks, galleries or patios.
Offers custom exterior doors and entryways including French doors, mahogany wood entry doors, bevel glass and solid wood front doors. Sierra wood interior doors, french doors, exterior entry doors, knotty pine, clear pine, alder and AugustaWood. Borano is a manufacturer of custom made solid Honduran mahogany exterior doors, interior doors, french doors, casement windows, and wide plank flooring.
ETO Doors is the #1 door company providing Exterior Doors French Mahogany Wood Exterior Doors And Exterior Wood Mahogany Doors throughout the country.
Utilizing the same tried-and-true manufacturing technology that has made Renewal by Andersen the premier name in replacement windows, our Patio Doors provide exceptional performance, beauty and durability. Just like the structure of your entire house is dependent upon a proper foundation, proper framing of your door opening is critical to ensure the door will open and close smoothly and keep your home safe from the elements and unwanted intruders. The side jambs of your rough opening must be plumb, or straight up and down, and parallel to each other to ensure your door opens and closes properly, keeps out drafts and the other weather elements and closes and locks securely. An improperly installed door may not latch easily, will swing open or closed without direction or simply and dangerously leak air or water into the home, damaging the structure, flooring, floor coverings and furnishings. Ensuring your installer can remove your old door, or prepare a new opening properly and install the new door is critical to ensure your door doesn’t stick or leak and provides the proper security for you and your family. We provide a wide range of stylish internal doors and exterior doors, plus beautiful bi folding doors and specialist fire doors – not forgetting garage doors.

I always use the term "door jambs" but by far the most people I meet seem to call them door frames.
When you go to the supplier to pick up the door jambs you need at least this minimum of information. Also paint under the sill if you can, it is never going to get any more paint in it's lifetime. 4 x 2 seems a bit overkill, but I don't know how heavy you external boards are going to be.
Large selection of exterior doors, interior doors, French doors and glass door at discounted prices. Our glass is low emissivity (Low E) argon filled keeping the heat inside and the cold outside. Below are some tips for you to keep in mind when you consider replacing the patio doors in your home.
As important, your sill (the bottom of the door opening) and head jamb (the top) must be perfectly level from side to side and parallel to each other. Replacement doors must be properly installed, flashed and caulked to prevent any of these issues. Renewal by Andersen Long Island installers are trained, certified and experienced in installing all types of entry and Patio Doors. Or if you’re working with a Trade Professional, just save your favourites then email your builder through our website so that they can give you a great quote. It is probably more correct to refer to them as frames because the word jamb does indeed refer to only the upright pieces of a door or window frame. Try to get a fixing from underneath, or if they are standard 820 doors, the fixing to the jambs should be enough with maybe a blob of liquid nails under the sill in the middle. My main question is when fitting, I am assuming that door frame is level with floor so nothing to trip on? I could have chipped the concrete, but as there already is a 120 step between the inside floor and verandah floor levels, I didn't see it as a problem. Finally, the door must be solidly installed to remain secure and protect you and your family from intruders.
They are skilled at removing all kinds of doors, plumbing and squaring the opening and installing your new Renewal by Andersen door. So wherever you see the term jamb take it as read that I am talking about the full frame on this page and other pages. I was thinking of 30mm.(getting expensive) Or could this be reduced to say 24mm or 25mm and just plan on using extra long screws to fix the hinges through the door frame into the studs around the door.?
A good way to check this is to measure from corner to corner of the opening from lower corner to top corner in both directions.
I figure that to hang the door I would need about a 4x2's thickness being 38mm minus a mm or so needed to straighten things out.

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