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Blurring the lines between what is a floor and what is a ceiling, the Jenga-like structure of Final Wooden House allows its occupiers to decide how to use the space according to their position. Yann Hervis is a rare craftsman of inlaid wood marquetry, bridging into contemporary art and interior design. Using a combination of modern machinery and historical woodworking techniques, Los Tres Juanes create beautifully-intricate roof frameworks in styles unique to the south of Spain.
Architect Alex Haw of Atmos may not be the first to use digital tools to craft seductively curving forms, but his recent staircase installations in two London abodes might be the most transformative.
As a global culture, our attitude towards architecture has relaxed in recent years, realizing that in most cases, it is not in fact permanent. Anyone who struggles to read the third row of an eye chart knows that glasses are more than just a fetching style choice. It's Fashion Week in London, and the city is abuzz with gossip, martinis and forward-thinking style. Roy McMakin opened Big Leaf Manufacturing in 1997 as a workshop for his furniture and architecture firms, but now maintains a level of independence that allows it to take on commissioned projects.
I thought through this bungalow, which can be considered as a small and primitive house, it was possible to do a primitive and simultaneously new architecture.
Due to its versatility, wood is used in a conventional wooden architecture by intentional differentiation in various places.

It transcends what we usually call i??woodi?? and becomes i??an existencei?? of an entirely different material. A locality that was thought as a floor transforms into chairs, ceilings, and walls from different perspectives.
If architecture made from wood is to be considered wooden architecture, then this bungalow is the wood itself that transcends the architectural convention to directly become a place for humans. Comprised completely of wood, Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto wanted to express the versatility of lumber by creating one structure that embodies all of the typical functions normally carried out by wood in traditional architecture. The piece uses a pair of reflective pools to mark the location of the towers' footprints. Not only in structures, such as columns and beams, but it can also be used in everything else from foundation, exterior wall, interior wall, ceiling, flooring, insulation, furniture, stairs to window frames. While the dimensions adequately display its materiality as wood, 350mm squared is simultaneously the dimensionality directly corresponding to human body. Floor levels are relative and people reinterpret the spatiality according to where they are.
At the end of the process appears a prototypical place before architecture became architecture. I posit that if wood is indeed multifaceted, then conversely it should be possible to create architecture that fulfills all functions by one process, and by one way of using woods.

People are three-dimensionally distributed in space and will experience new sensations of depths. This stepped space was a long fascination of mine for couple of years as its defining characteristics are the generation of a sort of spatial relativity and a new sense of various distances unachievable by coplanar floors.
Spaces are not divided but is rather produced as a chance occurrence within fusing elements. From that originates, new architecture that maintains an undifferentiated condition of the harmonized whole before function and role underwent mitosis.
This resonates with the undifferentiated condition of above-mentioned architectonic elements. Both as a constructional methodology and experiential space, this architecture is synthesized by the fusion of various undifferentiated elements.
Perhaps it is only possible with wood to be simultaneously the insulation and the structure, the finish and also the furniture.
By being composed of the wooden blocks instead of slabs, the method of creating the undifferentiated condition was made clear.

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