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You know that feeling – getting everything ready so that you are all comfy and cozy all winter long.
When we first moved into this house, the double doors you see in the photo used to be  half this wide – it used to be a single door coat closet.  A very overstuffed single door coat closet! I like being able to see everything at a glance, but it did take some work.  This is what I did. Since we were constructing this pantry, we could customize it to fit our needs.   I measured the width and height of everything I wanted to store in here.

Big items are easy to move in and out.   Makes it easy to organize, restock, create a shopping list by just glancing, and keeping like things together. They also make it easier to move things when I need to re-organize the shelves when something new comes in. Ugghhh!   I went to Lowes to see if they had one that would match – they didn’t.   Darn, Darn, Darn – so close to getting  a real pantry.
I found that some containers didn’t hold the entire box and I would end up with a storage container and a half filled box – that was just too complicated.

Since the new door was the same overall size as the existing door and all the other closet doors that came with the house. We took the door from our bedroom closet – that matched and hung it here in the pantry and put the new door on the bedroom closet.

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