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Raised timber garden beds have continued to grow in popularity as gardeners become increasingly aware of their many benefits.
A simple and elegant way to raise your garden, Dovetail Timbers garden beds provide a secure and lasting structure. Our raised timber garden beds can also be easily possum and bird proofed with kits we provide. Our Dovetail Timbers garden beds are available delivered to your door throughout Australia.
Raised garden beds can produce up to twice  the amount of  vegetables and flowers per square meter when compared to normal in-ground beds. Raised garden beds are much easier to work on as they can be designed to a height that suits you particular needs.
You can use them to create a garden on a concrete or paved areas and by internally lining them with a geo-fabric, only the water will seep through leaving your soils nicely contained.
This raised bed garden kit has 11" sides and length and width can be customized to fit your space.
This raised bed garden kit has 11" sides and length and width can be customized to fit your space.Square and rectangle raised beds are perfect for growing flowers, herbs and vegetables. The Farmstead's mortise-and-tenon raised garden beds are based on a 17th century design.
Unlike pressure treated lumber or railroad ties, the Vermont White Cedar used in The Farmstead's raised garden beds is naturally rot resistant. Our raised garden beds are secured by an aluminum rod thru the corners — assembles in minutes! The kits assemble in minutes, yet the durable all natural western red cedar can last for decades. Watch our helpful raised garden bed installation video online for assembly instruction, additional tips and ideas and motivation. The cedar association reports that is lasts longer than, Inland Cedar, Eastern Cedar, Port Orford Cedar (commonly used for making pencils) and Yellow Cedar. Cedarbrook's partially air dried Cedar has been seasoned to the optimum moisture level to accept wet moist garden soil. Garden pests such as snails and slugs can be controlled by skirting your beds with crushed oyster shells or copper wire. 8' beds will have an additional aluminium cross piece to secure the middle and prevent bulging.
Next slide the holes of the second row onto the rods and then carefully tap each end until touching the lower row.

A sauna kit assembled with pre-made insulated cedar panels forming the walls, ceiling, and roof.
A cedar one-person frame wrapped with canvas contains the light and heat emitted from an infrared light box.
It is supposed that plants and vegetables grow much better in such elevated beds than in the ground, also look ceramic pots herb garden kit. In case you are encouraged by the idea to get the best out of this option, you should learn how to build a raised garden bed quickly and effectively. Prior to constructing this flower bed in your garden, pay special attention to the location it will be placed in, browse kitchen herb garden ideas. On this page I gives you 16 Terrific Garden Bed Ideas Photo Inspirational for reference the garden design from around the world.
Because you are not walking on the soil,A  it stays light and loose, enabling deeper, stronger root systems. Constructed from durable, chemical free and sustainably sourced Tasmanian hardwood, Dovetail Timbers garden beds will be standing for years, guaranteed.
Rectangular raised beds are simple to plan and work with, especially for beginners and elderly people.
Long beds are built in sections that include crossbar supports to prevent the sides from bowing. Made of Vermont White Cedar, these raised beds will last for many years and weather to a soft silver grey.
Mortise-and-tenon joints can not pull apart — as may happen with beds that are nailed or screwed together.
Western Red Cedar is widely used for exterior applications like, shakes and shingles, fencing, decking and siding. When wood is too dry (kiln dried) and wet soil is added , too much moisture transfers into the wood and can result in splitting, checking, cracking and warping. Because you are not walking on the soil,A  it stays light and loose, which meansA deeper, stronger root systems.
It implies that you should grow plants in special containers (raised beds and container gardening), which are placed above the ground.
Garden Design Ideas photo above, is an atribute raised garden bed kits pictures tips, which specifically listed within Garden Design Ideas  category. Being raised off the ground they are easier to reach and keep pest out! Raised bed planters are made from durable cedar protected by a non-toxic waterproof sealant that is safe for vegetable gardening. These easy to assemble raised bed kits are perfect for vegetable beds and flower beds and will add complimentary beauty to your landscaping.

The kits are designed to assemble in minutes, yet the durable all natural western red cedar can last for decades.
Northwest Coast Aboriginal peoples choose Western Red Cedar as the wood of choice to carve intricate totem poles and dugout canoes.
As we sell and manufacture a host cedar products like sauna packages, decking, fencing, planters and cedar benches, the raised bed program is a recovery product. This solution has a number of remarkable benefits, the majority of which are appreciated by elderly and disabled people as well as those house owners, who simply do not have much space for planting their gardens. Up to twice the yield of regular ground planting – for a fraction of what you spend at the farmera€™s market! Pathways around raised beds should be 18 to 24 inches wide for normal foot traffic and 36 to 48 inches for wheelbarrow and wheelchair access.
We consider this to be green product as well because we use the fall down and it is a long lasting and durable good that produces food very close to the source. A Up to twice the yield of regular ground planting – for a fraction of what you spend at the farmera€™s market! They are also distinguished by their property to get warm quickly (which is generally observed during spring months) and preserve the acquired warmth throughout autumn months. Do not forget to maintain adequate moisture retention and add the required amount of compost. You may also utilize bricks, concrete blocks and other materials that will add functionality and appealing look to your diy structure.
If you manage to cope with all these tasks successfully, you newly constructed flower bed will add an elegant touch to your garden and provide you with excellent gardening experience!
If you have decided the garden design you should calculate your budget that will you spent it was very important calculation our budget, i think. If you have a large or custom project please call 800 426 3929 for a delivered price quotation. You can also decide the capability of sunshine, when there is enough sunshine goes in to the backyard it will likely be impacted to the plant.

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