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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Luciano Giubbilei pulls up on his motorbike outside the garden he has designed for an Italian businessman in Hampstead, North London. Fernhill Landscapes offers residential landscape design and build services in Lancaster and south eastern Pa. Born and raised in the Tuscan town of Siena, Luciano Giubbilei lived with his grandmother who had a profound influence on his life and design philosophy. Fernhill Landscapes offers a full range of landscape design, landscape installation and garden care services. He had an accident on the bike on one trip here when he was working on the garden, he tells me, and broke his collarbone. Her life of simplicity and her love of creating great food with the best ingredients has remained with him, and is expressed through his work. The gardens he creates are sublime, with peaceful well organised spaces acting as extensions of the homes they embody. I suppose it all goes back to those photographs of the Gamberaia."Giubbilei's approach is a modern take on that Renaissance formality.

Clean lines of geometric gravel paths aligned with evergreen hedging provide a theatrical backdrop for elegant works of sculpture. I became obsessed with the lawn, irrigating it every evening, and friends loved coming round for dinner there. The contemporary feel comes from his use of such things as woven willow panels, fastigiate hornbeams, timber decking and the simple, unadorned shapes of modern furniture, pots and plinths. Although his gardens are thoroughly Italian they steer clear of kitsch and bestow a modern interpretion of his native land.Pelham Crescent in London. One evening I mentioned to Sarah what a great job it would be to create such spaces for other people, and she told me there was this career in England called garden designing."The news sent shock waves through his family. Instead of being part of a continuous hedge, the yews are also in sections, creating an unusual broken pattern of alternating colour and light.
I shuddered at the thought of the pruning but, I suppose, it's modest compared to the Gamberaia."My understated look does need a high quality of finish," Giubbilei admits. To get a good grass sward here on the heavy clay of Hampstead involved removing 6in of topsoil, rotovating in plenty of grit and adding a layer of better topsoil. After I told my father I was going to become a garden designer instead, he didn't speak to me for three years."From his student days, when I first met him, Giubbilei has been determined to prove himself.

I have to earn a living at this and I have to show my family I can do it." He worked for a time at Villa Gamberaia, one of Tuscany's most famous Renaissance gardens. I would not want you to compare what I do to an English flower garden, where there is such understanding of nature. This is different and has a different function, and the results can be quite instant."This Hampstead garden, installed for him by a contractor, Mark Gregory, took from mid-November until mid-January to complete. The architectural scenes were so pure, simple and atmospheric, they had a powerful impact on me."In 1994 he came to London, first to do an English course and then to the Inchbald School of Garden Design.
I have to revert to the Luciano who used to play football and remember not to be too passionate about trees."Giubbilei now runs half a dozen sizeable projects every year in various parts of Europe and employs a full-time assistant.
My father will never say, 'Well done', but I think he is proud."The Giubbilei look Inspiration Italian and French Renaissance gardens. Favourite Plants Box, yew and elegantly shaped trees such as Quercus palustris, fastigiate hornbeam and multi-stemmed amelanchier.

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