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Since 1742, exactly 34 years before the Declaration of Independence by the North American Colonies in 1776, Robert Sergent-Fairley’s family have been quietly and successfully organising OUTSTANDING CHILDRENS ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND DESIGNS AND MAGICAL CHILDRENS PLAY HOUSES DESIGNS across the World. Robert Sergent-Fairley, the extremely enthusiastic and highly inventive Director of Belsize Landscapes, as a LONDON GARDEN DESIGNER is probably more knowledgeable in CHILDRENS GARDEN DESIGNS, CHILDRENS TREE HOUSES AND CHILDRENS ACTIVITY PLAYGROUNDS than any other person in UK GARDEN DESIGNS OR IN LONDON GARDEN DESIGNS. He is a vehement believer in the idea of small children growing up in Natural Surroundings School Playgrounds. To this end, his London School Playground Designs are an alternative version of his Gold and Silver Award Winning London Garden Designs for Woodland Gardens, Natural Gardens and Family Gardens, for which he is famous. He points out that people adapt to their environment and that equally, an environment affects the personality, the demeanour and the whole outlook of a person.
He does not accept the long running view that LONDON SCHOOL PLAYGROUNDS should automatically be covered in concrete, be surrounded by high chain link wire fencing and be filled with an alliteration of brightly coloured Polymer and Tubular Steel Play Units. Robert accepts that LONDON JUNIOR SCHOOLS AND LONDON SENIOR SCHOOLS need large hard surfaces for Childrens Activity Games and for Childrens Sport Games.

However, his attitude is that with a little forethought and a carefully executed SCHOOL PLAYGROUND DESIGN that both Junior and Senior Children can study play and have recreation in beautiful London School Garden surroundings. Robert has always been a complete Nature Lover and spends time alone for days, weeks and sometimes months, PURELY WALKING AND STUDYING NATURE AND ENJOYING TRANQUIL WOODLANDS, DEEP FORESTS, OPEN MEADOWS, TIMELESS RUSHING RIVERS AND GURGLING STREAMS. Robert then turns his attention to the actual London School Playground Area and generally softens this with Raised Plant Beds. EXISTING GROUND SURFACES IN MOST LONDON SCHOOL PLAYGROUNDS ARE NORMALLY HARD AND UNINVITING AREAS.
London School Playgrounds also require PLAY HOUSES, PLAY DENS, PIRATE CASTLES, AND EXCITING ACTIVITY PLAYGROUNDS. Robert’s London School Playground Designs include Hand Constructed Play Buildings as well as Climbing Frames, Climbing Ropes, Swings, Jungle Bridges, Wobbly Walkways, Pet Houses, Tunnels, Hills, Sandpits, Musical Bamboo Chimes and Seating Areas either on Benches or under Flower Covered Arbours and Gazebos. Dit sierlijke bloemenprint-behang van rozen en pioenen is een schilderkunstige recreatie van een bloeiende tuin vol van kleur en leven.

He then returns to the Japanese Cities where he completes his Garden Designs in which he depicts Nature on a Microcosmic scale.
His highly experienced Team of Professional Landscapers, either construct these Raised Beds from Reclaimed Bricks or more generally from Timber Poles or from Treated and Planed Timber lengths; sometimes they construct a low sitting area on these raised walls.
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