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Please Note: Due to a planned power cut the Castle will be closed all day on Tuesday 5th March. When Sir Richard Scrope began building his castle in 1379, he chose his site well, overlooking the ancient Forest of Wensleydale which was well-stocked with game. Visit our new garden with displays of flowering plants traditionally associated with Our Lady such as her slippers, thimble, teardrops and her nightcap.

We apologise for any inconvenience but we are unable to operate without electricity and the power cut is to enable Northern Power Grid to carry out essential maintenance to avoid any unplanned power cuts in future. The medieval period is an interesting one from a horticultural point of view as the range of plants is quite different from today, although the variety of plants is more extensive than might be expected.
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A series of deer parks certainly existed, surrounded by the high walls which still survive today.

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