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In terms of design and construction, the average length of golf clubs is approximately 86 to 122 centimeters or 34 to 48 inches.
In addition to these basic types of golf clubs, players sometimes use hybrid clubs, the design of which is quite different from that of woods and irons. Besides the shaft, it is also important to consider the other parts of golf clubs like the grip and the clubhead. See if you can find a fitting specialist at an outdoor driving range that has custom-fitting capability so you can see the vitally important ball flight. For instance, the length of woods ranges from 100 to 115 centimeters or 40 to 48 inches, with the standard length of drivers set at approximately 114.3 centimeters or 45 inches.
The grip provides players the comfort and control they need to make good shots in the game. If your child is not playing with equipment that is fit to his or her size and swing, theya€™re not playing to their potential. If you dona€™t have an outdoor range near you that does golf club fitting, you can typically find a fitting specialist at your local Golf Galaxy or other golf retailer.A certified club fitting professional can determine your junior golfera€™s personal specifications for shaft length & flex, grip size, loft, lie & head style.

If you just purchase a set of clubs at a big-box retailer, you may get a good deal, but the clubs may be inappropriate for your junior golfer. It usually depends on various factors including the length as well as the material used in making the club. If you're going from a men's regular flex shafta€”which is already too stiff for a kida€”cutting it down just makes that shaft even stiffer. Shaft length is very important; the wrong length for your child may result in lack of distance, hooks or slices.
The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews as well as the United States Golf Association are responsible for controlling the shapes and physical features of clubs, especially those used in international competitions. A slow-swinging young player already has enough trouble getting the ball to fly at the right trajectory. Playing with the wrong lie will have an effect on the trajectory, or can cause pulls, pushes, hooks or slices. Every club is comprised of a clubhead and a shaft with a grip or lance for better control of shots.

Although this part is widely taken for granted by players, it serves a number of important purposes. Stiff, heavy clubs with grips that are too big for him will just make that more difficult.Haney runs the Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy on Hilton Head Island and owns four golf schools in Texas. The grip size can affect the way your child holds the club, and may cause hooks or slices or too much tension in your hands. In addition to these significant facts, it is also quite interesting to find out the average golf club length. Contrary to popular belief, it does not cost more to have clubs that are fit to your child.
Your junior golfer can order custom-made clubs, typically for the same price that it would cost if you bought the same set in-stock.

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