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It seems only natural that garages should become an appropriate home for these spaces that serve as an ode to male-bonding.
What if your garage could be turned from a discarded space where men retreat, to a haven that celebrates all that men enjoy and celebrate? Although my shop keeps me busy, I still find time for hunting in the woods surrounding our home, fly fishing and lately, swinging some iron with one of my favorite golfing partners: my son, Josh.
Much like woodworking, as Josh and I have become more active in the sport of golf, our collection of golf-related paraphernalia has grown.
This cabinet holds two golf bags with all our stuff at the ready for those days when the weather is perfect and cabinetmaking can wait.
This project is easy enough to build on a Saturday, ensuring ample time for the links on Sunday.
Selecting the perfect wood for a project is a lot like selecting the perfect iron to put a ball on the green.
Next, lay out your two 6″-radius half circles on the top piece, as shown in the diagram. Now it’s time to drill the holes for the shelf pins so grab your drill and a 5mm drill bit.

Once everything is assembled and dry, sand all your front edges and then spray the entire piece with a couple clear coats of lacquer or whatever finish you are most comfortable with. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years.
The Gladiator® Golf Caddy organizes your golf equipment so you're ready to hit the links at a moment's notice.
We highly recommend that you contact Garage Organization with your zip code and a list of Gladiator GarageWorks products that you'd like to purchase prior to placing an order (especially on large orders).
Inspirations and ideas to transform your garage into the ultimate man-friendly space that will have your friends green with jealousy! But as long as your dados are tight, I can assure you that your cabinet will be rock solid. I use 5mm shelf supports instead of ?” shelf supports because the 5mm supports require smaller holes that don’t stand out as much. Drill 12 sets of 5 mm holes on the inside face of each partition for maximum shelving flexibility. We want to provide you with the most accurate shipping estimate possible, and product availability is highly dependent on where you plan on having your order delivered.

And before someone writes me a letter, let me just say that I know that sandals are not a good choice for woodworking footwear. You can either use a dado set in your table saw or a straight bit chucked into your router to make these cuts. Gladiator shipping estimates fluctuate significantly from one zip code to another, and we would like all of our customers to receive their orders in a timely manner as originally estimated.
Woodcraft Supply, Lee Valley Tools and Woodworker’s Supply are all good sources for this item. Don’t forget that you’ll also need a metric drill bit, which is also easy to find in most catalogs these days.
You could pocket screw the splash to the backside but I stuck with my nailer and glue and it’s held up to abuse just fine.

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