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Now, for those of you looking to make one of these yourself… I was able to find a really great tutorial with lots of photos to help you step by step through the process. Making these seems to be pretty straight forward but I always like to have instructions on hand in case I get stuck. I am currently past the days where we need a baby gate for any of our rooms but this was just too adorable not to share with you.
It’s amazing what you can do with Ikea stuff and all the creative ideas I discover each day.
My only issue with items from Ikea is that it can be flimsy and “cheap” in terms of stability so I was curious as to how this problem was solved especially when it comes to something to sit on!
It appears that a sheet of MDF was cut and used as a topper to keep it all together and create a continuous L shaped unit. There’s a ton of great nursery storage and decor ideas at this blog post I just discovered!
I know when our kids were still in diapers just a couple years ago, there was one thing we were always running out of and it was baby wipes! I just found this great guide to making your own baby wipes and I wish I had found it when my kids were younger! I found this stunning image of a whimsical forest nursery while surfing pinterest and I just had to do some digging to see if I could find who designed it and where they got these items. This design scheme can easily be modified to an older child’s room or even a master bedroom concept for the fun at heart.
Ia€™ve tried to group the pictures by the type of doors involved so youa€™ll see hinges and pintles, hooks and hasps in many of the images a€“ barn doors had lots of hardware and it all worked together.A  Scroll down through the pictures, youa€™ll see some very nice examples of historic barn doors and hardware and hopefully come up with some ideas that may well help your barn or outbuilding along. Window shutters and doors all hung with typical strap hinges and pintles embedded in the masonry.A  Pennsylvania bank barn from mid-late 1700a€™s. A long row of stall doors, all double a€?dutch doorsa€?, on the south side of the barn to catch the winter sun.A  Springhouse in the background is fitted with strap hinges similar to the dutch doors a€“ probably from the same local smith. Another pair of barn doors at Lafayettea€™s headquarters.A  The long strap type hasp was based on an antique piece of hardware excavated from the site. An interesting barn door hardware set found at Landis Valley Farm Museum.A  Made in the mid-1800a€™s, some clever blacksmith extended a strap hinge on the bottom of a Dutch door to serve as a locking hasp. Detail of the gate hardware shown above.A  Cana€™t swear all the parts are 250 years old, but they look it a€“ the heavy straps still working just fine.
Exterior lift latch on a dutch door.A  Very nicely made example of 18th century blacksmith with a delicate rattail lift handle and a braced rattail catch.

This a different barn, some of the sweetest and tallest hay ladders Ia€™ve seen.A  This a privately owned late 18th century barn, all original with rare double bays a€“ that makes it a very big barn.
Receive a once-a-month email update with DIY projects and design ideas to make your home jell! This is a classic and easy-to-install barn door track system used for interior and exterior installation. The black finish on this hardware pops as a real architectural feature, almost upstaging the six window paned door.
The skillfully juxtaposed rust against stainless steel would impress any design professional. When you can pair nature with modern industrial design, you’re more than likely going to have a winner on your hands. As a fun installation option, this tubular hardware top mount showcases art as well as hides, what designers despise as a room’s focal point, the much desired television.
Have you seen how many stunning doors are out there are in salvage yards, garage sales, repurpose shops, AND your neighbours garage ?! Note:  I have also just recently created a new Ebook instruction manual for the door track hardware installation.
Lynne, hoping this finds you well, and able to give me a response post haste ( I have a PhD in life and weird nomenclature…lol). Here’s a really good idea that turns an Ikea bookshelf unit into a cushioned bench with storage! I have just left the baby phase and my boys are getting bigger now and no longer need a nursery but ya never know… accidents happen LOL. From cleaning up the poo to cleaning in general, lots of wipes are very handy to have a round. A Similar marks on exterior walls tells that hooks were used on the door or shutters a€“ the scribe mark records the hook location and length.A  A home-made wooden turn-buckle is used to keep the top and bottom together as a single door when open.
Still, I wanted to take a look-see at their inventory to make sure it was HomeJelly worthy. What I really love are the different types of finishes: standard black, clear coat (a more natural finish), machine polished and rust. This style of hardware has a modern sleekness to its design, so much so that the term “barn door” could be considered ludicrous! This bamboo material option of the Oden hardware is an altogether new take on the barn door feature, as it transports us from the country to the islands.

A clever solution indeed, cuz, let’s face it folks, many of us would be lost as to where to point our furniture! We are remodeling a little Charlestonian cottage and need to separate a long open room into two rooms.
I’m working on hanging 100+ year old doors in my living room (salvaged from an old library).
You can purchase the door track hardware kit which includes the wheels, or you may purchase the gorgy gorgeous wheels on their own. Being the wild and wacky Xmas season, what is the approximate time frame for orders placed today? Take a look at my favorite barn door hardware designs below along with some very creative installations. Styles range from straight, arrowhead, horseshoe, teardrop, spoke tee style, and one I’ve never seen before, swivel. Still, when you see how it showcases its sliding practicality, you’ll have to tip your imaginary hat at how it perfectly marries form and function. I have some stick on stars for my ceiling but these ones, featured over at Diply, are nothing like those. You can get your supplies at any craft store for just a few dollars and the end result looks like a million bucks. This looks so much better than the cheap plastic doors and probably a lot harder to try and climb over. The other reason may be because barn doors are awesome in so many ways-they’re attractive, practical, space-savers and the life of the party when it comes to adding architectural detail and uniqueness to your home. I discovered that barn doors are not just about reclaimed and salvaged materials, but about the possibilities this old world mechanism offers! I’m quite confident they will inspire you to consider these solutions for your spaces, large or small, indoor or outdoor, rural or urban. This little babe is going to be looking up at 596 fiber optic stars that glow bright and dim out when its bed time. Thanks again – looking forward to buying and using the kits if the clearance works for me.

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