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How Do I Build A Retaining Wall And How Many Bricks Do I Need?With so many different options in retaining wall blocks, it can be difficult to know what is the best option for your particular project.
Bricklaying is considered one of the more approachable construction skills, and many self builders are understandably keen to give it a go. If you do want to tackle an involved bricklaying project, it makes sense to practice first.
After any necessary foundations have been prepared, lay out the bricks at both ends of your wall where the pillars will start.
At the point where you want your pillars to start, place a brick side-on to the end of the wall.
Adding a ‘soldier course’ is an attractive option to top the main part of a garden wall.  Turn your bricks vertically lengthways and lay along the full length. To finish the beds, use the rounded edge of a brick jointer to scrape mortar into the joints.
Give the finished wall a gentle brush over and clean up any mortar that has fallen onto the floor before it dries.
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From time to time Castle Media will keep you up to date on relevant news, special offers and discount tickets for Build It Live exhibitions by email. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. I am going to try to clear up any confusion out there to help you pick the best product for your project.The 12 inch retaining wall blocks from Pavestone are 12 inches wide and 4 inches tall, therefore you would need 3 blocks per square foot of wall. But this isn’t a tasked to be taken on lightly, especially if you’re building structural walls. To make a cut, place the brick on its side, locate the bolster at the split point and strike the head firmly with a club hammer.
You can use water to wash cement away from the floor, but be sure to keep it away from your newly-built wall! To get an accurate picture of the number required for the task in hand, however, you need to account for a 10mm mortar bed.
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If you need a wall taller than that, we have another block for that.20 ft wall X 3 foot tall = 60 square foot X 3 blocks per sq ft =180 blocksPavestonea€™s 12 in.

Using an experienced tradesman may be cost-effective, too, as it’s likely to speed up the build and minimise mistakes.
You’ll learn everything from setting out the footprint and maintaining level and square to mixing the mortar, bedding the bricks and finishing joints neatly.
So to come up with the correct calculations, input your brick size as 225mm x 102.5mm x 75mm for standard products.
The self-aligning rear lip and automatic setback help provide a stable, hassle-free installation. Environmentally friendly, easy to install, and attractive, its angular units accommodate both curved and straight walls to naturally flow with landscape contours.
The patented rear lip facilitates construction, ensures proper alignment and a precise setback.

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