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One of the first projects that I took on for the second episode of Saving Alaska was Aaron's room. Up here in Alaska, where heating bills are high, homes tend to be smaller - especially in the cold interior of Alaska.
I'm sharing the plans for the CPU base below - will follow up with the rest of the plans in this room soon! For the top, we used an 1" thick pine panel piece that spanned the entire length of the room, screwed through the 1x2s in the base.
It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion. Please remember to place your computer case so that the side with the air vents (if any) is *not* against an interior wall of this enclosure. Do you remember a bit back when our friend Whitney from Shanty2Chic built this amazing Fancy X Table? I was in need of a new 'blogging' desk for my bedroom, but couldn't find exactly what I wanted. But please, stop over and check out the details on Whitney's Fancy X Desk build and tons more photos here!

At a glance, I think you could adjust the height of the center straight 2x4 on the end, then cut your angled 2x4's accordingly, without widening your base.
Great plan Ana, i plan to make this one as a stand for an old Lathe i was recently been given, if i thicken everything up it should be stable i think.
I don't understand the measurement for this cut either and am unable to see the previous response. I'm not sure if it's because I am not advanced enough in my cut planning but I ran short of 2x4. Also, for the Canadians reading this, as always make sure you adjust the plans for your local dimensions. I finished a dry-fitting assembly of mine (minus the back cross supports whose dimensions I haven't yet worked out) and it built very well. We have a six month old baby, so we build during naps and when we can convince grandma to watch her. If you are finishing soft woods, especially pine, it is woth the few dollars it costs to but some pre-finish wood conditioner. I love how she added magnetic tin to the back to create a attractive and functional back to the hutch.

And don't forget, you could win a $100 Home Depot Gift Card from PureBond to make this desk yourself! I have a pocket hole kit - I would obviously use that to attach the table top pieces together, so would I add pocket holes to the inside of the top piece attached in step 4? If I wanted to increase the height to make it more appropriate for crafting use would I increase the height of the cross bars and legs by the same measurement?
After all, learning of your child depends on how comfortable and interesting the look of your desk is.
It doesn't really cost too much and it really does help eliminate blotches, streaking and helps get a more consistent color. And the desk created by daddy’s hands¬† will make it even more attractive for the child.
Below you see the easiest desk you could ever make!¬† It’s just two little bookshelves with a panel on the top!

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