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I can’t also tell you that you should get this or that, because we have our own preferences. There you go, if I have Php 20,000 or around $500, the above list is the PC components that I am going to buy and assemble. For 15K or $375, you might be able to build a gaming computer but it’s a very tight budget.
It’s not impossible, if you can find some second hand parts that are still in good condition then you are in luck.
Another thing is that, there are some entry level or mainstream graphics card that has a 1GB version and a 2GB version.
A common mistake is that people tend to invest more on their graphics card, motherboard and processor. I would suggest you get a GTX 660 Ti instead since it’s a better performer than the GTX 660.
If you are running a Windows 32bit, a 4GB memory is enough, but if you are using a 64bit memory, it would be good to get 8GB of memory. For GTX 660Ti and i5 3570K i will ask my freind in Taiwan maybe they can find me cheap price for this item. My suggestion is use it as is, don’t overclock unless you really need to or you are doing some benchmarks. I see, overclocking is when you tweak or increase the speeds of your CPU or GPU to a higher clock thus achieving a faster performance. I would suggest you get a GTX 660 Ti instead since it’s a better performer than the GTX 660.
I would also suggest you get a quad core Core i5 or i7 with the “K”, and a good Z77 motherboard. I’ll try to check out things and see what specs can I come up with, with their respective prices. Despite PC gaming’s superior hardware advantage, many gamers have not made the switch to PC gaming due to the fact that most believe that getting a good gaming computer is far too expensive and is something that is ultimately out of the question. In fact, for $400-$500 you can play games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Diablo III, StarCraft II, etc. You have to build the computer yourself, rather than buying it pre-built from the manufacturer.
A $500 self-built computer will not only give you a better gaming experience than the next generation consoles, but it will cost about the same (the PS4 is rumored to start at $400). Nowadays, everyone needs a computer… your self-built gaming computer can double as your PC and your gaming machine, giving it even more value. Games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and StarCraft II offer up a totally different and much richer gaming experience than consoles do. A self-built computer can be upgraded when necessary so that it lasts longer… a console can’t. When you build your own gaming computer, you get to choose your own components, giving you full control over the quality of your system.
Pre-built manufacturers like to cut costs and choose cheap, stripped-down components for their systems.
Building your own computer gives you an experience you won’t get if you buy your computer pre-built from the manufacturer. Now that you can see all of the benefits that come with building your own computer, I’m going to show you what $500 worth of components can get you and what it will give you performance-wise.
Of course, the above build does not come with a monitor, keyboard, or mouse, but it’s likely that you already have those. Can run popular games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Starcraft II on max settings with no problems. Can easily be upgraded in the future to accommodate higher-end parts and to play the top games on the highest settings.
Will easily handle basic computer tasks like word processing, video streaming, web browsing, etc. So, as you can see, for just $500 you can get a system that will blow any console out of the water, and will play any PC game you throw at it for a fraction of the cost of a pre-built “gaming” computer. It’s pretty obvious why building your own gaming computer is the best option for serious gamers… It will allow you to enter into the more advanced world of PC gaming and it will give you the opportunity to get a system that is capable of playing any game on the highest settings all for an affordable price.
So, if you’ve always wanted to see what PC gaming had to offer, or if you just want to build your own gaming computer, now is the best time to do so!
Brent Hale runs Elite Gaming Computers, a blog dedicated to helping new system-builders build their very own gaming computer. Would you say this PC that is suggested would be good enough to run on TwitchTV and stream with it at fairly high FPS?
I think many people have the idea the in order to enjoy computer games they must spend $2,000 on a computer. With the next generation of consoles about to hit store shelves, I believe they will push computer games to go beyond where they are now – especially since many are still 32-bit.
People cannot really be blamed if they want to have the most unique and creative desk for gaming computer. Most of these are in sleek metallic designs that suit well with the concept of various online games. In cafes and dormitories, the desk for gaming computer has just limited working station per player. So, it’s a natural thing for the average gamer to be intimidated by the whole building process. When you do overcome the intimidating prospect of building a fully-functional computer, you are highly rewarded with a strong feeling of accomplishment. Unfortunately, for some gamers who build their own computer, that introductory into awesomenesshood goes straight to their head. In order to help you avoid this bad advice, we have compiled a list of the three worst bits of advice you can receive from someone who has built their own gaming computer.
However, you can tell the good advice from the bad advice by the nature of the advice-giver. If you consider how much it costs to build a gaming computer, and if you take into account the demographics of the average gamer, you can safely assume that most people who are giving computer-building advice are people who have probably not built more than one gaming system in their lives.
Well, because building a gaming computer is a big purchase and the average gamer does not have cash flowing out of their pockets. Information asymmetry is the advantage one party has over another because of their higher level of knowledge on a particular subject.
So, how can you avoid falling victim to the selfish advice-givers who are looking to boost their own egos?
We recommend a three-part evaluation system for determining whether or not a computer component is of a high quality nature, or not. Essentially, our method involves reading reviews from consumers and experts, and by buying from a reputable manufacturer. And, if you’re working with a tight budget, then become the Andrew Carnegie of computer-building and get every ounce of productivity out of the money you spend.

Now, if this person has a budget of $500-$600, they could easily build something that is substantially better than what they are playing on.
In the end, discerning between good advice on your build and bad advice can be easily accomplished by using some common sense.
If you are in the market for a good gaming computer and you have some questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Sign up for our newsletter and get our free 30-page guide that teaches you how to build your own gaming computer step-by-step.
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In fact there are many ways on how you can build a budget gaming computer, given the fact that there are lots of hardware options for you to choose from. So if I were in your position, I’ll show you how I will build my budget gaming computer. Now this budget is allotted for the CPU alone – processor, motherboard, memory, video card, hard drive, PSU, and the casing.
You might be asking how about if you are on a really tight budget, around 15k, can you still build a gaming rig? You might not be able build a decent gaming computer that produces decent FPS for you to enjoy your game. Or you can build a brand new one but just invest more on the processor and graphics card, plus a 2GB and less on the other parts.
There is no one answer to this question either, whether an Intel system is best for gaming or an AMD setup. Asus or MSI have a better looking card since they have a custom cooler, but are more expensive.
It’s based on 3rd generation Inter Ivy Bridge processor and you just need to add a graphics card that fits your need. There are graphics card that can’t run crysis 3 at max settings even if the resolution is 720p only.
Most modern games have access to all the CPU performance they generally need, but rarely have access to all the gaming performance they need.
You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in order to get a gaming computer that will allow you to play today’s top games on the highest settings. That means you’ll get a low quality power supply, motherboard, and hard drive… and those are three components that can have a very negative effect on your computer if they die. Plus, it makes you much more inclined to maintain your own system, which will allow you to get more out of it before you buy a new one. If you need help choosing components for your build, or if you want some advice on assembling your computer, check out Elite Gaming Computers today! Computer hardware has advanced so quickly over the past several years, that the game actually lag behind the hardware. With the overflowing enthusiasm on computer games, people now want to have the best desk for gaming computer in the market. Also, there are oval shape desk for gaming computer which has a design that of a spaceship concept. Along this line, however, what is important is the player is comfortable with the desk for gaming computer.
Also, the computer gaming desk should be sturdy enough to be able to stand the demands of its usage. In fact, from a personal standpoint, I’m not sure if there are a handful of things that I could think of that present a better experience than does building your own computer.
And, they hold information asymmetry over you because they have actually been through the process of building their own computer. They, of course, don’t see the reason to spend so much on a gaming computer when they, themselves, did not. For instance, consider the gamer who is trying to run some modern games on their sub-standard laptop. Rather than be frustrated with their experience, a low-budget self-built gaming computer will greatly enhance their game-play. And by no means does this article attempt to suggest that all computer-builders are bad at giving advice. We just want to help you target and eliminate those who aren’t offering anything constructive to your build. If we’re lucky, they’ll slowly crawl back into their holes and never expose us to their terrible advice again! But if you are in a budget, you have to choose which PC components you have to buy carefully so that you can get most out of the budget that you have. Having an additional 1GB of memory does not always increase the performance of the graphics card. This is because the GPU itself or the graphics processor is fast enough to max out the 1GB memory buffer.
The drive’s capacity is not the priority here, the speed of the drive is what that matters when it comes to gaming. Unless your not the type of gamer that do not want to experience a bit of lag-ness and frames per second matters to you. But if you have access to US based online shops like Amazon or Newegg, or better yet you can go there, I could suggest some.
Gamers with fairly old PCs–for example, one based on a quad-core Sandy Bridge CPU or even an older Core 2 Quad–complain to me that games don’t perform well.In the old days, I’d suggest they simply build or buy a new system. It’s not that consoles aren’t good, it’s just that, unfortunately, there is no way that they can keep up due to the fact that they are based off of PC hardware. For more graphics-intensive games, a ~$600 system will give you enough power to max out games like Battlefield 3 (or 4), Assassin’s Creed III, Guild Wars 2, Far Cry 3, etc. All you have to do is take the time to watch some YouTube tutorials and read some how-to articles (of which there are a shortage of neither) and you will be all set! He’s also interested in photography, music, video games, martial arts and enjoys keeping himself up to date with current world events, in technology and everything else.
There are also spaces intended for the keyboard, joysticks and other computer gaming accessories. There are people who have little experience with computers who have built their own computer. In this article, I’ll show you how to build a cheap gaming PC that would fit your budget. I will not include the monitor, keyboard and mouse because there are just tons of them and it really doesn’t affect or contribute to the performance of your computer.
But if you are planning to play Warcraft III or DOTA, the above list is capable of playing the game. It is also responsible, and will be your first defense against power surges, under volts and power fluctuations and other power interruptions.
Don’t pair a mainstream or high end graphics card with some entry level processor or dual core, and vice versa.

Now I just tell them to get a new graphics card and SSD.So when I set out to build a new gaming PC, I decided to build one that was “unbalanced”–a modest (by today’s standards) CPU with a high-powered graphics card and a capacious and speedy SSD.
That means that consoles will always be behind PC gaming, except for when the next generation systems are released. And, while Amazon typically has some of the best prices for computer components, other sites like Newegg, or TigerDirect often have promotional deals, which makes it easy to find certain components at even lower prices.
The LCD monitors are arranged on the desk in such a way that the player can see all of it in one angle. Below I’ll show you two setup, an Intel Budget gaming setup and an AMD budget gaming setup.
However, mainstream and higher-end Intel processor, although more expensive than an AMD processor, can offer you better performance.
I would suggest getting the mainstream WD Blue or Black (or equivalent 7200 RPM drives), or better yet get a Solid State Drive or a Velociraptor if you have a bigger budget. If you get a generic power supply and blows up, there is also a big possibility that it will also damage your other PC components as well.
So bear in mind that this gaming PC is something of an experiment, but I learned some lessons from building it, and are happy to pass them on to you.Unbalance as a GoalThe goal of any new gaming PC is to run current generation games at fluid frame rates with maximum eye candy. And, even when the next generation of consoles arrive, they will only maintain a comparable level to PC hardware for a short while. You can have all the eye candy you want in a triple graphics card behemoth, but that requires a massive power supply and might cost you as much as a small car.My goal with this system was to hit an average 45 frames per second in current generation games at extremely high detail levels. I managed that very nicely, but did have to change the resolution in one of four games I benchmarked. A lot of other sites have dedicated a lot of time and benchmarking effort to test issues like micro-stuttering, minimum versus maximum frame rates and other factors that can affect your gaming experience. But Intel conducted some studies a few years back and discovered that most gamers report good gaming experiences as long as the average frame rate hit 45fps consistently, without massive variations. The boost clock is higher, too, at 1020MHz (versus 900MHz for the reference card.) That’s a solid 12% higher than Nvidia’s reference card, which suggests a pretty substantial performance advantage. Memory clocks are only slightly higher, though at 6008MHz (effective) versus Nvidia’s 6000MHz reference clock.The GTX 780 GPU consists of 2304 graphics cores, and uses a cut down version of Nvidia’s GTX Titan GPU. To put it in perspective, it’s about $250 more than a GTX 770, but $350 less than a GTX Titan. The conventional wisdom is to get an SSD of modest capacity for the OS and office apps, and put your games on a larger hard drive.
Samsung builds a bigger EVO, a 1TB version, I found the 750GB version for under $500 (less than a dollar per GB!), so went with that. Now let’s move onto other key components.CPU, Motherboard and RAMThe CPU isn’t rendered irrelevant in modern games, but you also don’t need high-end CPUs for most modern games.
The final system idle power, running Windows 8.1 RTM, was just 47W with memory, graphics card, CPU and SSD.
The rich feature set and the possibility of running SLI or CrosseFire X make it an intriguing board.
The placement of the outboard PCIe X16 slot makes SLI a little more interesting, as the graphics card would hang off the end of the board, rather than consuming active slot space.Since this was built to be purely a gaming rig, I stuck with 8GB of DDR3. Part of this is that memory prices have been creeping up lately, so I’m loathe to spend more than I needed. Another reason was that $70 can buy you 8GB of Corsair low profile DDR3-1866.8GB is enough. Really.If I were building a rig for Photoshop or other similar, memory consuming applications, I would have gone with 16GB. But 8GB will get the job done in a gaming rig.Case, Cooling and PSUA good PC deserves a good home.
This little rig is living inside a Corsair Obsidian 350D Window, a nifty little micro-ATX case that takes the best features from the Corsair case line and shrinks them down to micro-ATX size. The cage holds up to three SSDs, and you just slide in the 2.5-inch SSD and snap it into place. In other words, it’s relatively inexpensive for a relatively quiet, relatively efficient power supply and lights up. The downside of the GS700 is that it’s not modular, so you’ll need to bundle up the unused power cables. I could have shaved a few bucks by using the stock cooler, but opted for a Corsair H60 sealed liquid cooler. Almost all the PCs in the basement lab now use some variation of these sealed coolers, and I’m pretty bullish on them.
They’re quiet, facilitate airflow by not creating a giant impediment inside the system and have come down in price. All these coolers are built with a compact heat sink and pump assembly, with the coolant circulating through permanently attached, flexible tubes to the radiator. But I still have a lot of older games on disc, and run the occasional Blu-ray movie through my PCs. I’m using an LG UH12NS30, which has an attractive, yet unobtrusive bezel.I’m also planning on installing a sound card–specifically, a $130 Sound Blaster ZX. Working with the Creative drives (which are actually lean and robust now, unlike drivers for earlier Creative sound cards), you can narrow the beam so that it picks up just your voice.
People on the other end can hear me clearly, and there’s nary a bit of feedback.Finally, in a bit of silly vanity, I installed an NZXT sleeved (white) LED lighting kit to light up the interior a bit.
Note that all of these were at maximum detail levels with an AA setting of at least 4x multi-sampled.
EVGA’s overclocked GTX 780 generally gets the job done with those spiffy 27-inch, 2560 x 1440 displays.
I was able to hit comfortable frame rates while maxing out detail levels on the other games, all of which use different game engines.Price vs. Careful shopping will likely shave a few dollars off.More Affordable AlternativesTwo grand for a gaming system is pretty steep for some budgets.
What can we shave off to save some money, while still hitting the magical fluid frame rates we desire? First, let’s assume that most people will likely be gaming on 1080p displays, so you don’t necessarily need a GPU that can drive 2560 x 1440 monitors. Assuming you’re sticking with the lower cost GTX 770, your system price would be $1,520.If you want to seriously shave the cost down even more, drop the sound card and SSD, and drop in a Radeon HD 7970.
It’s almost as fast as a GTX 770, although it does use a little more power and is a little noisier. But if you get right down to it, a gaming rig costing a little over $2,000 and able to drive a 3.7 megapixel display at playable frame rates, may be priced just about right.Now watch us build this thing, and stay until the end for details on how to win some of these components!

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