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RV Wall Fasteners Guide: The Best Options for RV ApplicationsSpice Up Your RV With These 7 Unique Bumper StickersIs It Dangerous To Run An RV Propane Refrigerator While Driving Your RV? When an old Rockwood pop-up camper gets stripped down to the frame and custom DIY camper trailer is built upon it that rivals most RV manufacturers in quality, that is something worth sharing. The floor plan was modeled after a Sunline Ultra Lite floor plan and the DIY camper trailer can accommodate two sleepers.
When it was all said and done, the project took nearly 10 months working 1-2 days a week to complete.
Installing Smart Tiles Is Just This Easy – Because You Deserve A Better Looking BacksplashRolling Man Cave? DW was definitely in the Holiday Sprit for July 4 at Big Bear Campground, Pomona State Park, KS. Can you give some specs on your tire mount and how you determined if it would support your tire?
A talented craftsman by the name of Frank took on this project in the hopes of building a light weight and cost effective camper for his brother. With a all in cost of $4,500 that is easily just a fraction of the cost of a new ultra lite travel trailer.

Renovated 1967 Overlander Airstream Trailer Both Modern And MasculineWould You Camp Out In This Doughnut?5 Scary Motorhome Accidents You’ll Be Glad You AvoidedWhich Model Of RV Is The Walking Dead Winnebago? I was thinking about olive green, and figured I could mix up my own by adding some green and a little bit of red to the tan, just using the standard colors like John Deere green and IH red. I found cam latches for the storage areas on ebay and ordered some galley hinges from Lil Bear teardrop for the storage areas.I got all 4 walls constructed and in placeI rattle canned my Jerry can mounts and spare tire mounts.
If it were vertical, then you wouldn't be able to get the can out with the camper set up. I went over (almost) all of the exterior wood seams with marine 5200 adhesive - the same stuff I used on the fenders. The walls, insulation roof, floor plan, windows, cabinetry, woodwork, and furniture was all custom designed and installed by the owners. But when I was peeling off my blue painter's tape I thought how great that blue looked against the black ends and the new white roof with black trim (it reminded me of the Toyota FJ Cruiser). Here they are mocked up into placeNow I'm constructing the framework for the inside bench seats and cabinets.
I took some adhesive self-sealing window tape and put it over the top edge and corners of the walls.

He replaced them with longer bolts, and ran both thru a piece of 2x2 aluminum bar stock, and on top of that mounted a 6" diameter aluminum plate with five holes to match the new bolt pattern. They have committed to swapping out the axle as a result, given that the original Rockwood axle was no rated for that high of a load. He still thinks there should be another support coming up from the underside frame to support the mount from the bottom.
The lower portion will actually have a swing up portion that will make it twice as tall as it is currently.
I liked the first aid kit that somebody on ExPo had mounted (here's to you Mark Harley).
The front panel is actually a textured aluminum, because the guys who sold me the metal didn't have enough of the smooth in stock. My credit card bill is pretty painful, but I think I've got most of the major supplies.

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