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Get New Posts Right To Your Inbox!Get captivating new Tutorials, just like this one, delivered right to your inbox each day. Pete has been working with concrete for years, and Dianne is an interior designer who’s design skills really shine in the garden as well as in the home. Throughout the site you’ll find ideas for using concrete leaves in your garden decor. On your table, build a sand mound about the size and shape of the leaf you’ve chosen. We use the bagged concrete from Lowes and add about 5 or 6 pounds of Portland cement to add strength and workability.
I saw on another page where they had painted them this shiny glean…any idea what kind of paint to use on these? I noticed you posted that you used quickrete from lowes and add about 4 pounds of portland cement to an 80 pound bag, but and 80 pound bag of what type of quickrete? Also, any chance you can reply by tomorrow or tonight, as I am in a time crunch and just found your site. What is the liquid additive (it is yellow, about 1 ounce) you pour in the mixer after you have added water, and where can I get it?
I just Love your leaf project was very interesting, you remind me of my dad …you touch my heart. I have found that incorporating one inch glass fiber into my mix provides much more strength than chicken wire.
Building Green With Gray ConcreteThe buildings in which we live and work have a tremendous impact on our global environment. The two primary types of concrete radiant floors are slab-on-grade and thin slab on a subfloor. For a slab-on-grade installation, tubing or electric heating elements are tied to wire mesh or placed on fixtures that hold them in place before the concrete floor is placed. Space heating and cooling can also be provided by embedding tubing or heating elements into concrete walls.
Quiet: Radiant floors offer acoustical comfort due to the quiet (non-mechanical) delivery of heat. Thermal Comfort: Concrete radiant floors provide thermal comfort, by delivering even heating and cooling. Recycled content: The concrete can contain recycled content materials such as fly ash and slag cement as a partial replacement for portland cement . Energy Efficiency: Because concrete radiant floors enhance thermal comfort, energy requirements are reduced.
Temperature Control: The temperature is controlled by a room thermostat or a floor sensing thermostat. Radiant heating and cooling provides comfort even though the floor feels neutral and is not warmer or cooler than body temperature most of the time. This publication is designed to help homeowners and building designers understand their choices. Architects, engineers, and builders are becoming more proactive in assuring the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of the buildings for which they are responsible. To find this article: Follow the link provided, then click "catalog" and scroll half way down the page to find the article.
This bright blue recycled glass countertop was made as a shipping and packaging table in our Berkeley, CA warehouse. Four: CastingThe same vibrating methods are used to precast recycled glass countertops and traditional concrete countertops.
Five: GrindingUse a grinder to level any high spots or aggregate that protrude above the form walls. Seven: SealingTo achieve the boldest color possible, we sealed this recycled glass countertop section with a high-gloss color-enhancing sealer from Surecrete.

Photos of these unusual sculptural accents are showing up in all the gardening magazines. It was natural for us to go home and start making their own concrete leaves after we saw one on a friend’s deck. If you want to add more shape by turning up the ends of the leaves, do you do that by shaping the sand pile or at some point between pouring the cement onto the leaf shape and final covering with the cement? The weight of the concrete will push the leaf down to the sand so if you want the ends to turn up make the sand to fit. I’ve wanted to do these for some time now and with your easy instructions I can get it done. I figured this out by myself and also thought of the chicken wire which is truly essential for strength. Or you might even laminate the picture where you could cut it out and have the form of the cat rather than the square picture. Lately, I’ve been using plastic mesh, like the kind they sell to keep deer out of the garden. I think they sell it in 50 gallon containers, which would last you for many years – but you might be able to talk the guys at your local pre-mix company to sell you a small container.
It should make very little difference in the finished leaf provide it was at least 12-14 inches long and not a huge cat. The ones I have done are really quite small because the big ones would be to hard to handle. I had no idea how to find a Gunnera leaf, so this was the only large leaf that I could get my hands on!
They grow well in Bellingham, but they do take a lot of water, and they take up a very large amount of space. Concrete radiant floors use the thermal mass and conductance of concrete to spread heating and cooling throughout the floor and maintain a constant, even temperature. The tubing or heating elements are embedded beneath the slab or anywhere up to 2 inches beneath the floor surface, depending on the design and installation procedure selected. For more detail see associated sustainability solutions to the right as well as cast-in-place.
Energy savings of 10% to 30% in most residences and up to 60% or more in shops, hangars and warehouses are possible. Radiant floors when finished as concrete reduce the need for other flooring which can introduce VOCs or harbor dust and other particulates (carpet).
A room thermostat controls the room temperature using a wall-mounted device similar to that used in space heating.
In the heating mode, the floor feels warm to the touch only on very cold days when the maximum output is required. Alternatively, hot water systems can use almost any fuel source - natural gas, propane, oil, wood, solar, or electricity – and are quite versatile. So, the energy required to heat 10 square feet is equal to a single 100-watt light bulb (while incandescent bulbs are very inefficient for lighting, they are quite good at producing heat). The countertop contains 75lbs of recycled blue glass and 50lbs of  Surecrete’s Terrazzo Mix. The support must be flat, level, stable, securely anchored, and strong enough to support a heavy load.
Be sure to set it up in the shade, in order to prevent the concrete from drying out too much in the sun. If it is very hot outside, you can mist the concrete before covering it with plastic.
All sizes, shapes, and colors:) I have yet to make one with a tile insert inside of that has turned outnicely.
It’s already two days old and I would still like to add more cement to create features… would the cement still stick onto the already dry piece?? Please tell me the recipe )) on the concrete, which is placed in part with reinforcement rods and trimmed with a trowel for graphics imitating natural stone in the construction of curbs, as well as in the construction of the waterfalls and the other … .

Please tell me the recipe )) on the concrete, which is placed in part with reinforcement rods and trimmed with a trowel for graphics imitating natural stone in the construction of curbs, as well as in the construction of the waterfalls and the other … . There are lots of features that can be made of concrete and that will definitely ad charm to your home.
Rather than heating the air, which naturally rises in conditioned spaces during cold weather, radiant floors warm objects. Insulation should be installed beneath the energy source and slab to force the heating or cooling up into the slab and minimize energy losses to the ground.
They also eliminate forced air systems that require filters to be maintained and can themselves contribute to air quality concerns.
Because thermal mass changes temperature slowly, owners need to be educated to optimize their use. The choice between electric and hot water would be based on cost of fuel, project size, and client preference. We (Pete and Dianne Havekost) are now providing an illustrated tutorial to show you exactly how to make your own concrete leaves. We have also donated several concrete leaves to fundraising auctions presented by the Young Ambassadors gymnastic group in Tacoma, WA, where the leaves were a big hit. You can also make custom supports with concrete, but I don’t have any photos showing how to do that.
I have seen some that were blended colors, but I don’t blend, I use artist brushes or old brushes and just a few bristles and work in layers with color.
Although hot water and electricity are the most common heating source, systems can be designed for use with solar and other energy sources. For the installation on a wood subfloor, tubing or electric heating elements are attached to the wood subfloor with fasteners that hold them in place until the concrete is in installed as the final floor. They are quite expensive if you buy them at a garden store, but it isn’t difficult to make your own.
A floor sensing thermostat uses a wall-mounted thermostat to control the surface temperature of the floor. One that I found particularly helpful is to insert some metal wire bones into the fingers to make them stronger.
I use bronze, gold, silver, for highlight and patio acrylic paint and regular acrylic’s in all different colors. A rigid, non-flexing subfloor is required to prevent the concrete floor slab from cracking. I am wanting to make a special leaf now and put the cremated remains of our beloved pet cat in it with his name and picture. Do you know if the remains will weaken the cement and how much can I put in the entire leaf itself safely. You can spray the interior with a special solution so that the concrete would be easy to remove.
Press the candles into the concrete and rotate them as the concrete dries to make sure they don’t stick. If you also wish to add a monogram or something else, you should create them before you mix the concrete. Spray a special solution on the inside of the container to make the cement easier to remove.
Them mix the concrete and pour it about ? of the way full, remove the air bubbles and then insert the inner container into the soft cement. This will give them character and will allow them to better integrate in your garden or even in your home.{found on radmegan}.

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