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Microsoft has reversed course on another one of the differences between itself and Sony — and possibly laid the groundwork for a major policy shift in the future as well. Yes they have the right as developers to be noticed, but they are not the reason I’m investing $500 into the Xbox One. And Sony will introduce them as well, they are after all one of the fathers of DRM policies!!!
Am I the only person that feels like if Sony wasn’t there many people in the industry, including the consumer, would have lost with the Xbox One release? This image is a screenshot of a television programme, movie, video game, web broadcast or DVD feature over which the BBC have some level of ownership. The first step in choosing new outriggers is to determine if your T-top has mounting plates already welded in place; if it was built within the last few years, the answer is probably yes.
There are several good options when choosing outrigger bases and poles and there are a number of companies to choose from. Outrigger pole selection is by length, and the tips of fixed-length poles should not extend beyond the engines; any longer creates a problem for docking and high-and-dry forklifts. Telescoping poles are more desirable and can be longer than fixed length, if the extra spread is important to you. Light clips should be used, as T-top riggers are not designed to pull great big marlin lures (and certainly not dredge teasers—best keep these on a transom-mount downrigger, for instance). With a rigger-ready T-top, you can install state-of-the-art outriggers and rig them yourself in a few hours. Original Story: Hackers and trolls become really active when people go crazy on something big.
Recently, few gamers unlocked the Xbox One developers menu by pressing different controller buttons in a sequence.
Some people thought to make a prank out of it and have made a fake picture that resembles to Microsoft’s own marketing pictures. Please do not attempt to follow the instructions displayed in the picture or you would end up bricking your console.
At the end of the day what do any of the complaints or changes made have to do with the game experience. And, yes, consumer outrage can make a company change anything about their products if the company wants to sell their products, especially if the competition has what the consumer wants. Give them all stuff that they don’t want to begin with, and then make ourselves look like the good guys that listened and catered to the people.
It should therefore be considered the BBC's intellectual property, likely as administered by BBC Worldwide.

If not, mounting plates can easily be added and in most cases are stock items from fabricators or outrigger manufacturers.
The manufacturers I see regularly are Rupp Marine, Lee’s Tackle, Taco and Tigress but there are others, so take some time to research what product will suit your needs best.
The convenience of deploying and stowing riggers from the helm, without having reach up on top of the top, is huge.  Some models will require less effort to swing than others. You will need to plan ahead a little to be sure that when you turn the handle to deploy the rigger nothing is in the way.
Telescoping poles are also great for multipurpose family boats, as the riggers can be retracted without removing the poles and having to store them somewhere.
The line has no memory and is easy to deal with when the poles are retracted or removed from the bases.  Several companies offer prepackaged halyard kits that include all the materials needed. Blacks clips are common, as are Rupp’s Klickers which adjust easily, release well and can handle moderate loads. It’s an upgrade that will add value to your boat and make your days on the water more enjoyable. After the release of GTA V on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, PC players badly wanted the game to be on their platform too. In response, Microsoft strongly advised the console owners to avoid the process and messing with the developer’s menu as it is not ready for public yet.
The instructions that are described to enable Xbox One backwards compatibility are in fact those that unlock the developer’s menu.
Avoid any similar pictures and messages, as it is clear that the Xbox One is NOT backwards compatible. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. That’s in stark contrast to Sony, which has promised to support indie gaming and game developers. Microsoft had to cover their bases and make a good business move, just in case, but both companies were bound to sell a lot of consoles anyway. The modern outrigger bases are designed to fit standard 4- by 6-inch mounting plates with a 3- by 5-inch base and standard bolt pattern.  This allows for easy new installations or upgrading.
For example, the popular Taco bases require that the handle be pulled down to move the rigger which lifts the rigger up out of locked position, but the weight of the rigger then must also be moved.
They also add versatility; you could fly fish with the poles in, then later troll with the poles extended.
Monofilament halyard can be used, but generally it’s best with fixed-length poles that remain on the boat.

Single-halyard setups are most common on T-top riggers, as the spread is not really wide enough to accommodate multiple clips. The picture provides wrong and fake instructions about making your Xbox One backwards compatible with the Xbox 360, the process could brick your console. Tempering with the developers menu would put the Xbox One in an endless boot loop that would end up bricking the console.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page.
Kudos to Microsoft for making another difficult choice in the name of building a better end product.
If I know a company wants to screw me over any chance they get, then I will avoid as much as I can. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. The new Rupp Revolution does not require lifting of the rigger to unlock and is easier to deploy since the weight of the rigger stays on the mount.
Is swinging the riggers back 80 degrees to only one position okay, or do you want more options such as being able to swing them forward also for cleaning?  Another consideration is parts availability; you might have better luck a few years down the road locating parts for American-made outriggers. Speaking to Engadget today, Xbox Corporate VP Marc Whitten said “Our vision is that every person can be a creator. The difference is the average consumer normally understands that there is a trade-off with whatever product you buy and no product is 100% perfect or to your liking. Up until now, Sony and Microsoft have typically required the purchase of expensive dev kits if you wanted to debug content on the consoles. Whitten’s comment implies that Microsoft is doing away with at least part of that limitation.
Dev kits typically bundle additional hardware, debug ports, and software capabilities, so it’s possible that Microsoft will still sell a Developer version of the console with those functions baked in. Still, announcing that the basic $500 console will be capable of running game-in-progress code? The Xbox One, in contrast, contains all the elements of a modern PC and runs a variant of Windows 8 on top of that.

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