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March 19, 2013 by Hani Shabbir 15 Comments I am sharing 25 ways to make Easy decorative pillows {pillow tutorials} today. Claire is an aspiring nutritionist (and soon to be culinary student) with a serious addiction to bacon, wine, goat cheese and online shopping. Place the pillow in the middle of the fabric and make sure both sides around it are of equal length. Then, once both sides have been folded in, bring each side over the top of the pillow so it crosses over the center. Nursery Bedding For Girls : Charming Soft And Neutral Combination Colors Best Colors For Nursery.
Your next step is to look on the Internet for some ways to fix the sagging couch, but you find most require a lot more work than you’re willing to do. All you have to do is remove the cushions from the sofa, cut a piece of strong plywood to fit the area, then put your cushions back on the sofa.
Recommended ArticlesAll Things Nautical Adding nautical-inspired outdoor cushions, pillows and rugs as well as some natural elements in your outdoor decor will transform your boring backyard into a nautical paradise. She is recently married to a social media guru who loves *almost* everything she conjures up. You can create your own throw pillow cover using any color or pattern of fabric you'd like! Don't worry if the pillow looks really wrinkled and messy, you can fix that once the knot has been tied. That is where we come in with a solution that is easy and inexpensive-the best of both worlds! In less than 20 minutes, you can instantly update an old couch and create throw pillows that will make your friends jealous! Our short video will show you a few easy ways to…How to Choose the Right Mattress Topper & Pad Have you ever wondered how to go about choosing the right top layer for your mattress? Throw pillows are often the icing on the cake when it comes to decor, but finding the right pillows for your interior (or exterior) can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to keep costs down.
It is important to understand the difference between a mattress topper…Backyard Ideas – Creative Solutions for Small Spaces Do you have a small outdoor living space?
Not to mention, you may have a specific style in mind, but once you begin your search, it becomes impossible to find the design of your dreams. The sofa still looks pretty good, so you want to replace it – especially since new sofas cost a small fortune.
Check out these creative ideas on how to transform a small, unused outdoor space into a quaint eating area. Mix and match solid colors and coral print outdoor cushions and pillows…Backyard Ideas – Sail Away with All-Things Nautical Sail away with these nautical cushions and pillows to a relaxing state of mind.

But if you’re feeling adventurous, check out this Textured Leather Pillow DIY from A Beautiful Mess. The end result is gorgeous, and nothing beats the pride of knowing that you created the rippled look with a sewing machine and cut leather strips!Textured leather pillow DIY projectWhile these DIY Flower Cushion Covers from Feminiya were stuffed with dried herbs, flowers and spices, you can easily make a larger version and fill it with a pillow form or other soft stuffing.
But we love the smaller version–and the way these cushions make amazing gifts for friends. Felt is the fabric of choice!DIY felt cushion coversThese DIY throw pillows feature an easy-to-remove cover, sewn envelope-style.
This DIY Geometric Pillow from Vanilla & Lace is crafted from white canvas fabric embellished with felt triangles.
The end result is geo-fabulous:DIY geometric pillow Stencils are another great option for bringing a striking design to your pillow of choice. This DIY Reversible Painted Throw Pillow was embellished with the help of black fabric paint.
Check out all the details at Honeybee Vintage.Reversible pillow projectThe crosses on the pillow above were free-handed with a foam brush. This DIY No Sew Pillow involves a Pottery Barn sham and Stitch Witchery tape–no needle and thread involved, folks! A full tutorial can be found at 346 Living.Easy no-sew pillowThis next idea is super clever. Take a double thickness placement, remove a small section of the seam, stuff with polyfill and sew the section back up. Sure, a tiny bit of sewing is involved, but since you don’t have to buy and cut fabric, it all evens out, right? In the next room, a rosy space designed by Eric Guenther, shades of pink and salmon overlap to create a coral effect, as mirrored in the drapes at the far left.
The hues combine to intensify the color of the walls. [from Spark Stack]Sometimes neutral walls are the way to go! When it comes to the next space, would the pink and coral tones stand out as much in a room painted a darker color? For design enthusiasts not wanting to commit to painting the entire room (such as renters unable to change the color of the walls), coral accents are effectively powerful.
In the space below, the living room of Tory Burch’s Southhampton retreat, coral draperies are the perfect dose of color.
Lattice-print wallpaper gives this next space a light and airy feel, as does crisp white bedding. To those fluffy coral pillows! [from Massucco Warner Miller via Love of Family and Home]Va-va-voom! For more details, including the custom mix of paint used in this DIY paint job, check out Sarah M.

The chandelier below gets noticed precisely because it’s the only coral item in the room! We would expect no less of a setup for a showpiece like this… [from Stiles Fischer Interior Design]Remember that coral isn’t just for summer!
This hue transitions well into the fall, as it nicely combines with autumnal shades like gold and olive green for a warm effect. Even cooler shades of coral are pleasantly powerful, offering vivid color every season of the year.
But for now…since it IS still summer, have fun accenting coral spaces with beachy accessories, like sea life botanical prints and white ceramic sea urchin vases!
Of course, you can even take the opposite approach and opt for a dazzling living space only in black and red as white takes a backseat.
While this makes for a super-glam home, make sure that it is perfectly organized and the geometric symmetry of the room is spot on at all times. Combine this color palette with plush textiles and maybe a bit of fur, and you have a bedroom that is inspired by the golden era of Hollywood.
Yet other contemporary themes also seem to do well with a dash of red and black, and this is especially true in case of kids’ bedrooms.
Since red is such an exciting and passionate shade, it is best not to use it in an extensive fashion even in the bedroom.
A few red throw pillows, maybe a red accent wall and some lampshades in black are an ideal way to enliven your bedroom without opting for major Arthouse Baku by Florense USAby Eclipse Homesby Rinaldi Interior Designby McCroskey Interiors Sizzling Hot KitchensWhen using black and red in the kitchen, proper lighting becomes twice as important, and one needs the right balance between accent, ambient and focused illumination. Since dark red and black already seem ‘deep and heavy’ from a visual perspective, poor lighting can turn your kitchen into a dingy and dull space. To avoid this, combine natural light with a flood of artificial illumination by employing several layers of lighting.
So make sure you do not ignore either of these aspects before embracing black, red and Rysso Petersby Lee HardcastleContemporary kitchens with glossy black countertops and glittering red cabinets are incredibly popular and seem to be the preferred choice in most urban homes. Red is also one of the most loved kitchen backsplash colors on the planet, and amazingly, both tof hese audacious shades seem to be right at home, even in small and narrow kitchens.
Combining with white in an effortless manner, red and black is a color duo that seems custom-made for the trendy modern kitchen!
If you love the result, then you can commit to more permanent changes and maybe even give your glass shower area a revamped new look in red.

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