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This is the first installment of our series on high-end details for the interior and exterior of homes. It might sound a little nit-picky, but one of my pet peeves is that the trim on doors and windows should line up. Wood Stair Parts, Wrought Iron Stair Parts and all of the accessories are in stock and readily available.
National Door and Trim not only has a website but you can find us on Facebook, flicker, and Houzz. We understand the process of buying and installing entry or patio doors can be somewhat daunting, so we are committed to making the process as easy as possible—for everybody involved.
We discovered that fiberglass combines the best characteristics of wood and steel without any of the drawbacks, resulting in products that provide beauty, safety and security, durability and energy efficiency. Building a new home, remodeling a room or simply replacing an old or damaged interior door?
Bifold doors are a set of interior doors hinged together that fold into each other and are mounted and hung from a track.
Sliding doors are a less commonly used door configured by hanging two or more interior doors mounted to a track. Solid-core doors are made from plywood or molded composite exterior, with a filled-wood-fiber interior. Generally the least expensive of the three materials, hollow-core doors are constructed from a wood frame, plywood or hardwood surface and filled with rigid cardboard to maintain their shape.
A simple paint finish is a great way to add color or charm to existing or new interior doors.
Subscribe via Email or Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or RSS to know when new posts are made. This living room and foyer have ten foot high ceilings, and we gave them a total molding makeover and a high-resolution paint job that helped show off that height. This is DOOR TRIM-114, and is made from simple moldings from my local lumber yard for about $60.00. Below  Note how I used the same entablature design as I did with DOOR TRIM-114, but simplified the pilasters by using flat-stock instead of recessed panels. I used a stock plinth block from my molding supplier rather than make one of my more elaborate custom plinths on the other door surrounds. You can make a door surround like this one for about $50.00 with simple materials from your local lumber yard.
Replace these pliNth blocks with simple square ones to shift this design more towards Craftsman style. If you want to make this door trim more Craftsman than Victorian style, then just substitute these plinth blocks for square ones, or, no plinth blocks at all. In both cases though, you absolutely must use a cove crown molding detail on the entablature, and not a classical oggee. The wall and trim paint is Benjamin Moore, Regal on the walls, and the molding paint is Satin Impervo, White Dove. Above  The cove crown molding is a common feature in Victorian homes.  This one I made from three simple pieces of MDF molding.
Decorative moldings are architectural details installed to trim floors, doors, windows, walls, and ceilings.
Known popularly as crown molding, cornice molding is one of the most sought-after architectural moldings used today. Casing to match the window casing is also installed around a door frame to complete the look in a room.
A plain, flat door can be dressed up easily with molding installed on the face to form panels. A chair rail is a strip of wood installed horizontally over the wall at a height to protect a wall from being damaged by a chair. Molding measuring from 1a€? to 3a€? diameter, are arranged to frame areas of a wall, forming the look of recessed panels. Simple wood molding can transform a basic, boring bookcase into a substantial piece of furniture with crown molding around the top, flat shaped strips on the sides and defining the shelves, and baseboards around the bottom. Wood Box beams with crown moulding create a cauffered ceiling or Box beams on a wood covered ceiling can really change a room. We can "Update" your home with a new interior door package and moldings and your home will look and feel years younger! This list has instructions for making a range of custom parts for dolls house including opening and fixed windows, various styles of doors for shops and houses, staircases, tiny hinges and more. A simple handmade dolls house hinge made with metal from a tin can, compared to a commercial brass hinge for scale and size possible with simple hand tools. Although you can now find a range of custom hinges for dolls houses online, it is sometimes easier to make miniature working hinges yourself from scrap metal or shim brass.
An opening casement window for a dolls house fitting with muntin strips, and using a simple dressmakers pin for a hinge. Use this tutorial to learn to make opening casement or awning windows, or fixed windows for a range of scale model buildings and dolls houses. The easiest windows to make for dollhouses and model buildings are windows which you fit directly into openings in the walls.

Full glass doors are easily made from stripwood and perspex or plexiglass (lexan) in most dollhouse scales.
Flat column finishes for shop fronts and traditional interiors are easily made from a range of scrapwood pieces and regular moldings. Bevelled panels are easy to make in miniature scales and they can be used on everything from dolls house doors and wainscoting , to tiny kitchen cabinets. Miniature Stone Staircase in 1:12 Scale Made From Layers of Foamcore board covered with air dry clay.
You can use layers of foamcore board covered with air dry clay to make faux stone stairs for model scenes, or a staircase for your fairy tale castle. A simple miniature building with a dome made from foam and paper mache is ready for its final touch ups before it becomes part of a Christmas village. I see this problem all the time in high-end homes, including at recent Vancouver, WA Parade of Homes, and there’s really no excuse for it. Well, it blends in because the design and installation of doors, stairways, trim and kitchens works perfectly with every unique home. Our new showroom is up and running and ready for you to come see what it has to offer your home.
Our Houzz profile has a great gallary and ideabooks put together by us for you to see what we have done and can do. Simply put, B&B Custom Trim wants to make it easy to make a great entrance, which is one of the reasons why we install Therma-Tru brand which is consistently ranked the most preferred brand of exterior doors by trade professionals.
You can trust that B&B Custom Trim is committed to providing you with a reliable product that is easy to buy, easy to install and will make a lasting impression for years to come. Your bedroom, closet, bathroom, hallway, living room and office doors make a huge statement in your home.
We’ll help you choose the door style, material and finish that match your personality and add to the existing charm of your home. Interior doors come in hinged panel, flush, bi-fold, French, sliding, pocket, and other styles. They have square or rectangular patterns that can range from a single large panel, to eight or more small panels.
Bifold interior doors are most commonly found in areas like bedroom closets, laundry rooms and the kitchen pantry.
This door configuration contains two hinge-hung doors mounted on either side of the opening that swing towards one another. They do not swing, so are useful in areas without available floor space, but, do require space to either the right or left of each door to ensure the doors can slide freely back and forth to provide a wide enough entry into the door’s room. These interior doors slide similarly to a sliding door, but generally are just a single door mounted to a rolling overhead track that slides into a prepared space within the wall.
We suggest going in to a local door shop to feel the difference between opening solid wood, solid core and hollow core interior doors, before you submit your order. They are extremely sturdy, offering resistance to cracking or chipping, and have a pleasing aesthetic appeal. Solid-core doors generally look and feel similar to that of a solid wood door, maintaining the same quality or ‘expensive’ feel. While lighter and less expensive than solid wood or solid-core doors, hollow-core are not as durable or fire-resistant.
The stain gives the doors a warm, classic look that adds to a traditional or bungalow atmosphere. Homeowners most often paint their interior doors when hoping for a contemporary feel or to better match existing trim or wall colors. If you would like more details or advice on any door styles, materials or finishing options, our Sunroc Door Division would be happy to assist with any project. This decorative molding is called casing, and is used to hide the gap between the window frame and wall. While especially decorative and grounding, this molding is used to conceal the gap between the two surfaces, and also helps to protect the wall from scuffs caused by shoes, furniture, or a vacuum. It divides the top of the wall from the lower, and is often used to cover the edge of wainscoting panels or wallpaper. The molding and inner section can be painted one color and the outer area another for a dramatic look, or the whole area can be one color to achieve a subtle architectural transformation. Molding pieces combine on the vertical to frame the sides while a simple or dramatic horizontal mantel provides an area to display decorative items or heirlooms.
You can use the parts to complete a dollhouse or roombox, add them to a backdrop or set for your fashion or play scale dolls, or use them for model buildings. These instructions show you how to make a simple hinge, which is smaller than most of the commercial dollhouse hinges you can buy, despite the easy method used to make it. This method uses stripwood and plexiglass, or acrylic, to make cusom flat windows with a range of designs. The instructions for this door also show the steps to hinge the door with pins and place it in a door frame with a transom window above. The half window style lends itself to a divided panel base which is how this door is constructed.This system for making doors, like the windows, can use craft stripwood, or card depending on the scale of the doors you are making.
This method shows how to make them from stripwood using a sanding block.This is a technique that can give you a range of ways to customize doors and walls for various period styles.

As they are made from foam core board in the correct thickness for scale stairs, little measuring is required, and you can set up half circular stairs or a spiral set of stairs just by stacking the layers of foam, making each step an equal distance back from the step below it. When a builder is working on your home they should know that the rough-in heights (when the door or window frame is installed) are different than the finished heights (when the trim is installed). Make sure they make the right impression by picking the interior doors that match your vision. Here’s a description of the most popular door styles, so you can be familiar with your options.
The patterns can also include rounded tops and decorative finishes, as well as glass inserts to add extra glamour. Consider using this type of door in small spaces, or in areas where you’re hesitant to dedicate a full swinging door footprint. While not extremely common, these interior doors can be used to provide a unique option for rooms that may originally have been constructed for a French door opening. New versions of the pocket door allow double doors to be stored in spaces on either side of the doorway. While generally the most expensive option, many buyers consider solid wood to be a good value due to their long lasting composition.
If you’d like to start a door order, Sunroc Building Materials can supply you with any Sunroc or Jeld-Wen door.
This simple transformation is very inexpensive and the molding can be nailed or glued on and then painted to match the door or in contrast. These instructions will also help you copy existing windows to replace broken building elements of existing model buildings and dollhouses.
You can combine the hinges with other metal parts to make hinged hasps or other parts which are hard (or impossible) to find. Special mouldings or a router are not required.The windows can be used for miniature furniture as well as buildings. This method of making a glass door uses regular stripwood and does not require the use of special mouldings or routered edges.
Lightweight stairs like this are easily moved, making them ideal for front opening dolls houses, where they can be set in front of the house and moved when you want to open the doors.
Bases can be bowls, balloons or other easy to find rounded shapes, allowing you to make custom domes for almost every size of model building or dolls house. You need to be careful here because a quarter-inch difference in trim height can really make this finish look sub-par. These interior doors are commonly used in areas meant to put a room of your home on display, like music rooms, home offices, living rooms, master bedrooms, etc. An added benefit to the pocket door is that the wall basically hides any door part, making it a great option for rooms where the door rarely needs to be closed. These doors, like solid wood are heavy and may contract with heat and moisture levels, which may cause issues if extreme weather conditions are a factor in your home. If heat and humidity changes in your home are of concern, hollow-core doors provide a great option, as they do not warp from these conditions.
Check with your door manufacturer to see what finishing options they suggest for the specific door you have selected. Made of hardwood, soft wood, molded wood product or of resin materials, moldings are used to hide shoddy construction, give visual enhancement, or add a period look. You can set the domes on top of flat roof buildings, or use them on pillars to make garden pergolas.
Interior doors styles that are currently trending in new homes include: the three panel mission, five panel equal and standard whole panel door.
Pocket doors are great to use in small spaces like toilet rooms, passages where it would make sense to end a room, closets, music rooms, etc. Details, details, details…  You need to watch and question your installers carefully. Sunroc builds custom exterior and interior doors, so feel free to call in a special request. So check it out guys.Ripple effect, it is has a multipurpose style that would work in 1880s or in a new Colonial revival.
You also can create a lattice and smooth 1x2 boards are used to form the steps to make door moulding, while curved end-bead with panel moldings soften the edges. For more smooth looks, you can starting to make up the wall by gives it a lighter guys.House builders are who bring the American ceilings such a Great Heights moulding style back to their glorious 19th-century heights.
There is a interest on it, a sense of eternity and richness of detail from this traditional building styles. You also can use an classical arched casings decorate the Georgian style house in the late 1700s.

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