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Well thanks but I don't think anyone would like an overcomplicated doorbell, especially n00bs.
Well if your not a n00b and you are making a mansion that's the best door bell you can get.
Photo: A simple "push-to-make" switch activates the doorbell's electric circuit when you push it in. If you live on one of the upper floors of a modern apartment block, you probably have an electric door entry intercom or videophone, allowing you to let people into your building without having to trudge all the way down the stairs and back again. A doorbell for the deaf: How to build a giant illuminated doorbell, with help from Instructables. How to make a doorbell for your room: A very simple electrical project (suitable for young people) in which you convert a battery-powered closet light into a buzzer (~4 minute video guide). How to replace a doorbell button: Here's an extremely simple guide to repairing a broken doorbell button.
You might like my new book, Atoms Under the Floorboards: The Surprising Science Hidden in Your Home, published worldwide by Bloomsbury. Whenever anyone comes to our house, they have to knock (and knock hard) on our heavy wooden door. When kids come over to play with my son, they usually just pound on the door since they can’t reach the windows at the top.

Because when we moved into our house the doorbell was no longer working so we removed it and then we never got around to choosing (or shall I say agreeing upon) a door knocker.
Any way, it’s very clear our lack of either device stymies and perplexes our arriving guests.
It also makes our home entryway seem somehow incomplete so I am now on the quest for the perfect knocker. Your doorbell or door knocker represent the very first greeting potential buyers will have at your home so make it a warm, welcoming and perfect greeting.
The sensor stays asleep until the pin is pulled, then it wakes up and sends an alert to OpenEnergyMonitor.
When it turns to one of the apartment numbers, it completes the circuit for that apartment only. Although many people won't need a video for this, if you're not electrically minded, this short guide should help give you the confidence to make the simple repair all by yourself.
A lot of folks tap energetically on the small glass windows at the top of our door because that makes more noise.
Even people who’ve been to our house several times seem to have a moment of nervous hesitation at the front door. But if you don't have a spare iPhone, or just don't want to go to the trouble, this simple hack will add text message alerts to your doorbell so that it lets you know when someone's there.With just a regular, cheap doorbell, his 'Funky' sensor, and a few lines of code, Martin was able to make his doorbell send an SMS message and email whenever someone rings it.

All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. In the lower figure, I've colored (in red) the circuit for apartment 12, showing how the doorbell pointer completes the circuit for that apartment when it points straight upward.
Typically, they use an intercom that links a combined microphone and loudspeaker grille on the front door of the building to a separate telephone-style handset in each apartment.
Try out a doorbell that calls your cell and lets you talk to them on the intercom—from anywhere.
When you press the button, it triggers a relay, which energizes a solenoid (a type of electromagnet) that pulls back the latch on the door, letting people in. Of course, people still had doorbells before electric power became commonplace in our homes.
If it's guests you're expecting, maybe you'd rather just give them access with a programmable RFID lock.
For those who like retro technology, here's a fascinating article about crank, twist, and T-lever mechanical doorbells.

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