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A temporary screen door can definitely be a very practical addition at times, particularly if you don't want to install a permanent door, but you occasionally would like to enjoy the benefits of one. DABSCO’s Semi-Frameless Shower Screens feature a frameless pivot door with framed support panels. Beyond being a design solution, expertly installed shower doors provide water-tight seals, privacy and easy access to your shower.
We recommend talking to a Pivotech installer for advice and support in your selection process, but you can get the ball rolling with these tips. When thinking about a new shower door, the amount of space allocated to the shower enclosure within the bathroom is generally the best place to start. By planning ahead, you can fit a shower into a tight space and keep it functional without making the bathroom feel cramped and awkward. Give attention to where the shower enclosure sits in reference to the rest of the bathroom and bathroom features, like the basin or toilet.
Sketch the layout of your space and mark where all windows, doors and other obstructions are. Once you’ve narrowed the range of options by the size and location needs of your space, the fun begins – design and style. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the designs and options of Pivotech shower screens, my advice? Shower enclosures come in three frame styles – fully framed, semi-frameless and fully frameless. Fully framed shower enclosures offer excellent strength and proven performance, as well as expansive design options.
Dimension, one of Pivotech’s most popular fully framed designs, is an ideal choice for the value-conscious builder or renovator. In general, framed shower screens deliver an ideal solution for busy family bathrooms and budget conscious buyers.
Semi-frameless shower enclosures are usually a lower cost option than fully frameless shower screens, with a more contemporary look than a fully framed shower screen. Evolution, one of Pivotech’s semi-frameless shower screens, is designed to adapt and be flexible to work in bathrooms of varying sizes and layouts.
Easy to clean and strong, semi-frameless shower enclosures perform beautifully in stylish family bathrooms and en suites. Fully frameless shower screens and enclosures have no framing around any of the glass panels.
With no aluminium extrusions framing the glass panels, frameless shower screens are easier to clean and maintain than traditional framed or semi-frameless shower enclosures. A frameless shower screen usually requires a higher initial investment than other shower screen types, but the open, airy feel creates a timeless, sophisticated look.
Pivotech’s line of frameless glass hardware provides the perfect finish for these shower screens.
Shower enclosures can defy gravity with the strength and elegance of Pivotech’s Glass Hardware line. With the variety of options available, your Pivotech shower screen configurations get pretty close to limitless.
Here are three easy ways to improve the look of your bathroom in preparation for auction day. Tired shower curtains, missing silicon on dated shower screens or mould and mildew damaged glass, won’t deliver well on auction day. Visit Pivotech for an extensive range of framed, semi-frameless and frameless screen options. Mix a half cup baking soda with two tablespoons of washing soda and two tablespoons of borax. For mould on grout make a mixture of one part Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) and one part water in a spray bottle. For bathroom styling, something as simple as new fluffy bath sheets, fresh cakes of soap and flowers can make a dramatic difference to the way your interior is perceived. Creating larger bathroom space doesn’t have to incur the expense and stress associated with moving interior walls to alter floor plans. If your bathroom is rectangular, use floor to ceiling mirror on the furtherest narrow wall from the rooms entry point. Large vanity mirrors (ideally floor to ceiling or vanity to ceiling) will make your room feel taller. Wide mirrors on narrow walls assists in not only reflecting space, they also trick the eye into pushing adjacent walls outwards, in turn creating the feeling of a larger room. If you’re willing to invest in slight facade construction, installing highlight windows in your bathroom will saturate your room with multiple benefits. Much like small furniture for small spaces, using white to increase spatial perception is pure myth.
With new products, inspiration and ideas available, I thought it worthwhile to re-visit this chic trend and provide some new ideas of how you can work this look into your own bathroom space. Okay, so this one is moving a little more towards grey, but because nothing is more on trend than dark tonal concrete … I just have to include it. When working with concrete, take time, and allow budget funds to select and purchase complimentary lighting systems. Wallpaper in bathrooms and powder rooms is so on trend right now, and it’s easy to see why. Bathrooms are fantastic spaces for Hollywood Regency, glass, mirror, hard tile and porcelain or marble surfaces, lend themselves to luxe.
For lovers of Art Deco, California dreamers, or anyone who just loves a bit of glamour, here are some tips for creating Hollywood Regency style in the Bathroom. Selecting appropriately shaped fittings and fixtures is the difference between mastering and failing Hollywood Regency. With major cities stretched to capacity and house prices out of most ordinary Australian’s budgets, apartments provide an opportunity to live close to major city centres and not enter a lifetime of debt. If you currently live in an apartment, or are looking to buy a unit for living or investment, here are some fail safe apartment bathroom ideas. Maybe an oversize vanity prevents a door from closing properly, or perhaps the shower is prone to flooding due to inadequate drainage. Below are some classic bathroom shortcomings and advice on how to avoid them in your bathroom. In an ideal world we would all have bathrooms filed with stunning large stone bath tubs, sprawling his and her vanities and a large walk-in shower. If you have beautiful big windows, the next step is to make sure you also have suitable levels of privacy.
You might think shower curtains are cute and vintage, however in reality, curtains create impractical and annoying showers. Pivotech expanded our range of PVC seals and glass flaps to complement our popular ranges of semi-frameless and frameless shower screen systems and to meet our customers’ growing needs.
The co-extruded shower seals deflect and redirect water back into the shower tray, keeping the bathroom cleaner by discouraging drips. Pivotech’s commitment to independent research and development ensures the Pivotech shower system range continues to evolve and our customers always receive the best products.
The Pivotech semi-frameless and frameless suites of shower enclosures and shower systems incorporate the highest quality  materials with expert manufacturing and stylish design. The shower screen’s rubber seal prevents water from leaking onto the bathroom floor, but its seal can trap soap, detergents and bacteria. A Rapid Glass Shower Screen will offer a spacious and deluxe look to your bathroom or ensuite. We supply clear toughened glass or a variety of patterned toughened glass, with a frame colour to suit your style and requirements. A Frameless Shower Screen has no frame or rubber seals contained in the shower screen or door, which makes fewer places for dirt and grime to build up. Our popular glass range includes Clear, Spotswood, Cathedral, Satinlite, Acid Etch and Translucent. Glass may be an element of the home that typically goes unnoticed, but its unobtrusive presence makes a big impact in every room, allowing cramped spaces to appear larger, dim rooms to be flooded with light, and dated designs to appear updated and modern. A custom frameless shower screen enclosure can transform your bathroom into the ultra-contemporary look that you love.
Constructed from 10mm A-Grade toughened safety glass, Palmer’s customises every frameless shower screen to the exact specifications of your unique bathroom layout. With our state-of-the-art glass processing equipment we can even manufacture frameless curved screens for something a little different. A popular alternative to the “invisible” look of our frameless shower screens, Palmer’s Slimline shower screen offers an equally modern design. The Slimline shower door is left frameless, and appears to float on our discreet glass-to-glass chrome-plated micro hinges. Our Streamline Shower screen offers a slightly different look to the slimline, while maintaining all the style.
This style of door execution negates the higher price demanded by solid brass hinges offering homeowners luxury design at an affordable price.
If you’re considering frameless shower screen options, contact us today to learn about how our unique customization allows for more creativity in your design. An exciting new inclusion to the Palmer’s range is the 6mm Frameless Slider with mechanism concealing header bar.
Our Semi-Framed shower screen is constructed with 6mm, A-Grade toughened safety glass and sports a frameless glass door which opens on two discrete pivots, creating a spa-like feel. A budget-friendly alternative to the frameless and semi-framed options is to choose our framed shower screen which is available in virtually any configuration.
Typically your new shower screen will be installed within 10 to 12 working days after receiving the deposit.
Please ensure that the shower area is fully dry for the day of installation as this is imperative for the silicon to fully adhere to contact surfaces.
Please note that for safety reasons our installers cannot take off their shoes during the installation, however, upon request shoe covers can be worn to help protect your floors from any stray dirt.
At Palmers we have a range of clear glass and starphire glass shelves available for purchase.
Shelf Brackets: Shelf brackets are available in a straight line or curved configuration to fit in with your other bathroom accessories. Waterbar: Installing a frameless screen into an existing bathroom sees 70% of all installs with a waterbar gracing the floor beneath the door to help prevent spillage. Enduroshield is a one-time-application, permanent treatment that gives glass a non-stick, water repellent, impervious Teflon®-like coating that resists soiling and oil contamination, discolouration and general deterioration of the treated surfaces. Palmer’s Glass use only the highest quality fittings installed by industry leading trades people.

Please note that due to the intrinsic nature of glass our guarantee does not cover glass breakage or scratches. At Palmer’s, all panels are custom made to the exact specifications of your unique site, nothing is pre-fabricated. Upon ordering your shower screen we require a 30% deposit enabling us to set the wheels in motion. By registering for my selection you will be able to login and view your saved products from any computer at any time. Stegbar’s Frameless showerscreen range offers you unlimited design choice with both standard and custom styles available. Stegbar Frameless showerscreens use an exclusive range of finely crafted hinges and hardware. For further details and to see the entire hinges and hardware available, please consult a Stegbar consultant.
Stegbar believes that Australian homes come in all shapes and sizes, which means that the showerscreens in these homes also vary in shape and size.
Showerscreens are often overlooked in bathroom renovations but as one of the biggest items in the room make a huge impact on style and quality of finish. If you're after the only team of experts that are right there with you from inspiration and design, to supply and installation, then IT HAS TO BE STEGBAR. You can find a range of temporary screen doors such as temporary mesh screen doors, temporary pop up screen doors, temporary screen door hardware as well as temporary metal screen doors among other styles.
The Semi Frameless is easy to clean, extremely durable and will add a low maintenance, contemporary look to your bathroom. Shower screens come in many configurations, styles and sizes to complement any home’s needs. Don’t forget to include available height in your overall space considerations and to allow for shower hardware. The best shower screen for you will vary depending on where within the bathroom it’s located. You’ll be able to calculate exactly how much space you have and determine whether your shower enclosure needs to open to the left or right.
The Pivotech Momentum features a chic, minimalist design and the Evolution shower enclosure delivers contemporary style. Beyond the very different appearance of the three, each shower screen offers different benefits in terms of ease of cleaning, finish options, configurations and price point. Each panel of glass is supported by an extrusion of aluminium available in a range of finishes. Aluminium extrusions frame the perimeter of the screen, the top and bottom, but not around the door or every panel of glass like with a fully-framed shower screen. The engineered construction and sealing of semi-frameless shower screens ensure minimal water leakage from an enclosure. The panels are held in place using special brackets or fixings where the panels meet the wall and floor. Tested for durability and engineered to be ahead of trend, our Glass Hardware brings an open sensibility to bathrooms.
To give you a sense of the expansiveness, the Phoenix shower screen has more than a million combinations.
If you currently have shower curtains, look at swapping them out for bath panels or shower screens. Installing new framed, semi-frameless or frameless shower screens is a small investment to make for the improvement it will provide to your bathroom. Cleaning grout doesn’t have to be a chore, nor does it need to involve harsh chemicals.
When renovating, always look at how you can transform your space, without moving existing walls.
The big thing to remember if you’re going to use mirror, is strategic placement is key to success.
This application will reflect the length of the room on itself and make your space feel even longer than it is.
Small vanity mirrors in small bathrooms don’t encourage the eye to travel fully through space, by restricting the eyes movement, spatial perception is restricted too.
Use sash or operable glass louvres to increase airflow and bathroom ventilation, enjoy uninterrupted privacy and great quality natural light all through the day. Light, transforms the appearance of polished concrete, plan well and use light to create pattern, depth and an interior point of focus. Think Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart, Vivian Leigh, all the glamorous faces from Hollywood’s golden age. Mastering this look is all about selecting the right patterns, shapes, colours, and of course, you have to be daring enough to be  a little outrageous in your aesthetic.
Keep wall and floors linear and create contrast by introducing curvaceous shapes into your room via a feature bath, basin, elaborate joinery detail, mirrors and lighting. Look at your bathroom as not just a room to shower and brush your teeth, view your space as a grooming parlour and relaxation location. Stand-out feature pieces – be it artwork, lighting or decorative accessories, make rooms memorable.
In addition to providing a chic metropolitan lifestyle, inner city units also make fantastic investments.
His design philosophy and approach to maximising space and interior function is inspiring, and worth considering in your own designs. You could also manipulate space by looking at basins that convert into bench tops when needed. Stay away from curtains as they cut-out light, make space appear smaller and are breeding grounds for mould and germs. Unless you are fortunate enough to have the penthouse, with floor to ceiling glazing, chances are you need to be light smart. If you’re fitting-out your own apartment, or an apartment to rent, you want longevity from every product specified. For shower screens and bath panels, ensure you purchase product from a reputable brand, providing piece of mind your aluminium extrusions will be finished appropriately and glass will be built to last.
For some this might be a difficult sacrifice, but trust me, small bathrooms are no place for bath tubs. Thinner vanities will direct your eye downwards through the space and provide an illusion of longer linear walls. Don’t forget when using white, select a feature colour or texture to maintain depth within your room. Paired with a frameless glass shower screen, small bathrooms will  instantly feel larger and longer. It’s important to regularly clean the rubber seals to prevent mould and mildew from flourishing. Our range includes Framed, Semi Framed and Frameless designs and we use quality fixtures and fittings. A Frameless Shower Screen is top of the range, often used in high end builds, it is more expensive than other shower screen types, its clean, clear glass will open up your bathroom or ensuite to make it look larger and more luxurious. These shower screens use minimal aluminium, in a much less conspicuous fashion than a framed screen.
It offers three design modes, a pivoting door, corner entry and sliding panels which are space affective.
Unlike framed shower units and doors, frameless shower screens have an almost invisible design that lends every bathroom an open, spacious and spa-like feel. If you’re considering frameless shower screen options, contact us today to learn how our unique customization allows for more creativity in your design. Broad panels of 6mm A-Grade toughened safety glass are enhanced by sleek 25mm trim that frames the top and bottom. The Slimline screen is a beautiful addition and luxurious focal point of any modern or contemporary bathroom.
The streamline hosts the door off top and bottom pivots rather than the frameless, hinged-off-the-side-panel style.
We’ll discuss hardware and glass finishes, as well as how and enclosure can best compliment your existing space.
Constructed of 6mm A-grade safety glass, this screen features sliding panels in a Front only, Front & Return or Space Saver configuration. Featuring brushed aluminium trims along the perimeter creates a timeless appearance and a simply stunning finish. As the name implies, our framed shower screens feature an aluminium frame around the entire perimeter. Depending upon the design of your screen our expert installers will have your new shower in place within 1 to 3 hours of their arrival.
To ensure the best possible result the shower should not be used for 24-48 hrs after installation to allow time for the silicone to develop a skin.
As previously mentioned, the silicone will develop a skin after 24-48 hrs, opening and shutting the door within this time may cause the screen to move slightly which will adversely affect the finished product. An Enduroshield application makes cleaning a breeze helping to protect your investment well into the future. To back up our wares and services we give a 3 year guarantee on all hardware and workmanship. While we stand by our guarantee in regard to workmanship and hardware, we cannot cover maintenance costs incurred resulting from movements in your walls. In addition, all aspects of processing are completed in-house giving us total control over quality control and turnaround. Depending on your design and operating requirements, Stegbar Frameless showerscreens can be fixed into place with either clip or channel fixing.
This stunning range offers a choice that will enhance your screen design and complete the luxury finish of your bathroom. These types of doors are really easy to put up and they provide a barrier between your house and the outside, while still letting nice fresh air in. They may be simple or decorative, utilitarian or high style, comprised of large spans or small panels. You’ll want to check out the Pivotech Dimension shower screen or the Phoenix shower enclosure. The shower maintains a solid form that lends itself to a multitude of design configurations.
Home owners choose them for a visually clean, high performing shower screen at a lower cost than a fully frameless option. Frameless shower enclosures deliver a modern, minimalist decor, so popular with home owners today.

The main resale advantage of glass and aluminium screens is their ability to increase interior light levels. When styling interiors for sale, you want to create aspirational spaces that appeal to majority taste. Literal space, or alluded space, instantly transforms rooms into more enjoyable places with increased sensations of function and aesthetic.
Mirror will only make your bathroom feel larger if it’s placed in effective locations. Probably the most on trend window dressing at the moment, plantation shutters instantly modernise any interior, while also providing maximum light flow in open positions and maximum privacy when fixed on an angle, or closed. When white is applied across every surface, your interior has nothing to guide eyesight through space.
For those who want a slightly safer option, coloured grout (black is very on trend right now) can achieve this effect too. While black bathrooms are trending now, black, is one look that will never go out of fashion. When it comes to black interiors, especially bathrooms, effective use of pattern is your key to success. Sure to be the main event in your space, a curvaceous eye catching bath is one investment you will never regret. When designed thoughtfully, with correct spatial planning, black floors can actually make rooms appear larger by attracting the eye to move out, across interior space. Transform painted bathroom walls with black pattern wallpaper, to rejuvenate and modernise existing or new bathroom interiors. Combine their style with Art Deco patterns and you have Hollywood Regency – undoubtedly one of the most opulent and decadent styles around. If you to fully commit to creating a Hollywood Regency bathroom, be prepared to create a real feature space within your home. Think about shape, as mentioned above, and repeat linear forms to achieve eye catching Art Deco patterns. When selecting shower screens, make sure to specify an anodised aluminium finish, this will further enhance your look.
The best part about indoor plants, they don’t just look amazing, they also assist in cleaning interior space of harmful carcinogenic chemicals found in household air, such as benzene, formaldahyde and trichloroethylene.
If space allows, create a small sitting area within your bathroom, Art Deco armchairs and side tables are perfect. When re-creating Hollywood glamour in your own home, remember the pioneers of this style had money to burn, their homes were filled with ridiculous objects. Be inspired by cutting edge compact living ideas fresh from those who know how to do compact living best. Select an aluminium and glass bath panel to achieve an easy to clean contemporary bathroom. For toilets, look for products with anti-stick surface coatings, making them easy to clean and durable. Overcrowding small bathrooms with too many fixtures you think you need, will result in everything you don’t want. Bathrooms with sufficient natural light levels shouldn’t need artificial light until night. Employ frosted film, glass, aluminium privacy screens, plantation shutters, or translucent blinds and achieve privacy without sacrificing natural light.
Pivotech does not recommend use of harsh chemicals as they can pit and degrade the integrity of the seal. The frame is typical of contemporary styling and fits very well into any modern bathroom or ensuite. The fully supported structure of a Framed Shower Screen allows for a wide variety of design configurations. Our extensive factory completes every aspect of production in-house, giving us total control over quality.
The semi-framed shower screen is an economical alternative to frameless shower screens while still maintaining a “high-end” look and feel. Please note, given our extensive processing facilities we can also fully custom design and make shelves to your exact specifications!
This means if within three years of installation an issue arises with one of our shower screens due to workmanship or hardware we will rectify the problem quickly and efficiently. Generally a normal call out fee will apply in this instance to re-adjust your hinges to fit the new shape. This product and your foreknowledge therefore falls under this category for exception to guarantee.
With elegant simplicity, a Stegbar Frameless showerscreen will offer a spacious, beautiful look that cannot be matched for performance or style.
Whether it’s a channel or clip fixing, front only, or front and return, all can be customised for your home.
A well made screen door is really a nice addition to any patio or porch and can be purchased at a variety of stores such as Home Depot, Lowes and Sears. This flexibility means a shower screen can be created that’s perfect for every bathroom, large or small.
As anyone in real estate will tell you; kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, preparing you bathroom for sale should be top priority. Often fabric or plastic shower curtains block natural light, making your bathroom feel dark and cold. In the bathroom, use these simple but effective techniques to create some spectacular spatial illusions. For durable, chic and affordable aluminium plantation shutters, visit Pivotech for more information. Small scale furniture in small spaces makes interiors look like large scale dolls houses – this look is not cool.
Glass and aluminium shower screens keep bathrooms feeling open, they allow the entire space to be seen, wall to wall.
Employ one of the following strategies and enjoy an interior with great spatial illusion, style and visual charisma. If executed thoughtfully, with planing and research, following the black bathroom trend now, will create a bathroom capable of standing the test of time. For the trendiest floors about, look at hexagonal pattern tiles or chevron timber floor systems.
Use wallpaper to introduce contrast and personality into otherwise heavy and flat interior spaces.
For inspiration, research Chevron, Lattice and Fret, to determine a tile configuration suitable for your space. When creating Recency style, don’t be afraid to incorporate Chinoiserie elements, especially on your walls.
You also always want your apartment to have investment property potential in the future, or present day, so you need timeless design that’s low maintenance. Apartment owners can enjoy both luxuries without losing too much space and investors can make their apartments more appealing to renters, by offering bathroom flexibility. For vanities, tap ware and even shower works, invest in a quality plumber with a good reputation. If you’re building, embrace available wall space, let natural light into your bathroom via large windows and openings. Pivotech have a range of framed and semi framed shower screens, as well as frameless glass hardware, for more information, visit Pivotech. Instead, try a little baking soda, a little detergent, some vinegar and a bit of elbow grease.
Using 6mm clear toughened glass, these shower screens can easily withstand the rigors of daily use. No matter the size or layout of your bathroom or ensuite an appropriate shower screen design and configuration can be created. Styling for sale isn’t a creativity competition, the aim of the game is to make your home look and feel as inviting as possible to outsiders. When designing for small bathrooms, use complimenting small and large products to play with scale and challenge your eye to see greater space. Along with generating sensed interior space, glass shower screens are also easy to clean, timeless and compliment any decor style. The video follows Hong Kong Architect Gary Chang, and his transformation of a 32 sqm apartment, once cramped and dysfunctional,  into 24 usable living spaces.
Glass shower screens will keep your bathroom feeling open and bright and fitting plantation shutters, or privacy louvres, will provide flexibility to subtly maximise or minimise natural light.
For renovators, skylights or highlight louvre galleries will dramatically increase interior light levels.
A Semi Frameless Shower Screen is visually attractive, highly affordable and the most popular choice amongst builders and renovators.
A Framed Shower Screen is recommended for high traffic areas, rental properties, commercial change rooms etc. You can also find the garage screen roll up which would be perfect to install at the garage door.
For example, treat yourself to a wall to wall shower, and team it with a compact vanity unit. If full commitment to black via self pattern products still seems daunting, there are some incredible visible pattern tiles available.
For true Hollywood style, run tiles or decorative cast wall panels 900mm up your wall, then from 900mm to your ceiling, apply your paper – seriously lush stuff! Don’t be afraid to play with shape and scale (be cheeky,  juxtapose angular Art Deco shapes, with softer curves) to make mirrored areas more than just reflective surfaces in your space, transform them into key contributors to overall interior style. Mirrors and light coloured surface finishes will also assist in keeping your bathroom light and bright. This type of door would be ideal if you sometimes work in your garage and you would like to be able to keep your garage door open without getting a lot of bugs or dirt inside. So either way, you have a couple of options to choose between and it shouldn't be too difficult to find something suitable for your particular needs.

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