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Michael and Lisa Marie Presley make an appearance at the MTV VMAs at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. Michael and Slash rehearse for his showstopping performance at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards.
Mastering your Defense Tactics can help protect your Town Hall, Trophy and your hard earned Resources. Each of your buildings and Walls (except Hidden Tesla and decorations) has one space around the building that prevents attacker troops to be deployed. You cannot place any buildings in green grass area around the village but attacker can deploy troops, so don’t build your base at the corner or edge of the map. After finish reading this Basic Defense Tactics, you should know the basic principle of building and wall placement.

Clash Of Clans: Level 172 (Nearly Maxed TH 11) - Leader of Dream Chasers - Motto: Enjoy The Game!
Location I am riding on a Phoenix, playing Super Smash Bros, although its fire is burning my bottom. The town hall in the image below is of  Town hall 9 but the buildings and walls used are as per Town Hall level 8.
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Even if you are Clash of Clans addicted, you still spend a lot times log off from the game and have your defense protecting your village. Basic melee unit like barbarians and goblins need to attack Walls before reaching your precious building.
For example, clicking on the Mortar show white circle of 11 space radius determining area the Mortar can cover and shoot, while 4 radius of red circle show blind area that Mortar cannot shoot.
Therefore, don’t make any hole inside your base by separating any buildings more than 2 spaces apart.

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