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Be the first to know about This Old House contests, sweepstakes, and events and receive special offers and promotions from your favorite home improvement brands. Doors in homes built before 1950 are typically made of solid wood, whether oak, maple, chestnut, or mahogany. Check yard sales and flea markets for doors, and modify the steps below if you find one with a different design. Trim the bottom or top of the door so the rails (the ladderlike crosspieces that separate the door's panels) are equal in width; on most old doors, the bottom rail is thicker than the others. To mount the headboard, cut a 1-by-4 to the headboard's width, and then cut it lengthwise on a 45-degree angle into two equal strips. Keep the bottom of the headboard the same distance from the wall by screwing a 1-inch-thick strip to the back.
Here is an awesome diy for any accent wall.   Katie and Jeremy Bower from Bower Power  created rustic industrial accent wall from recycled pallets for their s0ns nursery. When I had my birck and mortar stained glass store, I got my glass sheets in wooden crates on pallets. This project requires access to some power tools; at a minimum a circular saw and a sander are required. Send us feedback on our site design, bugs, story ideas, maker community events and any other share-worthy thoughts.
A strip of crown molding along the top edge offers a neat finish and a handy spot for a small alarm clock. Securely screw one strip to the back of the door and attach the second to the wall, so the angles interlock to hang the headboard. Is there a chance it can grow mold from being in the elements before being built into your home?

The lengths are just right for a traditional picket fence, and you only need to shape the top if you want to.
You do not have to hire a personal painter to draw your kids’ favorite character or purchase expensive furniture to create a special room for your adorable children. Among my favorite creative reuse projects is to tip a series of these doors on their sides to serve as wainscoting along interior walls, a trick I learned from Brad Kittel of Discovery Architectural Antiques in Gonzales, Texas.
PLEASE USE THE NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS WHEN CUTTING OR SANDING LEAD PAINT.Clamp down a straightedge to your door and cut off the longer edge to even out the door. Or a single door can be used as a platform for a hanging daybed suspended by chains, a fun idea that This Old House reader Kodie Ketchbaw put into action as a way to create extra seating on the porch of her home in Old Hickory, Tennessee.
A simple headboard made of wood will be more cozy and charming than one with all sorts of unnecessary features. PLEASE USE THE NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS WHEN CUTTING AND SANDING LEAD PAINT.Check if your door is solid wood or a veneer (a thin layer of pretty wood glued over strong but not-so-pretty wood). Just take a look at these lovely headboards that were made from repurposed wood.View in galleryYou can use pieces of wood leftover from other projects. Or, brush the panels with blackboard paint for kids to doodle on.For my own door "upcyling" project, I made a stylish wall-hung headboard with built-in sconces that serve as reading lamps.
Of course, once you stain them, they might feature irregularities as different cuts of wood take to the stain differently. You may need to make some sanding jigs to sand around your molding.Sand down a piece of the part you cut off earlier for testing stains.
You have to take a wooden pallet, to take it apart, to remove the nails and then to put the pieces back together in order to form the headboard.
If they're ugly (like mine), you can veneer over them.Sand the top and bottom edges of your door with 100-grit sandpaper to clean them up. Take your sanded sample cutoff down to the wood yard and purchase some matching veneer and contact cement.Using scissors cut two strips larger then your door edges.
If you want to create something similar, here’s what you’ll need: old barn wood, wood screws, boards for the legs, scrap wood, a sanding sponge, a scrub brush, finish, bolts, a saw and a drill. First determine the size of the headboard and then begin placing the pieces where you want them. To make one that looks similar you’ll need a palm sander, stud finder, a pencil, a level, wood, screws, a drill and stain.
I used my roll of blue masking tape and pressed hard.Trim the edges carefully with a very sharp knife.

I used an 18-gauge nail gun and my son to help me hold things together.Fill your nail holes with plastic wood. Test the new stain to make sure you like it.Clean your door one more time with a damp cloth. Clean dust off with a clean damp rag before applying second coat.Let the second coat cure for a week before moving your new headboard into your bedroom. It’s a project that can’t get any simpler than this.View in gallery This headboard is made from just a few wooden boards. You just have to sand down the boards, to apply the stain and to attach the boards to the wall. Check the orientation of the cleat before screwing it down.Find the studs in the wall at the head of your bed. Drill and countersink holes in the wall cleat.Measure from the bottom of the headboard to the bottom of the headboard cleat.
Mark a line on the wall this distance above the level of your mattress.Align the top of the wall cleat with the studs and the height line. If you want, you may also exercise your talent as a sculptor.View in galleryA tall headboard can sometimes be a nice idea. They have different finishes but this only gives the headboard a more original look.View in galleryThis is also a quite impressive headboard. The supplies needed are wood, a miter saw, a drill, a hammer, pipe clamps, wood glue, stain, screws and measuring tape. The headboard could be personalized in many different ways.View in galleryThis is a shipping pallet headboard with a simple design. If you want the headboard to be tall and to reach the ceiling, then you might need more than one pallet.
The headboard is not supposed to have a perfect design and this is why the boards don’t match perfectly.

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