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Sometimes existing closets can have such limited space, that there are still many clothes that have nowhere to go, plus, when a room is really small, there may be little room for a dresser to hold the rest of the clothes. If there is a section of the wall that has a sort of built in closet space without the closet, one can be made for that space.
The first thing needed will of course be the tools such as screwdrivers, screws, sandpaper or a sander as well as measuring the space. While the height of the wardrobe closet may vary slightly, if there will be clothes hung up on hangers, at least 2 feet of height should be factored in. Also, when deciding on the width and depth of the wardrobe, keep in mind things such as if there is electrical wiring through the wall and where. Make sure the thickness of the foundation or framing of the wardrobe is 2×4 because it must be secure to hold the weight of everything else.
It’s hard to build a wardrobe, but patience and finding the perfect tutorial will help to ease the confusion.
If you've ever made anything out of paper, you know how quickly an unruly scrap pile can grow. Capree Kimball is a design nerd and a dog-loving optimist with a penchant for collecting tin robots and gobbling up gravy-smothered biscuits.
Here is a clever project to add character to your space without taking a lot of cash out of your pocket: paper butterfly wall art. The back story: my daughter and I were shopping for accessories for her college dorm and went to a high end women’s clothing store in downtown Franklin, Tennessee.

My daughter’s dorm room turned out better than anticipated in part due to her roommate having the same color scheme, which wasn't planned, but for all the money spent, the butterflies get the most comments.
Have fun with this project and please send comments and photos of your flutter flying free! April 30, 2013 By Beckie Amy of Amy’s Casablanca was immediately drawn to a piece of musical artwork she saw floating around Pinterest. Hi Ashley, Try emailing Amy directly by clicking on the link in the post to go to her site. It's always a shame to throw those (perfectly good) bits away, which is why I love this DIY idea from A Little Hut! After that, scissors and glue are all you need to make this colorful and modern DIY wall art! We love that store, as they are stylists for country music artists so they always have a great selection of women’s fashion. Buy high-quality paper (please do not use construction paper), the kind at a craft store that has a substantial weight in your desired color and then a piece of vellum. Did you simply cut out butterflies off of the vellum paper like you did on the heavy duty construction paper? When she finally found the source and saw the hefty $2000 price tag, it just motivated Amy to find a way to do it herself. We saw “flutters” of butterflies all over the store, but when asked what were told they were not for sale having been made by their window display artists.

Alternate: “I don’t have a printer” Place the velum paper on your screen and trace the image with a narrow tip felt marker.
They sell various cable art systems and other stuff that would be very helpful for the task. With the help of the Staples copy lady, Amy created her own humongous 36”x48” piece of artwork that looks very similar to her inspiration and is a custom fit for her hallway. Disappointed, but not for long as that night we returned home and were able to make them using leftover paper from other projects. Search “butterflies” in Google images and select those images (not in flight, but flat), that are appealing to you, perhaps in a few different sizes too. Her dorm room color theme was black, grey and pink so our butterflies were black, and black and white for maximum “punch” against those bland dorm room walls. For additional detail use a colored marker in the color of your paper on the velum butterfly. Apply your butterflies to the wall with double-sided tape the kind that is advertised that it can be removed easily.
Arrange your “flutter” (that’s a group of butterflies) on the wall in a cluster mixing the various sizes.

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