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August 16, 2012 By Beckie Like Amanda from House  Revivals, many of us are always on the lookout for ways to make our builder-grade hardware look… well, less builder-grade. November 6, 2013Earlier this week, I shared my newly organized kitchen cabinet interiors where I added multiple materials to make the vertical space on the interiors of the doors super useful.  One specific element that made a world of difference, as far as storage, are the 2 wood spice racks that I made from scratch. After securing the wood and the jig with a clamp, I drilled a hole on each end of the base piece.
Then I put the dowel in the two end pieces and connected the end pieces with the bottom piece using the Kreg screws specifically made for 90 degree connections. I decided to add some color to the new spice holder and used Valspar Spring Sprout in Satin. To see how I organized the rest of this cabinet, plus more of my kitchen interiors, head over to Kitchen Organization: Ideas for the Inside of the Cabinet Doors.

While rolling the cars over the carpet in the living room was fun, the scenery never really changed.  Sure, we could imagine that the carpet was a snow-covered tundra or a steaming jungle, but we wanted more realism.
That was my first experience with really sweet quality cabinet grade ply, and since then, I have come to appreciate its value.  Well made ply is stable, nearly ready to finish and beats the heck out of gluing up solid wood to make large panels for projects. The veneers which face the plywood are often beautiful, but they are also very thin.  Extreme care should be used when moving sheets (to avoid damage) and when sanding them (you run the risk of sanding right through the veneer into the core!).
While those days of playing with my toy cars are distant memories, I can look into my sons’ rooms and see the plywood bookshelves I built stuffed to the gills with toys and books.  What memories will those pieces of plywood will my sons bring with them into their adult lives? Amanda turned her brass and oak handles into Anthro-lookalikes with some oil rubbed bronze paint and twine. In a cabinet or in a drawer?  Is this project something you think you would tackle?  With every new tool, there is a learning curve, but it was fairly easy.

It took Amanda less than 5 minutes per handle, which, in my opinion, is a way better alternative to paying $12-$14 per handle!
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