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Spring is {thisclose} to being here, and that means that summer party planning is already underway! Delia chose baby food jars because they’re a good size to use with the miniature-sized sea creatures. Empty out the jars, then paint the lids silver (or another color of your choice) using acrylic paint. If you end up with a tight seal on the lid, you’ll be able to display the snow globe with the base down. Be sure to check out the rest of Owen’s adorable Under the Sea party here – there’s lots more to see!
I am planning our church's one week summer camp, which will have a different movie and bible verse each day.
Learn about pollution with our ocean themed jar, again you could do this on a much smaller scale. Make a Rainbow fish with lots of silver foil scales? Children can then practice sharing the scales evenly between the fish.
Tip: if you use the eyeliner on upper lid as well, the eyeliner on the lower lash line should connect with the back corner of the upper line. Imagination is a great skill that your children already have, it’s easy to encourage their imagination go wild! Bellies, Babies & Beyond simplifies parenthood by providing comprehensive, local resources to expecting, new and seasoned parents in Charleston, South Carolina. Next put a layer of moss (I found the bright purple, green and white in a variety pack at Michaels).
Put an inch or 2 of soil next, then stick in succulent cuttings as you like.A  You can cover the soil with moss, pebbles or other embellishments as desired. She emptied the jars out, then saved the baby food to use in her recipes (she says, “the bananas are a great addition to pancake batter.

I'm not sure where Delia got her mini sea creatures but I found some that look like they will work on Amazon. This is quite a large example, but you could use small water bottles and make a mini version. Some pay attention only to their upper eye-lid, skipping the needed touches on the under eye, and some are not familiar with the techniques of applying makeup to the under parts of their eyes at all! If the place is properly used, it will not only cater to a need but shall add to the overall decor of the house. I love doing this craft, it brings the imagination of what your child thinks is under the sea to life! Glue a piece of cellophane to cover the hole on the side of the paper plate you would eat off of. I might have to use a pretty container to make one to put in my living room on the end table.
However, Im pretty sure that, technically, a terrarium is closed, often lidded, environment. Soon they will run out of air and are going to slowly die, so removing the cover is going to reduce the risk of your plants dieing. It’s courtesy of Delia of Delia Creates, who recently threw an Under the Sea party for her son, Owen. And pretty darn thrifty, too – the jars are empty baby food jars, and the sea animals and glitter inside the jars came from the Dollar Tree. Squash, carrots and sweet potatoes are a great way to add more veggies to a plain spaghetti sauce”). I love this idea and I already have all of the baby jars prepped, but I have not been able to find small sea creatures anywhere that are a reasonable price.
However, as some unknown wise philosopher once said “eyes are the mirror of the soul” so the whole eye has to look right.

Here is a list of tips to discover the hidden potential of dead space and make it useful –View in gallery1) The dead space under the stairs can be used for creating stylish and practical storage solutions. Here are some ideas on under-eyes that I think you will love and find really easy to apply. For a more dramatic look you can apply eyeliner on the rim and then make it thicker, covering lower lashes too. I just posted how kids can make windowsill mini-planters using succulents for mother’s day to give to mom or grandma.
That said, succulents are notoriously bad for actual terrariums as the closed environment is too moist for them.
These little tricks can be just THE perfect accent to conceal facial drawbacks and accentuate all the positives of your good looks.
If the space is quite large, you may also introduce a linen cupboard at one side and use the other side for shoes, clothing, etc.
It is also a great place where you can leave your broom, cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaner.View in gallery2) Store sports gear – Sports gear are known to occupy a lot of storage space as they come in all sorts of odd shapes and sizes.
You may place soccer boots on the shelves, hang hockey sticks and badminton rackets, and store camping gear.View in gallery3) Turn the space under the stairs into a laundry or kitchen – Most of us prefer laundries in cupboards. However, a laundry inside a cupboard in the dead space under the stairs is also a good idea. This shall free your laundry room space, which can be used for other purposes.View in gallery4) Make a reading corner – Space under the stairs can be used to create a reading area. This space will provide you more room for storing than your mini rack purchased from the market.View in gallery6) Play house for kids – The dead space under the stairs can be designed as a play house for kids.

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