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The terrifying visions depicted in today’s comic are not the fevered dreams of madmen. Do you think that the Good Guys company will take over and make an assembly line version of this Just For Men Jesus? Now im off to stick a knife blade in the stub of my severed hand because that just makes sense.

If you really want to send in your pubes, there should be an adult jesus you can get with your pubes over the god-cock. Good Guys was the company that produced the line of dolls in the Child’s Play movies.
There is a entity on this earth that encourages you to bestow upon it offerings of discarded man-child hair which they will in turn, for a nominal fee, fashion into the very scalp of our diminutive infant baby lord and savior.

Brad Dourif voiced Chucky, so I figured if Good Guys had an assembly line factory a la Child’s Play 2 and made these Jesus dolls, they would sound like Brad Dourif.

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