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Fixing the aviary to a wall so the two back panels are not required would reduce the cost further. DIY Bunny Toys – Slotted Cardboard BallsBoxes are one of the best toys for bunnies because they are so versatile.
Superior insulation for patio doors, light filtering, easy to install, operates with handles, stacks in any direction and from a well-known brand name. Easy to install, superior insulation for patio doors, operates with handles, stacks in any direction and from a well-known brand name. Effective insulation for patio doors, coordinates with shades and from our trusted house brand name. Perfect for larger windows, and available in solar, light filtering and room darkening materials. Maximum light blockage for patio doors, effective insulation, coordinates with shades and from our trusted house brand name. Each year blazing sun, sudden rains and swarms of insects conspire to keep us from enjoying our decks as much as wea€™d like.
Although ita€™s impossible to design an enclosure that fits every deck or need, you can easily modify our structure to fit almost anywhere, thanks to its few components and simple construction techniques.
Though building a screened enclosure may seem daunting at first, take heart; surprisingly few structural elements are necessary to this design.
Ita€™s up to you whether to add railings, lattice, doors or trim, depending on your structure. To begin construction, cut the notches in the 6x6 corner posts that will support the headers (photo 1), and cut the saddle joint where the 6x6 center post and the 4x4 crossbeam will meet (see drawing, opposite, and photo 2).
Temporarily attach to the house wall a block of wood to serve as a support, just below the pinnacle of the removed band of siding.
Set the first pair of rafters into the channels where the siding was removed a€” the birda€™s-mouth will rest on the header; the other end sits flush against the face of the ridge beam. Building a roof for a screened enclosure is a bit different from building one for a garden shed or an other outdoor structure where you dona€™t really care what the underside looks like. Nail the T&G boards to the rafters (photo 10) and apply roofing felt on top (photo 11). Our railings needed to match an existing deck, but yours could be as simple or as complex as you like.
Cedar is naturally rot-resistant, but if left untreated, its color will fade and it will deteriorate much more quickly. When it came to the screening, the last thing we wanted was to mess with traditional screen frames, for two reasons. To achieve both the appearance and functionality we desired, we chose Screen Tighta€™s porch screening system.
To install the bases, simply measure and cut them to length and then screw them to the outer faces of the posts and beams using 1-in. The last few steps, such as installing a door or adding lighting, can make or break the overall look of the enclosure. To unify the overall look of our enclosure, we built a custom screen door (see a€?Cedar Screen Door,a€? p. These panel tracks are also perfect for patio sliders and sliding doors, or even as a room divider.
Wouldna€™t it be nice to have outside living space that not only protected you from insects and weather but also added beauty and value to your house? If you have a basic understanding of carpentry, in just a few weekends youa€™ll be able to build your own version of our screened-in sanctuary.
For example, if youa€™re building on top of a ground-level deck, you might be able to omit a railing altogether.
You must file a final plan with your municipality before construction, and you must obtain a building permit. Then measure for the placement of the first set of rafters (the ones that will rest against the house) by marking the top center point (photo 5).
Rest the square end of the ridge beam on top of the block, lift the other end of the beam to the top of the center post and toe-screw it in place (photo 7).

Because this projecta€™s sheathing is visible from below, the roof is as decorative as it is functional. To duplicate ours, start with 4x8 sheets of cedar lattice, cut in half to create 2-ft.-wide panels. Then lift the railing sections into place and toe-screw through the 2x4s into the corner and center posts (photo 12). To retain the color of fresh cedar and extend the longevity of the enclosure, treat the lumber with a stain or clear preservative a€” we used Natural Choice transparent finish from Okon (see SOURCES) a€” before installing screening. For example, if you'll share your enclosure with pets or young children, you may need a more durable screening .
Made of maintenance-free UV-resistant vinyl, Screen Tight uses a base track that screws to the face of the opening (see photo, top right, p.
Though we opted to make our own from matching cedar, the caps (available in white, beige, gray or brown) easily snap on with a light mallet blow.
To start, hold the screening up to the top track, and with a spline roller (available at most hardware stores), press the rubber spline into the molded groove.
Pull the screen taut with one hand as you roll the spline into the groove with the other (photo 13). If youa€™ve gone to great lengths to create an ornate railing system (as with our enclosure), a generic prefabricated screen door might look out of place. 12).We also could have installed a solid vinyl screen door such as those from Screen Tight. As well as writing a blog and book about rabbits, I run a site that promotes UK rabbit rescues (which incidentally is how I ended up with Scamp). Rich in character, they carry the natural beauty of wood from your furniture to your window coverings.
Two headers run the length of each side a€” in our case, the headers are doubled 2x10 full-size cedar beams. Local officials will closely analyze such factors as the amount of weight the roof may need to support (say, because of snow loads), the number of footings needed to handle that weight, and how the load is transferred to those footings. Choose a radius that is pleasing to the eye, scribe it with a compass and make the cut with a jigsaw (photo 3).
Temporarily screw the rafters to the house wall, and use them as a guide to cut away the siding with a circular saw (photo 6).
Because the last rafter cants outward, youa€™ll need to miter the rafter ends where they meet the ridge and make adjustments for the angle to the birda€™s-mouths.
Nail lengths of cedar 1x2s to the top and bottom of the lattice panels using stainless steel ring-shank nails placed every 12 in. The rest of the infield trim pieces are lengths of cedar 2x4s placed to convey an Arts and Crafts design. Both are available in a variety of mesh sizes - the larger the number, the smaller the weave - and in various colors (We used 20x20-mesh fiberglass). Likewise, the wrong style of lighting can make an otherwise elegant addition seem cobbled together. To heighten the Arts and Crafts look, we installed period-inspired lowvoltage lights from Progress Lighting and an Outdoor Elements ceiling fan in raw copper from Hunter Fan. Vertical soft shadings are one of the most elegant window coverings, combining vertical blind vanes with a soft sheer fabric for greater light control.
Whether you love everything with a sparkle or only home accessories with bit of a rustic flavor, we love Christmas decor of all genres and styles. If youa€™re not sure that your existing deck will work, ask for a preconstruction site inspection. Then cut notches (called birda€™smouths) in the rafters where theya€™ll sit atop the headers. Drill pilot holes, as the thin lattice has a tendency to split (see lattice railing detail on the drawing).
You could just as easily replace the pieces with manufactured gingerbread trim to suggest a Victorian or country look or omit them altogether for a contemporary appearance. Fiberglass is the most worry-free of all screening material, as it will not rust, rot, or stain.

Second, we didna€™t want to clutter the clean lines of the enclosure with additional frame components.
Just as with manufactured screen windows, a rubber spline is then rolled into the base, securing the screening without nails, staples or screen molding. Both fixtures add to the overall ambience and help bring an increased sense of light and warmth to an already inviting addition.
Vertical Honeycomb Shades, also known as VertiCell shades, consist of insulating cellular pockets of air and are perfect for sliding glass doors and large windows. Rafters made of 2x8 full-size lumber support the roof sheathing of 2x6 tongue-and-groove cedar, and asphalt shingles keep the elements off your head.
Ita€™s better to have experts discover a potential problem before construction than to have to remedy it afterward. Mark the locations for the 6x6 posts on the existing deck, hold them in place and have a helper drive in lag screws to fasten them to the deck (photo 4). Face-screw the beam to the center post, and toe-screw it to each of the front corner posts (photo 8). If you live near the ocean, bronze screening will resist the corrosive properties of salt air and provide an upscale look. Contemporary Geometrics.View in galleryWith a bit of modern, geometric flavor, you can easily create a slick and chic (but still very festive) Christmastime flair for the house. If you need to add bracing to transfer the load (as dictated by your local building inspector), install it after youa€™ve driven the lag screws a€” otherwise it may restrict access to the undersides of the post locations (see drawing).
And if your enclosure will be exposed to direct sunlight, you can reduce heat and glare by installing a shading fabric . Stick to the classic candy-cane combo of red and white, and only choose prints with sharp edges.2. Also be sure to check out our Vertical Blinds Category, which features PVC, Fabric and Fauxwood Vertical Blinds. Cutesy Cottage.View in galleryWith a dash of white and just a sparse usage of greenery for that Christmas and equally homey, cottage flavor your home will still have those trendy, shabby-chic edges with just the right amount of holiday cheer thrown in. Use snowflakes, snow men and lots of cozy, Christmas tree ornaments to round out your holiday.3.
Mix and match these bright and vibrant colors for the ultimate youthful, festive and Christmasy of Christmas decorations! Decorate a tree in modest style and place some nicknacks around the house to make it feel like Christmas without becoming too overwhelmed.5. Wonky shapes and accented with elves, the entire family will enjoy a house dawned in these accents.6.
Straightly Silver.View in galleryFor the uber minimalistic and lover of futuristic, bachelor pad styles, try this inspiration on for size. The silver tree is beautiful, luxurious and still very festive without being overbearingly kitschy or cutesy.7. Royally Rustic.View in gallery For those homebodies that love country flavor, take a peek at this stylish, yet very rustic Christmas decor. Organic Holidays.View in galleryUse pieces that are naturally and that speak to you in a very organic, inspirational way. Greens, whites and creams mixed with a real tree, garland, cranberries and maybe a pinch of red to dawn a Santa hat.9. Glamorously Blue.View in galleryAqua, royal or even a powdery blue can all be used throughout your Christmas decor.
For a frosty feel or something more feminine and glamorous we love the combination of a sparkling snow! Throw aqua on your tree to compliments all your silver and white and make sure to frost the mantle and dining room table too.10.

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