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Batterie externe universelle de 11200mAh est equipee d'un Mirroir de Courtoisie pour iPhone, Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, tablette et tout autre appareil electronique. Ce Chargeur batterie externe surpuissante est l'accessoire indispensable pour recharger vos mobiles, ainsi vous ne risquez plus de tomber en panne de batterie en prolongeant la duree d'utilisation de vos smartphone, tablettes ou consoles de jeux portable, MP3, MP4, GPS, et tout autre appareil mobile, ou que vous soyez !
Cette Power Bank de grande capacite, tres pratique, dotee d'un Miroir de Courtoisie interne, saura ravir la gente feminine active, qui pourra ainsi se faire une retouche express avant un rendez-vous et vous evitera de chercher sans cesse une prise electrique pour pouvoir brancher dessus votre appareil afin de le recharger sans prise de tete.
De plus cette batterie de secours multifonction en forme de make up, dotee d'un design elegant devient a la fois un objet discret et style. There exist a few tables showing how much capacity a specific battery voltage is equal to on LiIon battery, but I wanted to do my own for a couple of different batteries and see what I get. For this I am not using the same parameters as in the battery test, here charge termination current is 50mA and I discharge down to 2.5 volt. To do these curves and tables I need to discharge a little bit, stop and measure the voltage, and repeat until the battery is empty. Showing the discharge with a timescale makes the it easier to see the voltage with load disconnected.
These spikes does also show how much the battery voltage will drop when loaded with 1A, i.e.
A closer look at the increased voltage during the pauses, shows that it will slowly increase, especially during the first few minutes.

The loaded voltage is considerable lower and the he voltage after 1 hour is slightly lower than for a 1A load. This also shows very clearly why you cannot take the battery out to measure the volt driving the led.
I uses a battery from EnerPower, but the non-loaded voltage is valid for all CGR18650CH batteries. This battery is rated down to 2.5 volt and as can be seen, also has capacity at a lower unloaded voltage, but not as low as the NCR18650 battery.
I uses a battery from intl-outdoor, but the non-loaded voltage is valid for all NCR18650A batteries. This battery is rated down to 2.5 volt and as can be seen, also has capacity at a lower unloaded voltage. I uses a battery from Keeppower, but the non-loaded voltage is valid for all NCR18650B batteries.
Waiting two minutes makes the voltage close to the one hour value, especially at 3A load this wait will improve the precision.
When using voltage to estimate remaining capacity, it is necessary to use different tables for different chemistries and it is also necessary to wait a few minutes after load is removed to get a good estimate. In the table below I have combines the minimum values from the two above tables and also combined the two NCR18650 cells, because they are very close in voltages.

If measuring before 1 hour, the capacity will be higher than this table shows, but never more than next line.
There curves and tables are only a guide, there will be difference between the same battery, depending on age and temperature.
In 2010, Nike ignited the Make Yourself movement to inspire and motivate women everywhere to achieve their goals and become the best ‘versions’ of themselves, whatever this may be: fit, proud, fast, healthy, strong or beautiful. The voltage with the load disconnected is just a spike (because no current is discharged during the time).
The difference between measuring immediately after turning the light off and 1 hour later can be up to 10%.
When the load is removed the voltage increase about 0.25 volt in less than 10 second (Looking at my raw data I can see that most of that increase is within the first second).

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